YSL Vinyl Lip Cream - 407 Carmin Session

 I gave myself a lil treat I told myself it was fate if there wasn't stock but HELLO?? AVAILABLE!!! BUYYYY. 

Say hi to my new baby - YSL Vinyl Lip Cream in 407 Carmin Session. I love the black packaging a lot more than their typical metal ones. This with the gold logo is super on point. 

Ok the color is to die for. No wonder it's always OOS. Super rosy with a slight warm undertone. Fwah damn nice 就对了.

It feels really comfy - seeing how it's a cream and the color is slightly buildable to a more opaque shade. It stains very slightly and doesn't last v long so I'm not too sure it's suitable if u r looking for smth that has longevity.