Wet n Wild Coloricon Bronzer SPF 15 - Reserve Your Cabana


This. This is a $4 powder. 

This $4 powder is magical. 

When I heard that this is a dupe for Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder, I had to try it lah! But my complexion was so crazy at that time so I just placed it aside and it kinda slipped out of my mind. So today I picked it up again and decided to try it cause now my skin is normal. 

I read SO MANY reviews about this being life-changing but this is 4 bucks. The Hourglass one is $46. SURE ANOT. How can it be. I was so super skeptical. 

And then today, after my base makeup, I thought I would use this to set! Oh wait, before that, idk why they call this a bronzer. Even if you're as fair as NikkieTutorials or any Korean actress, this is NOT a bronzer. Doesn't make sense but I'm not gonna question it.

Do I need to say more?? 

I look airbrushed leh!!! Wtf?? I don't think I feel like this even after using my Hourglass AL Powder in Dim Light (which is what this WnW one is a dupe for).

What sorcery is this. This has GOT TO be my new favorite setting powder EVER! And for $4!!!