Wet n Wild Holiday Collection 2016

I ordered this holiday set when it came out, partly cause it's only $35. That's like, ~$2 per item! The pigments and nail polishes sold me.

WnW always come thru with their highlighters! 

First up, is the new one in Holly Gold-head. It is a pale champagne shade mix with a tint of rose gold (courtesy of that little pink star u see in the palette). Not chunky glittery but this beautiful gleam. Eeks. So pretty. New highlighters are always a welcome.

These I didn't care so much for but swatch anyway. These would work great for toppers but not so much pigmented gloss. The first two are just slightly iridescent under the light. I really don't care for these and idk when I'll pick them up to use. Ever. HAHA wtf. Shall give them to my younger nieces maybe.

I was the most excited about these!!! My first thoughts were, 'OMG HIGHLIGHTERS' ✨✨✨

It comes with a screw cap but i super appreciate the extra flab for the lid! So much neater 👍🏼

Ugly floor background but I wanted to take it as close to natural lighting as possible and omg they are freaking beautiful. I would have paid $35 for these 4 anyways

Who died over that rose gold shade? 

And they definitely can be build up for more pigmentation too! 

Overall, I am definitely enjoying playing around with the pigments! The rest were kinda bonus that came along with it, for me personally haha

WnW R-U-Free-2-Dance?

WnW R-U-Free-2-Dance?

Tried this shade out of the 4 cause it looked so interesting. Think it's meant to be used as a topper!

I feel like a mermaid riding on a sea-unicorn and I probably have matching cotton candy hair. This is the apparent power of sparkly nail polish!

White polish: H&M Ice Cold Milk
Iridescent polish: H&M Electric Pearl
Iridescent glitter: WnW R-U-Free-2-Dance?
Glitter polish: Sally Hansen Grape Shifter