Wet n Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit

Finally came across these WnW Liquid Catsuit in Walgreens, retailing at USD$4.99! There are 13 shades (I believe), but there were like, only 5 shades left at the Newbury Walgreens. 

The applicator is so cute and I love the dip, instead of it being flat. Fits my lips perfectly! It is slightly bigger than a standard Colourpop applicator but it is a reaaaaally good size!

Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 9.40.14 PM.png

Arm and lip swatches! 

First up, these are really comfy. They dry down to a full matte and don't transfer. It has a soft velvety touch to it but does take a while to dry down. And if u purse ur lips while it dries, it gets tacky so don't do that. 

Pigmentation-wise, it's pretty 👍🏼 for 5 bucks. Layering was no issue for me for both shades but Coral Corruption was a tad streaky for me with first application. 

I looooove Rebel Rose tho. It's this perfect mauve shade on me 😍

These are really comfy, quite pigmented and really good range of shades for only 5 bucks! I would say they are really worth it!