Vely Vely Perfect Cover Cushion / Creamy Glow Blush


Received a surprise package from Waseyo and new makeup!!! 

I’ve been enjoying testing out base makeup recently leh. Idk why leh cause I don’t normally do ok. This is the Vely Vely Perfect Cover Cushion in 21 and the Creamy Glow Blush In Erotic.

The blush is a beautiful creamy consistency and really easy to blend. I was quite taken aback at the color at first but it blended out to be a pretty rosy shade. It looks v natural on me! Like my own natural flush. Later I show u all how it looked as a blush itself!


Just to give you all an idea of the shade for the Perfect Cover Cushion! My true shade is the Canmake BB and I love how yellow-tone that is. Korean B.B. are always way too pink. Why no yellow tone!!! I guess they focus a lot on brightening lol.


Lol this is a terrible comparison. I’m sorry. In real life, it was very brightening. It managed to cover my redness with about 2 light layers. The finish was a semi-matte and I actually really like it!


With my BELOVED HG Vely Vely 3D highlighter, I added a bit of glow to the look! Using the blusher here too - quite nice right!! 

I think the most impressive thing was the longevity. It lasted 7 hours on me and still looked BEAUTIFUL. There’s no oxidation and it break apart or anything and it was a HOOOOOT day. Trust me.


I normally try base products twice or more just to get a decent feel on it. Sometimes, weather, activities etc. affects how the product performs so I tried it the other day before the Lazada event and I really love it. 

I wore it for 9 hours and it still looked great. It’s MAJOR LOVE. 

I wish it matched my neck/body more but it’s fine, I love it still. I’ll just pull it down to my neck when I apply lol. Can there be more B.B. Cushions with yellow tone that’s also fair?????? Lol. A lot of requests.


#goodthingsmustshare !!! 

The cushion and blusher will be launched during Waseyo’s first birthday on! 

If you ask me, the products I HIGHLY recommend you try would be the
• Tahpre Special Care Masks
• Huangjisoo Pure Daily Foaming Cleanser (I’m using the Moisturizing one) and it’s a rare foam cleanser with the right pH! 
• Vely Vely Perfect Cover Cushion (launching on Waseyo’s birthday!)