Vely Vely Mystery Box!

 I'm really here to review the Vely Vely box today! I know some of you would have seen IG posts and other dayreans talk about it but I'm also quite sure that we got a whole bunch of different products so I'm just gonna go ahead and do individual review on the products then you all can have a range of comparison! Afterall, not everything that works well for someone means it will work for everyone lah.

Vely Vely is a cosmetic line under Imvely (Korean online fashion brand). There's TEN stores in Korea since opening in 2014 and the creative director is Im Jihyun. Let me show u her face ok.

OMG 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

SHE'S DAMN PRETTY CAN???? Lol if I use the makeup, can I look like her too pls 🀣 θ‡ͺε·±ιͺ—θ‡ͺε·±ζœ‰ζ²‘ζœ‰. 

Eh but she's really damn pretty and her looks are like 😳 WHY SO PRETTY. Made me damn excited to try out the products lah.

The Vely Vely mystery box is launching on 1st August at 12AM ( & there's a very limited quantity (50 boxes available)! It's damn worth it cause u get 5 products + 1 mirror at $59 BUT if u use the quote


It will only be $49. The entire worth of the box is closing in to $160 btw, I kid u not. It's so worth it?? 

(Btw, I don't get anything out of the code okay!)

You can't choose the products but you will definitely get one product from each category - Sunscreen, Primer, Blusher, Highlighter, and Lipstick. It's like $10/product if u think about it. And u get to try out a range before deciding if u wanna get individual products next time. 

Okay, I'm gonna do individual reviews and then show a full face with all the products used k!

Vely Vely Waterfall Sun Essence ($34.90) 

This sunscreen is in SPF50+/PA+++ & contains sunflower seed and chia seed extract to provide a dewy look and keep ur skin hydrated at the same time. 

The texture is very watery and lightweight so it feels quite cooling upon application.

I actually tried it with my HG sunscreen (u all know how much I love my Hada Labo) and it held up just as well beneath makeup! 

Didn't make my skin oiler, no flashback too when I take pics and feels just as light. Except, there was DEFINITELY a sheen/glow when u apply it. It doesn't dry down matte. Even if u don't wanna be so glowy, can just dust a layer of loose powder and it should seal everything?

Vely Vely Aqua Pearl Base ($34.90) 

For the primer, I was provided with one of their star products.

It has this pearlescent effect after blending it out and u can see how lightweight it is. 

It is stated to contain pearl/diamond/ruby powder in it which explains the pearly sheen!

I blended it out and omg, like if u dab on ur cheekbones, it gives u that pinkish glow lah. 

But cause it's so pink, I can't just wear it all over my face cause mah face toooo red alr. I always need a yellow to neutralize it. So my favourite way is to just dab some on all the high points and even if I wear a base over it, it's not a flat finish! 

All my BB creams/liquid base products are being shipped here so I can't show y'all but I would also try mixing this with a matte BB cream just for an overall glow! I used to do this with my Burberry Fresh Glow Fluid and this should work just as nicely.

Vely Vely 3D Highlighter ($19.90)

This is for the ladies who don't like the regular glittery highlighter! It gives this natural dewy sheen like your-skin-but-dewier and damn lit-from-within. 

This is my FAVOURITE out of all the products. Like, I LOVE THIS. If u've seen my past few #fotds, you would know that I've been using this non-stop. 

I know it looks very 不衷眼 here but wait till u see it blended out on skin 😍

There's no glitter or obvious shimmer in this and it blends really nicely into the skin. Plus it's liquid so it doesn't just 'sit' on top of the skin.

Like omg that glow when the sun hits 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 很美 right?? The glow lah, not me wtf HAHAHAH

Don't it look like my skin is damn alive? And best thing is it doesn't emphasize pores and it actually blends out into the skin beautifully. 

On days I want just a dewy glow, I use this. When I want extra shimmer, I also use this as a base first!

Vely Vely Choc Choc Water Cushion Blush - Peach Orange ($23.90)

Liquid-y or cream blushes are always more natural than powder cause they don't just sit on top of ur skin. Plus this comes with the cutest puff ever. 

There's 4 other shades for this blush and tbh, when I first got this shade, I really wasn't sure I can pull this off.

These are all the shades of the blushes. I normally would go for Sweet Pink or Coral Pink but I am really happy I got the Peach Orange!

It's really quite pigmented and definitely lightweight but the orange shade scared me alil. However, still got to try it out and the end result is definitely more pleasing than the swatch! My full face will be up in a bit lol. I didn't wanna keep spamming my face so I just complied all into one.

Seeing her in this photo, the shade of peach is damn nice leh? 

(Omg her makeup here is πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ I love how simple it is)

And I went to find a pic of Pony with peachy makeup and omg she also look so good in it?? (😍 Pony is damn perfection really) 

So I had to try it lah. I mean, I also wanna look peachy and pretty LOL Plus if it doesn't work then just wash off.

Vely Vely Melting Kiss Moisture Lipstick - 04 Jack ($29.90) 

First impression - very pigmented and creamy! U can wear them alone, or gradient as the Koreans do. It definitely isn't long-lasting like a matte lipstick tho. 

There's 6 shades for this range and i am damn happy the shade I got (Jack) which is a pretty coral, matched the blush cause if not my finished look confirm damn weird.

Swatches of the blush and the lipstick! Both have peachy-coral undertones so I paired them together easily. 

The lipstick is named that way because it is supposed to melt upon contact with ur lips. That swatch above is just one swipe and u can see how pigmented that shit is! It really glides incredibly smoothly upon contact tho.

Lip swatches for the lipstick. The product don't settle into fine lines and my lips were really quite hydrated throughout even tho I didn't use a balm beforehand. Yay to non-drying lipsticks cause if not it's damn uncomfortable (aka Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks - gosh I hate those) 

My preferred method is using my fingers to pick up the product and dab on the center of my lips!

My attempt at a peachy look! I actually really like the blush on my cheeks compared to the swatch. I thot I wouldn't be able to pull that shade off but it looks a lot like Milani Luminoso without the sheen! Very very nice 😍

I don't really buy peachy-looking stuff cause I've always thought I can't really werk it. But this is changing my mind eh. I don't have any shadows of that shade, well, cause again, I don't usually seek out these colors but now I NEED. 

Gonna hunt for a peachy palette. Eh wait, I actually have Kylie's Royal Peach Palette lol but it's shipping here so maybe I'll just wait for that........or should I 🌚🌚🌚 Gonna go see if Etude House or the drugstore has pretty peach shadows!

Primer: Hourglass AL Primer (Luminous Light) + Vely Vely Aqua Pearl Base
Foundation: Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer (Ivory)
Concealer: Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer (01)
Contour: NYX Blush (Taupe)
Highlight: Vely Vely 3D Highlighter
Blush: Vely Vely Choc Choc Water Cushion Blush (Peach Orange)

Brows: Catrice Longlasting Brow Definer (30)
Mascara: L'OrΓ©al Lash Paradise
Liner: Maybelline Curvitude Liner Traceur
Shadow: ABH Modern Renaissance

Lipstick: Vely Vely Melting Kiss Moisture (Jack)

Me so pleased with this look 😍 It feels very, very out of my comfort zone cause I tend to go for pinks and mauves. However, I am really very pleasantly surprised at how this turned out! See, this is why I love makeup. U can always play around and even if u hate it, u can just wash off lah. No biggie. 

I hope that this helps u make a decision if u should get the box! If u r new to makeup, I would say give this a shot cause u get a range from sunscreen to lipstick for such a good price! 

Sunscreen - $34.90
Primer - $34.90
Highlighter - $19.90
Blush - $23.90
Lipstick - $29.90
Mirror - $10.90

The total cost of this box is already $154.40 and now u can get ALL of these for $49 😱😱😱 Super dooper good deal leh?? But it's really limited with 50 boxes!

If u totally skip the above info part lol, I'll copy and paste below haha 

The Vely Vely mystery box is launching on 1st August at 12AM ( & there's a very limited quantity (50 boxes available)! 

It's damn worth it cause u get 5 products + 1 mirror at $59 BUT if u use the quote SWEETPEAXVELYVELY, it will only be $49!

Check out my cutie earrings from Louvisa! Got it on sales just last week actually. And this pic I major love cause contour on point, glow on point, gradient lips on point plus u can see the peachy shades of the blush!

I really had a fun time playing with this box and I can't wait to get my hands on the other blushes lol fml.