Maldives Travelogue - April 2019

So a few months back, the hubs and i were discussing about taking a trip out for our 10th. We initially thought we’d do Korea but I didn’t want it to be a...typical holiday cause I am bound to get distracted with shopping, then we gotta sightsee and eat etc. which is just too much. I did a poll on IG and so many people suggested Maldives! Idk why that didn’t cross our mind cause we were talking about it in December lol 

Maldives have different islands and each resort is on an island. You will land at the Male airport which is near their city and right outside the airport, is a harbor which you must catch a transfer speed boat to your resort. You should be able to understand it better via my IG stories (it’s under my Highlights > Maldives)! 

We picked ClubMed after doing some research and picked the Finolhu one instead of Clubmed Kani. Kani is more suitable for families and younger crowd lah. Finolhu is more private and more suited for couples looking to spend time away. 

There’s a couple of villas as well:
1. Beach villa which faces the beach (duh) 
2. Over water sunrise villa 
3. Over water sunset villa 

The beach villa and sunrise villa is of the same size but the sunset one is way bigger. 

The further the villa, the deeper the ocean. Husband put in a request for villa 51 (sunset villa) which was the most sought after one cause it’s the MOST private as it’s the one that’s furthest away. The villas are lined up in a stacked manner so the furthest one means no one can see you out at the pool area! Our housekeeper who worked there for 22 years told us that we were super lucky to get that villa during peak travel period! 

If you want a visual, just google lah. 

You also get a butler who will attend to all your needs including bringing you breakfast/or whatever and I found out on our last day, pack your luggage. That’s mad cause idw people touching my underwear?!??? Lol?? I don’t think it’s just me but I do wonder who really make use of that. 

The price also comes with breakfast, lunch and dinner. You get to go to Kani island (via speed boat approx 8-10 minutes) and eat there! 

It also comes with certain activities (if you choose to do) free like snorkeling, yoga, meditation and so on. 

Other add-on activities that cost $$$ include scuba diving, jet skiing, parasailing, fishing and so on. There’s also one gift shop on the island for you to buy souvenirs and that’s pretty much the extra costs you are gonna incur if you choose to.


We flew Sri Lankan airlines which meant our route was SG > Sri Lanka (Columbo airport) > Maldives (Male airport). 

Took off at around 9+ in the morning and it was about 3-4hrs to SL. Our stopover was about 1.5 hours and then it was another ~1 hour to Maldives. There is a time difference of 3 hours behind and when we land it was only about 2+pm (5+pm SG).


Slept the whole way through but once the plane flew over the area, I got so excited cause look at those blue waters 😍


Most of the resorts had representatives to pick you up from arrival to fetch you to your ferry transport and when we walked out, the sight of crystal blue turquoise water just greeted us, and might I add, HEAT. It’s as hot as, or even hotter than Singapore, if that’s possible.


It was only the two of us to Club Med and the speed boat ride was about 30-40 minutes to the resort! 

The view was incredible and it really felt v surreal. They even give u towels once u board the ferry and there’s WiFi on the boat! Cheap thrill.

Once at the reception, we were greeted by welcome drinks, which were much needed after the flight and ride. Then we were given our bracelet which are our key cards to the resort. That’s damn smart btw. It’s waterproof and you even get to keep it at the end of the trip as souvenir! I have a villa tour on my IG Highlights > Maldives (@/beautpeadia)

There was not a single need for me to carry a bag throughout my stay. All the pics u see with me carrying a bag? Yeah it’s empty. LOL. 

We got a buggy ride all the way to our resort and I did a villa tour. If you’ve seen it on my IG then just ignore lah lol

By the time we settled in and explored around, we had about an hour’s time to dinner! 

The entire clubmed is run by solar panels so the sunset villa is actually pretty warm in the afternoon even with the aircon on. It gets a lot better at night so be prepared to be warm all day every day. 

Housekeeping services come twice a day and at first I thought that was abit much but actually, if u spend your time swimming and chilling at your villa, it gets messy awfully fast lol. But I still think once a day is more than enough so we opt for that after finding out the first day. 

The free amenities in the villa include all the nespresso and TWG tea you can drink, sodas in the fridge and milk (odd) but alcohol do cost! 

They do breakfast from 6am onwards. You get to pick a time slot you want your food delivered. They will knock at your door to indicate their arrival and just bring your food to the outdoor swimming area and set it up there for you. 

Lunch starts at 12 and it’s buffet at Finolhu and Kani except the style is different. It’s just abit more atas at Finolhu where they have 4 chefs making your food on the spot and typical restaurant buffet style at Kani. 

Then there’s tea at 4-5pm, cocktails and snacks at 6-7pm and dinner starts at 715pm.


I’m aware this picture is crooked but I’m so lazy to edit it so I shall leave it. 

I also had to scramble for swimwear damn last minute cause I’m not a swimming person (duh). This was my only decent one that I had for years. I saw this throw-on at Cotton On for $10 - it was on a sales rack so I got it and it proved to be v useful throughout the trip.


And to watch this sunset (spot that cute little 🌙) is just incredulous. There was hardly any sounds around except for the crashing of waves and the occasional splashing cause by fishes


This picture was caught so nicely with the sun just touching the horizon lah. Can’t believe it’s our 10th even!


We took a walk on the beach to head to cocktail hour and the husband saw this heart on the sand and he decided to just kope it and wrote our names in it lol idk who it belongs to??


They set up plenty of picture-worthy areas but tbh, every corner was nice haha


All food takes place at the same restaurant and there’s no fans around just FYI. Because of the period we went, there was hardly any breeze too. 

It’s a 4-course dinner every night and the menu changes nightly. I gave up taking pictures at this point cause it was too dark and I was too tired/slightly jet-lagged.


The tub was all I looked forward to nearing the end of the dinner and I used my fave lavender one from Lush. And yes, it’s definitely a tub big enough for two.


Waking up to this view 😍😍😍

We lazed there and just watch the entire area brightened up and yes, that’s breakfast served outside alr. We had our curtains drawn the night before lol it wasn’t open for all to see.


Can do this everyday.


Hubs opt for the floating breakfast (oh yes there’s a top-up $$$ for this too) and they made it all so pretty for us.

You will get a order sheet the day before, tick what u want and the butler will bring it to you the next morning! There’s no limit to the amount of food you can order and it includes Western, Chinese, Japanese and Korean BF cuisine.


And this is my husband who is a kid actually lolz 

He took my snorkeling gear and went to the ocean (super low tide; water was below his knees lolol) and started to find fishes.


Decided to go to Kani for lunch so we headed to the jetty!


Wearing my rainbow maxi from #TTR 


We came back, chilled all the way till we had to get changed for dinner. Brought along a nicer outfit for our anniversary dinner and this jumpsuit is from Blairwears. Freaking amazing cutting.


The husband directed all my IG pics normally, do y’all know that HAHAHA 

This one was particularly scary cause I’m a clumsy af person (I nearly drown in a 1.4m pool before) and I was right on the edge of the pool and below me was the ocean on high tide. But the image turned out BEAUTIFULZ


They normally do food at the bar but for that night, it was on the beach! Felt so nice to sit by the beach and drink cocktails. The great thing about Finolhu, IMO, was that even tho there were other guests around (I believe when we were there, they were hosting approx 60 guests), it never gets too bustling or loud. You still feel like you are in a small little private world which was very nice.


An incomplete compilation of what dinner looks like. I managed to take some pics and then forgot some which explains the pic. 

Food was actually only average. Aside from breakfast, it was the least impressed I was with throughout the whole thing. Maybe because we keep eating snacks and never got too hungry for dinner? Idk. But it’s only very average imo.


The night view was amazing. Every night we were blown away by the vast amount of stars and just the darkness that surrounds us. We laid out and star gaze, just talking and chilling and it was so lovely.


Breakfast by the pool with an amazing view. Yes, we do eat a lot, but breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I can eat if I want to. I just don’t like eating. Does that make sense?


And..more chilling. We actually arranged for activities on this day but it’s all in the afternoon and since our villa is the sunset one, it gets v hot from 1pm onwards so morning is the best time to just chill when there’s still shade.


The villa has steps all the way down to the ocean and we’ve seen sea urchins, fishes and small sharks and i still think it’s crazy to just walk down and see all these just swimming around.


Then it was parasailing! 

The view was spectacular and we saw so many creatures in the ocean! I love being in the air more than water. I’ve done paragliding and parasailing and the next thing on my list is skydiving!


I’ve also learnt that you just wear flip flops everywhere cause it’s the easiest thing to wash and be comfortable in. Also, apply sunscreen on your feet cause it’s SO HOT that even your feet gets burnt.


Went to Kani for abit and saw this talented artist and the shirts he was painting on freehand. Like, he had sharks and sting rays and turtles drawn on different shirts and they were stunning. So talented!


One more activity I promised my husband we’d do He has always wanted to do that and I gave in. I’m not a fan of doing stuff like these but I promised we will try smth new so okay. No more tho. It’s really not my thing. The only part that was cool was we saw a barracuda lol


Went back to the villa to wash up and get ready for dinner! 

The resort do themes every night and they will actually pass u a paper the night before with the different activities that are scheduled for the day and what theme is going on for dinner lah. 

So apparently White Night is a big thing there and everyone, including the staff and waiters dress in white. You eat on the beach and it’s a gala-buffet style kinda thing.


This was our last sunset and I think it’s the most beautiful one. Really reminds me of Boston sunsets. The colors were just indescribable and cannot be captured true to image.


I didn’t have anything white so I made do lol.


They set up a fountain in the common pool area and...


Set up beautiful tables and decor on the beach. It’s gorgeous.


Set up beautiful tables and decor on the beach. It’s gorgeous.


And last day here on paradise island!


Btw, heliocare does not work. I took two every morning and one more in the afternoon as indicated on the bottle. I also did apply physical sunscreen every two hours and I still turned darker. 

The husband only took 2 in the morning cause he’s stubborn and he got burnt so bad lol. He’s at least 2 shades darker.


We decided to go snorkeling on our last day and we went in the morning which was supposedly better than noon, as told to us by the instructors!

Had to swim one lap across the pool before we were allowed to go and my muscles nearly died LOL I haven’t swim in years. 

Oh yes, we did go to Decathalon and a few diving shops to get long sleeves swim top just for extra protection and I’m so glad we did cause it really really helped.


The beach villa was as beautiful and the only gripe was it faces the sea, which meant that anyone could walk by at any time. So you gotta keep your curtains drawn all the time, esp. at night! 

This birdie kept going from pool to pool of all the beach villas to drink the pool water lol I believe it’s hiding from the sun too.


Walked on the beach and picked seashells which were inhabited by plenty of hermit crabs hahaha had to find empty ones cause I’m not bringing a pet home


Wore my DanityRose’s dress and I think I can blend in haha 

And then it was packed for home! 

A quick recap:

We stayed for 4D/3N and we personally felt that it was JUST NICE. Any longer and we’d be quite bored. The rest was good, we had good 3 nights’ sleep and it felt amazing. The weather was a tad bit too burning and we come from SG so I think that speaks for itself lol 

We didn’t change much (maybe a couple of hundreds of USD) cause u legit don’t need cash and everything can be paid by card. Food at the airport take card or USD too so that was pretty convenient. 

As for everything else including prices, it’s google-able. It depends on flights u take and villas u prefer so that’s not fixed at all. 

Overall, we had an amazing stay there and we made a pact on one random night there to go back on our 20th anniversary and try to stay at the same villa haha! The service was out of this world, the experience was very beautiful and it was a very much-needed rest. Finolhu is great for honeymoon/anniversaries as I believe they limit children there. Kani would be good if you have kids who need to be entertained, or you just wanna party with a younger vibe!