Vietnam for BahskitKase!


Picked A&Em Art Hotel (it’s a boutique hotel really near Ben Thanh) cause it popped up as a very good deal on Expedia and it’s actually very nice. It’s cosy and everything’s so woody and rattany. My kinda hotel. Even the sink and mirror is made out of wood. It’s small but not like I’m gonna be living here. Cost enough for 2 nights for 2 people. I got a pretty good deal off Expedia and it was a newly listed place so definitely will visit again.


Had Hong Hua Banh Mi - which is one of my fave place to get regular, local, no frills Banh Mi, for lunch and it’s like, $1.30. Major love. 

Then immediately headed to my fave aunty’s shop to get stocks. Her entire family knows me now. I’m the crazy girl who really likes basket.


I brought my Zara tote and it was PERFECT. I managed to lug half of them back. Yes, that’s half. The half that I got plain and the other half cause the aunty has to sew on the appliqués that I’ve chosen for the bags.


Heaven looks a bit like this, for me.


I managed to pair three outfits with the same earrings and shoes so i didn't bring any excessive nonsense. Day 2!


Not a trip to Vietnam without my fave pork chop rice! 

(I’m not doing a travelogue or leaving addresses cause I’ve covered HCM in 2 travelogue posts before here and here.


I finally found IT. I’ve been looking around for this round bag for ages but I was never able to find a sling suitable for me. The ones I found had too small slings and it’s just inconvenient, especially when I go and teach and have to lug around files and stuff. 

This one is PERFECT. It has a sling just nice enough to sling through my arm and perfect to go on my shoulders too. 

Cause this is so big, I only managed to bring in a few. Like, just a few few pieces!


Legit hand picked all the stocks and QC-ed them and then lugged them back to pack. The husband is my life savior.


Picked up 3 more colors for dumplings and I am so sad my luggage space is limited. 

I don’t think I’ll do Rice Bowl anymore cause so many shops are doing versions of them and I wanna bring in stuff u can’t find anywhere else, like dumpling! 

I am alr thinking of heading back end of the month if I can get another preorder going. Pls go and find IG @/bahskitkase if u wanna join. The more people join, the faster I’ll go back hahaha 

I have new stuff coming soon! Smaller slings and stuff that aren’t available in the market as of now, I think. Managed to get other bags with tassels too! I’m so excited but I only have one me yah. Lol. I gotta take stocks, pack the orders, mail out, and take pics so pls be patient with me okie 🙏🏼


Managed to find a lil time to hit Zara and I LOVE the Zara at Vincom cause the range is AMAZING. The prices are more or less the same tho.


And we’ve always managed to find a different French restaurant each time we are there so this is the 4th and probably my fave! It’s called The Mach House! The duck stuff were pretty good but the foie gras is amazeballs. The pricing is also relatively friendly. Wouldn’t mind going back again for sure.


t was soon time to bid HCMC adieu as I head back and find my chouchou. I MISS HER SO MUCH. I wanna die alr. 

I stayed at A&Em Art Hotel this time round and I found it super pleasant. WiFi was amazing and despite the slightly small room, I think the price & location made up for everything. I was 3-mins away from Ben Thanh by walking so it’s really centralized. Very convenient location basically and I would definitely use the same hotel again.