Bali 2018 Travelogue


Every time I go on holidays, my heart will have the toughest time leaving her.


Yes, he’s sporting a beard. 

It started with a lost dog bag in his luggage containing his shaver and toothbrush. Toothbrushes are easier to get hold of compared to shavers, where he’s at. So he couldn’t shave for a week and in the end, he said he was just too invested 😂


Boarded the KLM flight to Bali at around 5pm and we were on our way! It’s been a good 3 years!


We dumped our stuff in the hotel and headed for dinner and by the time we reached Merah Putih, we were all starving. 

This place came really highly recommended by some of u from IG and it’s really good lah!


1. Complimentary chicken broth 
2. Tongkol Kohu Kohu
3. Pipi Sapi Kallo
4. Mie Udang 
5. Nasi Uduk
6. Bebek Goreng 
7. Sayur Hijau
8. Ikan Bakar Dabu Dabu 
9. Pangsit Lobster

I cannot eat no. 4/9 so I can’t give u my opinions lol. Chicken broth was amazing! No. 3 was beef cheeks are it was amazing. So tender and savory all at once. The Bebek Goreng (Duck) was also really great. 

No. 8 was also really good - fish was fresh and sweet and it was done so good.


We are staying at Anvaya Beach Resort but it’s a hotel lah lol. We stayed at a villa the last time alr so we decided on a hotel instead. I prefer showering indoors LOL 

The hotel is really new - only 2 years old and its HUGE


Amazing sleep on this very wide bed. It’s honestly damn wide. We approximated it can fit about 5 adults lol


Each room comes with a balcony and the view makes it so easy to wake up lol


Also had complimentary breakfast at one of the largest spread I’ve ever seen lol


Even if the spread is small, the view would have made up for it. I can stay in Bali for a long long long time if this is the view I get.


On the morning right before I flew off, I met up with Joyce cause HOLIDAY OUTFITS! I have been eyeing this Holly dress in this particular print for forever and when she said it was in stock, I bought it lah wtf. Friend-perks means I can text her and ask if I can self-collect HAHAHAHA it’s SO CUTE plus got pockets.


Our Grab for the day ended up as our personal travel driver and we had him for $45 for around 6 hours? 

Decided to head up to the Tegenungun waterfall and it was about an hour ride from the hotel (we are in Kuta).


Bloody cold beer and tourists every where.


😍😍😍 All the doggos in Bali damn fat one leh hah


It was about 15000 ($1.50) for a ticket to enter the area and it was a HIKE. I looked utterly insanely dressed for a picnic instead of a hike but whatever lah LOL


Yes, I trekked through rocks and water in my Rubi slippers cause #yolo yah. Half afraid I was gonna slip and just die


The view was gorgeous but we went at noon so the sun was unimaginable. I super 佩服 all those people sunbathing and walking barefooted.


I erased so many people out of this image ok LOL there was so many half-naked people 😂


Then we headed to Ubud to shop shop


I love how vibrant and cosy every corner of Bali feels. It’s totally my kinda place. I wanna buy all my furniture and home stuff from here.


We diverted from the main streets and just walked around the smaller alleys. Every corner is picturesque 😍


Went to Jimbaran beach to catch the sunset and get some grilled seafood but two times I had dinner here, I didn’t like it lol. It’s just not my kinda cuisine, but the view is so nice.


DAY 2!


Skipped hotel breakfast for some Babi Guling at Pak Malen. It’s supposedly famous but I also am not a huge fan of Babi Guling leh. It’s just very dry imo lol


Went back to Revolver Coffee Place cause I loved loved loved their coffee the last time. They expanded the place, I think!


And it was as good as I remembered it. It’s so damn fresh and the aroma is just heavenly.


Walked around Seminyak for abit after that and bought this super cute slippers at one of the road side stall.


Then we went to Ku De Ta for some drinks and to rest from shopping lol but ended up buying more shit from the hustlers there fml we got a kite okay wtf


Wah my roots are just horrible but this is an upcoming dress from #TTR too! The tropical prints are so apt for bali! I’ll keep u guys updated on the launch!


My little buys from Seminyak. Handmade jewelries are my weakness tho admittedly, I have many 😂


Headed to Motel Mexicola for lunch and I died 😍😍😍


This Mexican joint also came pretty highly recommended and you feel transported once u step in. The decor is freaking awesome. I love all the cacti!


See the decor??!?! 

I’m wearing this tropical maxi dress that will be launched in #ttr! I don’t have a date yet but I’ll keep u guys updated. It’s perfect for holidays!




We had tacos, of course, and I really like the Baja. But the one that was really good is the crab one. I am salivating, thinking of it right now.


Headed to Body Works for a 4-hands massage which totally shocked my in-laws when the number of masseuses entered the room HAHAHA my husband did not prep them in advance LOL.


I think BW is like, quite ex lah imo cause really got a lot of smaller ones that are just as good. Also, they are v v v strict on timings. Even wanted a deposit when we booked the appointment.


Sigh, Bali is my heaven.


I want to buy so many furnitures. How to ship back ah LOL.


Then we headed to party beach cause Chris has officially moved to Bali. So he brought us around Canggu area but it’s further out and just alittle more...anymore-party vibe hahahaha


We watched the sunset with 5 million gazillion people and a drone, apparently. I can’t imagine the view from above tho. It must be so beautiful. I need to go get a drone!!!


I didn’t manage to take any pics cause phone died and external battery died but we went to Hog Wild for PORN CORN and amazing ribs. This place is a must try must try must try. It’s to-die-for.


Day 3! We had a full day since we are heading to the airport around 7-ish!


Loving the hotel really. Resort vibes every where. I think u can book premium rooms where there’s a pool right outside the balcony. U just walk out and u can dip into the pool.


We headed really far out (1+ hour) on the third day to go to....


Bali Safari LOL my husband wanna see animals?!?? Ok lor so we went haha 

The damn cock thing is we could only buy tix for the safari ride at 2pm if you get the 2pm package. Not 130pm, 157pm, or 155pm. The lady at the counter just sat there and stared at everyone waiting till exactly 2pm. Damn ridiculous???? Idgi? I just wanna buy tickets?????? 

But anyways, we were all v pleasantly surprised by the 30-min safari ride! The animals were very well taken care of and they were all so fat leh hahaha

Plus they were not caged up and were roaming about in their own space!


Then it was to Biku for high tea and the food blew me away. Everything was simple but done so perfectly. The sandwiches were light and so savory - even the simple cucumber one was just delicious. All the cakes and scones were OUT OF THIS WORLD and I don’t even like scones lol. The ambience was just so Bali as well. I’m in love.


Dk why I thought this topshop dress was a good idea. It wasnt. Lol. I was so uncomfortable in it.


Then before we headed to airport, we had dinner at Potato Head! Well, not exactly Potato Head, it’s the Indonesian restaurant above!


PH was full and we weren’t gonna wait so we thought we’d settle for the Indonesian cuisine. View was amazing too lah


We got two of the sets to share amongst the four of us and tbh, the Indonesian food was the best I had out of this whole trip. The pork belly satay thing sent me to heaven. It was that good. Everything was also delicious! The clay pot yellow and garlic rice, the soup...Wah I’m damn hungry now. 

Anyws, we kinda had to rush after cause traffic was insane but we did make it to the airport in time! This was such a good trip. I love Bali. I wanna go back again liao.