Guide to 1st Trip in NYC

I think the first state I fell in love with is New York. It was a dream came true when I stepped out of JFK and saw those iconic yellow taxicabs drive by. 

When I entered the city itself, I was just mesmerized. The lights, the sounds, the people. Nothing seemed to stop and everything was just catching my eye. 

When I was living in NYC, on Hell's Kitchen. We were in this small little apartment on the 2nd floor. I couldn't sleep the first night because every 2 seconds, a fire truck/ambulance/police car would go by and the sirens would keep me up. Still, I was fascinated. 

The husband never understood this fascination. He didn't like NYC much haha 

Come a few years later, I realize NYC was a dream I fell in love with. The city is really dirty and the air is polluted. People weren't very nice and omg it is so noisy. All. The. Time. 

Over the past few days when we were in NYC, I kept longing to go back to Boston's quiet and peace. I've come to call Boston home and I still feel a new sense of contentment all at once.

Anyway, this post is not to reminisce so let's not digress too far 😳 Some of u have requested for a New-York guide and tbh, idk if I'm the best person here to give. I shall give from a tourist-view, I guess? 

I've been to NYC a couple of times and I've stayed there for a while, while the then-boyfriend/now-husband was interning there. I think I've pretty much went to all the recommended tourist spots alr and perhaps even more. So I will just recall and post on the go.

1. Times Square

This is an iconic place to visit and even if u don't like shopping, I swear the lights are pretty πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ For the ladies, it's an all-you-can-shop heaven. 4 stories of F21, H&M, AEO. There's also Sephora and a huge Walgreens. Opposite the street has a double-storey Duane Reade haha

Throughout the place, you will definitely see street artists, baskers and flabby 'superheroes' trying to get money. They also tout tourists to take pics with them. It costs $5 (or around there), I think. 

Go to TKTS and see if there are any Broadway show tickets at a discounted price! I love plays. The husband started this love of mine and we aim to watch all BW shows in our lifetime HAHA The tickets at TKTS are released on that very day so it will work better if ur day is free & easy.

The flashing advertising lights and huge Broadway theaters are just so mesmerizing. I love going at night when the sky is dark so the view is crazy beautiful.

2. 5th Avenue

5th Ave is linked with expensive stuff in my mind and it is just a slightly higher-end shopping street. Think Sak's Fifth and Tiff&Co.. Along with it though, u get to see Rockerfella Center, St. Patrick's Catheral, Trump Tower and a 24hours Apple Store haha

3. Grand Central Station

This was more like a, I-GOTTA-SEE-IT-IRL-kinda thing and I did it once and that was it. Gossip Girl, anyone? Haha It's a beautiful place, both inside and the architect of the building itself. V pretty place to take photographs!

4. Central Park

Central Park is 2x the size of Monaco haha Of course must visit the park! But it's huge, so decide what u wanna do at the park. We were there one time in December and both of us nearly died from the cold πŸ˜–

There's CP zoo but it's super small and I wouldn't recommend it. What I recommend is catching Shakespeare in the Park!

I'm not sure if it's only in the summer but I know it's held in Delacorte Theatre in CP. Basically, u watch free, large-scaled productions of W. Shakespeare's works. 

There are several ways to get tickets but the husband and I just went and queued for it on standby. Haha which just means we were too lazy to wake up to queue the proper way and decided to go at 6pm and wait for extra tickets.We even ordered delivery and had a mini-picnic on the grass, right in the middle of the queue there and then haha

So yes, be equipped with a jacket, food and drinks.

If u do a quick google, it shows a lot of other ways to secure tickets 😁

5. Statue of Liberty

Say hi to the πŸ—½πŸ—½πŸ—½ We woke up bright and early to do this because the queue gets crazy. I thought we were alr early but there were more crazy people! Everything moves relatively fast from what I recall.

But do note the crowd. That was the queue to board the πŸ›³πŸ›³πŸ›³ back to Manhattan when we were there 2 summers ago.

6. Wall Street

It was rather fascinating to walk around the business area and see Wall Street. I feel quite knowledgable on it because the husband always tells me anecdotes or stories about it πŸ˜‚ Anyw, I can't find the picture we took but there's the iconic bull statue everyone takes picture with! Haha

People also take pictures with its balls and so on πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ It gets crazy. Worth a short trip down to see the place once at least!

7. Soho

South of Houston Street. It's where the cool people hang πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ No, I totally just made that up. I won't know. But that's just what comes to my mind whenever I'm in SoHo. It has shopping and art galleries. The street is peppered with people selling art and it's just a relatively busy area. 

Idk why but I especially love the architecture there. 😍

8. Empire State Building

The hubs brought me up there for Christmas once and the view was just breath-taking. We were freezing our noses off but we couldn't look away. We went during the winter and the queue was already crazy so I can't imagine going in the summer/autumn. 

I must say, bring heat packs if u r going in the winter cause no gloves would withstand the wind on the top of the Empire State.

When he told me we were going there, my pea-sized brain didn't register and I was like, 'where ah?' 

And he went, 'Where Chuck wait for Blair!!!' 


9. Halal Guys

I don't recall the exact location so Google is ur best bet. 

Almost every corner of NYC has a f&b cart. Hot dogs, chicken over rice and soda. Bear in mind prices are not standardized. They just anyhow whack; especially if they spot u as a tourist. 

I once saw a vendor sell bottled waters to 3 different individuals at different prices altogether in a span of 15 mins. 

'How much?'

'3 for $2'
'1 for $2' 

So just be prepared to get 'chopped'

The more well-known chicken-over-rice store is The Halal Guys and if I recall correctly, it's located on 53rd St but I can't fully remember the avenue. Either 7th or 8th. 

It's about $7 a plate but it's a HUGE plate. Shareable between 2 girls fo'sure. I normally just get the chicken-over-rice over the lamb or combo one and I spam the white sauce after. Most NYC carts mix the sauce in for u but this place is forever busy so u just do the sauces urself. Beware of the chili. It's SUPER SPICY.

10. Hell's Kitchen

If you're more of a food-person, then go onto google and see what are the good eats on Hell's Kitchen. It's slightly outside of Times Square but v bustling and it's a up and coming gay hotspot haha

And here I conclude the spots in NYC for a first-timer! I think it's pretty sufficient for a few days! 

I didn't list it down but I found East & West Village were really pretty too. We had brunch there and it was a chill place to be on the weekend. Less busy than the city for sure. Ok, I hope this has been helpful! Till the next trip :)