Vegas/Malibu/LA: Beaches, Shopping and Home

Hellowellobellojello! I'm back with part II of the trip! Okay lah, not too bad. I managed to split 8 days into 2 posts. No more travel posts month LOL I iz have time for beauty posts next! I am damn pekchek I got no time to share my good shit but if u seen my IG-stories, you would have alr seen a few mini succinct reviews, I guess lol

Day 4

It was ok and all in Vegas but honestly, if u don't gamble or have interest in it, it's really not very fun. It was quite cool to see the lights and all but one night was definitely more than enough for me. Everywhere was just smokey cause u can smoke on the casino floors and gosh, my throat was so irritated after 2 days. The heat definitely didn't help.

I just want to post these pics cause damn nice lol but anyw, we bid adieu to the crazy heat in Vegas and went on a 5-hour drive to Malibu! 

Stopped by Flocks and Fowl off the strip for some really authentic but ex as heck chicken rice. I ate 1.5 plates πŸ™Š

We had reservations at Nobu at 8pm and we made it just on time after checking in to the Airbnb at 7pm. The weather was so different and it dropped to below 20Β°C when the sun set. Plus we were super close to the waters so it was really chilly. 

Dinner was amazing and all the fish were really SUPER fresh. The steak was very meh imo but πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ for everything else. I only like my husband's steak lah.

It was way too dark to take any #ootd but here's a little shot of my pretty periwinkle lace dress I got from Francesca! I also look like shit here cause no makeup but quality also shit cause IG-stories pic so y'all can't tell πŸ™ˆ But omg, no filter can save those dark circles. I've been surviving on 4-5 hours of sleep/day and I swear my body is gonna shut down soon HAHA

The view was definitely amazing but it was definitely too cold to be seated outside. Plus after the sun sets, everything was almost pitch black. We really wanted to sit outside initially but glad they don't have table lol cause we would have frozen to death.

Day 5

Headed out to Malibu Farm for an early breakfast and also to avoid the crowd cause Yelp! stated that there would be one but I think cause it's a weekday, there wasn't any one and we had the whole place to ourselves.

Photo op cause no crowd. When we left around 10am, people were trickling in and the area wasn't as nice to take pics so go early to have the whole day place to yourself haha plus cause summer now so the sun is up at like, 4am or smth.

It was beautiful in the morning - a vast difference compared to Vegas. I love this aircon temperature srsly.


This pic was rather candid cause I was just helping FJ angle her shots but it turned out to be damn nice lah?? So #ootd pic hahaha

Top: F21
Shorts: Mango
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Furla

Really had the whole pier PLUS the cafe to ourselves. The above was taken on the 2nd floor of the restaurant and empty??? Even the servers didn't care much that we were just snapping away haha

Food was organic and I didn't care so much for that but it was AMAZING AF. DAMN NICE??? Again, I'm not a foodie but it's very worth the visit, I felt. We had the eggs+salmon, burrito, pancakes, crab cakes, kale salad and some sandwich thingy. (My food review SUX πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) 

Ooh yes we made a 2nd trip back to the outlet mall in Vegas before we left and I managed to score a last piece of Furla for $200. SO CHEAP? Original price was USD$486 πŸ™„ Ridiculous. I also blame FJ for massive enabling okay. She bought the taupe one and oxford studded one for her friend but ain't this line-up so pretty 😍

I also managed to score some Nine West heels for $30 and I enabled FJ so she owns the same pair now LOL it's so sad our shoe sizes are different.

We did some groceries at Ralph's cause we are BBQ-ing at the Airbnb tonight but stopped by Point Dume beach to take more pics. Our wedding photos totally no theme LOL just whatever goes. Got mountain, got rocks, got beach. Damn jokers lah we. Idek how we are gonna do the montage. Just whack first then decide lah.

But the sand was fine and the water was so blue, so the pictures turned out beautifully, thanks to my SIL of cuz. There's one shot where the husband actually picked me up and it turned out quite pretty, thanks to the background hahaha or else we would have looked like idiots, I think.

We stayed in that day just to enjoy the Airbnb and we had a massive BBQ sessions. The guys cooked and BBQ-ed for us and omg we were all so full. Just wine, good food and a lot of laughing.


I was so in love with this piece of log with the succulents growing out of it. It's such a pretty centerpiece omg 😍 The host is a real bitch so I didn't wanna ask where she got it from. Damn gross lah these kinda hostess. 

We enquired about the propane tank for the grill and her reply was, 'This is not a hotel. If u want a hotel, cancel the reservation now.' Like WHAT EVEN? We simply asked if the propane tank was filled?? Dafug.

The sunset that night was so pastel and straight after, a gazillion stars filled the sky and we just stayed out to stargaze 🌌

I enjoyed the quiet more than I thought I would. Boston's morning and night would always be filled with traffic noises; especially ambulance and fire engines. 吡死人.

Malibu, you've been so chill and zen. 😘

Day 6

Headed back to LA with a short 1-hour drive! Stopped by Ollo for breakfast and I realized Malibu's restaurants do really decent food in general. But for the price......I think it'd better be πŸ€‘

I don't think my #fotd got any changes except my lipstick! Using the Mamonde Highlight LipTint in No. 9 Number Memory cause that shade is bomb. It just looks so pretty with nude stuff in general.

We drove down the entire long winding road from the freaking mountain top to the bottom, with an entire box of canned drinks right there omfg. Ppl had to stop us to tell us that there was stuff on the car roof. How did it not tumble down was truly beyond my understanding πŸ€”

What's funny was we had another box in the boot and that came entirely apart and we kept finding random cans everywhere in the car. And that survived?? How sia.

Went straight to Sunset Boulevard to meet some friends for lunch and this view tho 😍 LA is so 美美!

Then we went to chill at the mall (or rather, the guys chilled and the girls went to SHOP. From Gucci to Nordstrom rack lol) 

I also got mahself some Burberry sunglasses for THIRTY BUCKS. I love my $1.50 ones but I can't pass up $30 BB ones πŸ˜‚

And look what I found in Target for $1.19 lol but no alcohol lah. It's just cute. I'm a total sucker for packaging. Also, refuse to get the real champagne bears cause dat price cray.


We ended the night with some sushi and beer pong, which obviously I wasn't good at. Both the game and the drinking πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I think I'm slowly building up my tolerance but it doesn't help that alcohol tastes so horrible to me and I DO NOT enjoy the buzz at all. It just makes me nauseous and woozy? Not fun, not fun.

Ooh and we stopped by Magnolia Bakery for some cupcakes too! The first time I had them was when the hubs brought me to the NYC one and omg it was so good, I totally walloped it before I could even get a pic HAHA

Day 7

πŸ“ Denny's

Can u believe this is my first Denny's after being in the US for so long. We are regular IHOP-goers but I was so happy we managed to squeeze in one hehe I love diners and I love breakfast. 

Oh and it was Universal Studio day!!!!!! Whee I've been so excited for this cause got Harry Potter! Hubs and I recently just binged on all the movies so my memories very fresh hehe

There were like, a gazillion people there on that day. I was mentally counting price of tix/person and I am pretty sure they earned more than a million that day HAHAHA

It was a hawwwwwt but extremely beautiful day. Grateful for all the wonderful weather we had this trip.

Headed straight to HP's world cause that's really what I was most excited about. I think everyone too?? 

The deco, the details and the QUEUE was mind-blowing. The virtual rides were definitely highly recommended and it was just so good.

And you can't leave the place without Butter Beer! Yes, I'm damn tourist. I got a cup.

And I didn't get the Flamingo Hotel's pins (SADDDD 😭) cause I forgot lol but yay omg I'm so happy I got these!

We did a couple more areas like Simpsons (the virtual ride was super fun too), Studio Tour (I think this is my fave cause u get to see the different movie sets) and Walking Dead (it's like a mini haunted house) so it was a damn fruitful day imo. I was exhausted by the end of it. The park closes at 10pm but we left by 7 cause errbadii tireddddd.

Oh yah I made us wear HP shirts cause where else can we wear them right. I thought it was quite insane that people were buying the costumes (running USD$100 and up) and the broom was like $300??? I really wanted the wand but hello, $50??? No way. If can perform real magic, maybe I'll consider but it's really just a piece of wood and I'm not that big a fan lah hahaha

Then we hit a taco truck cause friends living in LA said that it is a MUST. And also must look for Grade A certs so won't get food poisoning lol. 

I must say, it was the bestest Mexican food I EVER had. I actually woke up the next morning asking the husband if we could do one more round there before we fly cause it was so good?? The tacos and burritos were amazing and of course must get horchata too.

Day 8

I get lazier to do my makeup with each passing day. My #fotd list is just reducing cause I can't wake up anymore πŸ˜‚

Primer: Hourglass AL Primer (Ambient Lighting)
Concealer: Tarte Shape Tape (F/N) + Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin Concealer (20)
Contour: KVD Shade Contour (Sombre)
Highlight: TheBalm Maryloumanizer
Blush: elf Blush Palette (Light)

Brows: Catrice Longlasting Brow Definer (030)
Mascara: L'OrΓ©al Lash Paradise
Liner: NYX Tres Jolie Gel Liner

Lipstick: 3CExLily Maymac (Holy Rose)

Idek why I'm repeating my fotds cause I bought just a bag of makeup and I'm just using the same thing. I must say the elf palette is amaaaaaazing for travel. It's so convenient and the size is so slim. I don't have a preference between the dark or light; it's just that I so happened to chuck the light one into my bag this time round. I should do a post on my travel makeup pouch after this trip!


Lunch was Japanese (why do we keep picking jap places lol) and omg so full and damn worth it? I think it was slightly less than $50 per person and it was a 6-course meal.

Our chef was quite funny but I guess they are supposed to entertain lah haha he flipped shrimp tails into another chef's hat πŸ˜‚

And the food tho zomg. It was sooooo good? Everything was done perfectly. FJ finished her entire bowl of fried rice and I don't think I've ever seen her finish one before???

πŸ“ Santa Monica

Took a short drive to Santa Monica Pier after lunch cause I've never seen it before and MAN, there was SO MANY ppl!

Like ppl everywhere. Everywhere.

I kid you not. 

Ok, given it was a Saturday but wtf so many ppl???

Saw this super cute family rock band there and this is just one of the many many baskers there. The vocalist was pretty good but omg the little boy on the keyboard tho 😍

And we were right by Muscle Beach and aside from ton of yogis and ppl working out, I'm pretty sure I spotted a human monkey. 

Apparently she's some Indon-youtuber or smth?? Idk lah but omg she was nuts on that thing. I was damn scared she was gonna fall off or smth.

My SIL is so tall, I can't even fit her into a square without cropping out some parts of us HAHAHAH wtf lah. 

Anyw, we went to Rodeo Drive to check out expensive shit and see expensive cars drive by. I've never seen so many loud-ass bling cars in my life before wtf. There was a GOLD one?? Eww lah. 

Had plans to do dinner there but all of us wanted tacos so we are doing that instead πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

This trip has been so amazing and the hubs really did such a kickass job with the planning and organizing. Thank u, baby. 

LA has been so good and it's such a bittersweet goodbye to the US of A right now but I know we'll come back lah. For now, it's back to home. See you all! β™₯οΈπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬β™₯️