Birthday trip in San Francisco!

2 luggages down and one more to go. By the time most of u read this, I think we are probably gonna be on our way to San Fran! 

Husband decided on this route this time cause he wanted to bring me to SF for my birthday! 

It's currently 432am and we haven't slept or napped at all. My brain is all fuzzy now.

This trip back has been not as fruitful as we hoped and kinda wasted to a certain extent but still fun nonetheless. The workshop, seeing family, shopping and eating are just a small part of what we did. 

With the wedding coming up, I foresee myself being back sooner than expected. I know when I go back to the US, I tend to lose some of you but itzzz okay! 有缘再见! Hopefully 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼 I get to come back again March/April!

For now, we are jetting off to the land of In-N-Out for my birthday so see y'all in about 14 hours! Hopefully I get to take some nice #ootds in SF.

My birthday is almost ending in SG but it just started in SF!  Chased the sunrise here and can't wait to explore SF. 

So overwhelmed with love from all the greetings and well-wishes. Thank you all u kind souls. Made me smile immediately!

Honey Honey Cafe & Crepery for breakfast! Too early to check in so we just left our luggages by the concierge. 

This place is supposedly very well-known for crepes and kept popping up on our search for good brunch places!

Was scrambling to put on makeup at the hotel lobby and I feel like I less shitty after the 14-hour flight zomg. The husband just looks exactly the same. We had 6 crying babies on our flight. Thankfully we forced ourselves to stay up the night before so we were so exhausted, it didn't even bothered us.

The husband had the North Beach crepes and I had the Salmon Benedict. Gotta give it to them. The food was good and we are back to portion that are immensely huge.

Walked over to Union Sq cause we had about 20mins to spare before heading for the Alcatraz Tour. Thankfully the forecasted rainy weather cleared up. We were worried we couldn't make the tour if it continued raining!

Look at all these pretty succulents. Imma sucker hahahaha geddit. 


Waiting to board! I'm quite excited to see this island. The husband kept going, 'Your birthday bring you see prison.' Well yes, I've a weird obsession with dangerous criminals. It's kinda an awesome birthday gift!

What greeted us when we got onto the island. So we went for the short documentary which explained quite abit of the island's history.

There are these American Indian phrases all over cause the Indians took over the island for awhile for some protest to return their land (pls don't quote me. I'm terrible at this.) 

We really wanted to hit the audio tour cause that's supposedly the highlight!

I really enjoyed the entire tour. Basically, the audio tour took place in the entire prison itself!

And it started from the shower area. Apparently it was just unblocked to prevent assaults and fights. Looking at this made me feel super exposed tho. 

Like they are also supposed to strip down and walk naked to their cell the first time they arrive.

Then just follow the audio and go around the entire prison as they explained each area. 

This is a fully 'furnished' cell where most of them just paint and etc. There was this prisoner who knew how to crochet and he taught the other men how to! He was chucking during the audio as he went 'imagined all these men knitting

The D blocks were where all the most notorious criminals are kept at and the above is solitary! Apparently, one prisoner said that to pass his time, he would flip a coin and let it fall, then get on his hands and knees to find it and to repeat it all over again. Damn sad pls.

The tour also covered the big escapes that happened and this was where one of them fashioned a bar spreader out of nut, bolt, and a pipe! 

Another 3 used spoons to widen the hole of the vent and climb through. They were never found - either drowned or speculated to have escaped to S.America cause they were learning Spanish.

This was the prison's view - San Francisco. So torturous right! Like freedom is so near yet so far. 

The cruise ride was about 12 mins so it's not exactly possible to swim unless u Michael Phelps or smth lah.

Awe we're also shown the dining area and apparently the food like damn shiok leh?? It was the law to make sure the food was savory and presentable.

We caught the ferry back and took a 5-min walk down to Pier 39 which was absolutely tourist-y!

There was some tulip mania going on but I feel like Gardens by the Bay has spoilt it all for me cause I wasn't impressed at all.

Also had to see the 'seal-abrities' HAHAHAH damn cute and damn fat. They were just lazing around and soaking up the sun. So shiok eh?

Never knew the skeletal structure looked like this.

Just plenty of tourist stuff there which I wasn't quite interested in lah haha

We finished up at Pier 39 super quickly cause it was literally souvenir shop after souvenir shops, peppered with some food places here and there.

Fisherman's Wharf just had plenty plenty plenty of seafood! We intend to go back for some lunch there tmr! Excited

By around this time, we were really exhausted. My brain wasn't even really comprehending much anymore. Just blindly following the husband.

Back at the hotel!! 

We initially only got a deluxe room but the husband gladly announced it was my birthday and asked the concierge if she could do anything for me. I'm glad he did lah haha cause I would never have asked and she was so nice!

Our corner 5th floor room got moved into the 12th floor LUXURY SUITE!!! The hubs even got me my favourite lavender bath bomb from Lush so we are gonna get a good soak and then rest up for tomorrow....even tho it's only 715pm now. 

Damn exhausted leh!

Day 2

It was a wet second morning but thankfully, our hotel wass really near a ton of food and this breakfast place - Tyler Street Cafe had plenty of good reviews too! I'm starving! We managed to sleep till 7am with a lot of waking up in betweens.

Oh boy, breakfast was enough to trigger a heart attack. Had to order the Millionaire Bacon which apparently, had a feature on Food Network before! It's like a huge piece of sweet bakkwa. I highly recommend the Hollandaise Hash. Came with a side of toast and eggs! I was so highly satisfied and ready to food-coma on the spot. 

View from our bed. We headed back to the hotel and the husband gave in to jet-lag.


Took my own sweet time to do my makeup

Base: Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Recover
Concealer: Tarte Shape Tape (F|N) + Bourjois Radiance Reveal (01)
Contour: CP Contour Stix (Dove) + KVD Contour Shade (Sombre)
Highlight: Sleek Solstice Palette
Blush: NARS (Goulue)

Brows: Catrice Longlasting Brow Definer (030)
Mascara: Maybelline Falsies Push Up + Laneige Lash-fessional
Liner: NYX Tres Jolie Gel Liner + KVD Tattoo Liner
Shadow: Colourpop Super Shock Shadow (Koosh) + ABH Modern Renaissance + Carli Bybel Palette

Lipstick: TheBalm Matte Liquid Lipstick (Sincere)

Still loving the CP shadow in Koosh. One of my favourite out of all their holiday collection! 

I am dying to go back to Boston so I can start checking out their pan shadows! Eeks. Also need to start narrowing down bridal shops I wanna check out!

Idc if this is not warm enough cause 爱美不要命 really. 

How do y'all like my $12 #taobao denim jacket?? This one I saved the link! I can't find the old links for the skirt and the clutch fml. My white lace jumpsuit which is kinda blocked out here is from #tcl ! I am in an XS and it was a'lil tight when I first got it but fits me now that I lost a bit of weight.

Total insertion of #brides randomness: One of the bridal shop I'm gonna check out! I heard so much good stuff and all the reviews so far seemed pretty legit? 

Is there any bridal places in SG worth checking out? I'm pretty fixed on getting my dresses here but still wondering leh. We also narrowed down 4 songs we wanna play during the wedding. The husband is asking if we wanna have a first dance.


Went back to the Wharf for some lunch and weather is really crappy. You'd think we would be used to wet and cold but it makes doing stuff so much harder! 

I loved the shops that sell seashells the best! I used to collect seashells when I was younger! Brought back a lot of memories. That's what all my relatives would bring back for me when they go overseas that had them hahaha

Iz it we obsessed with Lush? Hahahaha the husband suggested it okay! I think he secretly loves bubble baths like me okay

At Waraku, located in Japan Town, for dinner~ My tummy is acting kinda wonky so hot piping ramen is my answer

Husband wanted to try the fish so he got the salad as an appetizer. I only ate one of the salmon cause don't think too much raw fish is good for my tummy now hahaha But it was good! The right amount of seasoning all and salmon was super dooper fresh!

Star of the show! I got the Tonkatsu Ramen and omg look at how rich the broth is. The noodles were so also cooked to perfection. Me iz happix naos.

Ended our night at Lombard Street - the world's crookedest street! This was taken at the top of the slope. I'm so amazed at how hilly SFO is! 

There's 253 steps on the left and 249 steps on the right. A car must make about 8 turns to get to the bottom! I wonder how much each apartment cost; especially on the top of the hill 😱

We were wondering if we shld come in the day or night but decided on the night cause of the night view and I must, it's pretty spectacular

Day 3

Hello!! It's our last day in SFO and today's weather seemed so nice! We have a couple of hours before we have to go to the airport so hoping we can just pop over to the Golden Gate Bridge before we leave

Sweet Maple was pretty raved and it opens at 8am. We reached at 759am thinking we'd be the first customers but omg there was already a line of at least 10 pax in front! 

We got in and in less than 7 minutes, the place was completely filled. It's not a small restaurant leh. For someone who don't like eating, I seemed to be always eating but it's because need to feed the husband! Have u seen the size of that man. He needs his food

Ok, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! The constant queue outside really is not for nothing. The food is damn bomb and looks so pretty too! But I must say, come super early or be prepared to wait.

The husband got the French Toast and I had the pancakes! Both were super dooper good tho. The husband claimed it was one of the best FT he had in his life.

I do love how succulents seemed to thrive so nicely in this climate! They are all sooooo big and plushy. Is that a word used to describe succulents. Hahaha

Isn't the view amazing 😍 Thankful for the beautiful beautiful weather today!

Love of my freaking life.

Had some time so we took a stroll down the bridge and it wasn't as windy as I'd thought it would be! Didn't even have to edit the photos. The colors all looked so brilliant with the sunlight

Luv u hubs 😘 Thank u for this kickass birthday trip and even tho we didn't manage to do Sausalito, we'll be back for it!

Stubborn me didn't wanna listen to him and bring my sunglasses but weather app states CLOUDY leh! Bluff me only. Still, one of my fave picture! The wind was driving my hair cray tho.

Time to check out and head back home to freezing Boston! I miss home. Can't wait to settle back in and get started on my never-ending great pile of makeup and skincare I've to try and review. 

Thank u, Serrano! You've been a lovely lovely stay and your vintage bohemian deco made me so incredibly happy. The service here was also top-notch, and I'm not saying that cause we got a free upgrade okay

United overbooked the plane so they offered us a direct flight straight to Boston with better seats and $40 airport meal vouchers. So guess who's eating again?

Original flight included a layover in Chicago for an hour and we were kinda afraid we wouldn't be able to make that flight cause we are seated all the way to the back. Guess we are lucky lah! Take direct flight still got free food hehe