Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Day 1

T'was a pretty impromptu trip to take to find my in-laws but hey, a chance to explore a new country is always appreciated!

We landed at ~5am PNG time (which was ~3am SG) safe and sound. Had awesome emergency seats and the flight was waaaay shorter than expected. Also, I'm v surprised by Air Niugini's food leh! Nubbad 👍🏼 

This place is really.........underdeveloped haha Let's just leave it as that. But the nature aspects of it is so amazing. More pics to come later.

My in-laws work here actually! They are building up Edai Town in Port Moresby so that's why the husband and I are here to visit and look at the work sites. 

Imma try and take more pictures of the place when we do more visiting!


The water is really crystal clear when it's low-tide! 

We took a 30 mins drive down to Edai Town and it's work site! The view along the way was just stunning.

People here walk. There's just walking and cars apparently! Where's the in between with bicycles and motorcycles?

A lot of kampung style housing! Some were built with just planks and whatnots. They have their flags as curtains and basically whatever materials they can find,

Arrived at the site and here are the 4 styles of housing being built!


This is the most common one modeled after a lot of housing in Australia (I might be getting this info wrong....🙊) but anyway, just two years ago, this was an empty patch of land! 

Then came the showrooms, warehouses and the actual homes where residents are residing now.

There were these huge warehouses and factories with all the necessary materials to build the homes.

And these were the wall things for the outside of the house. I'm so amazed leh!

The view coming down was just mind-blowing. I haven't seen ocean this blue in forever. Or maybe I just don't go and see a lot of oceans

It was a long drive tho and my body is all over the place with the 2 hours difference so I knocked out the entire ride home.

Had dinner at this small Indian restaurant right by a business hotel. They have a buffet every Friday night so decided to go there tonight!

The food was seriously good! I went back for seconds. 

Plus the owner is super cool and funky! He was born in Kenya, moved to Canada, came to PNG and was a director of a private hospital and now passed the restaurant to his daughter. His son is the light director for PIXAR!!!! He did Finding Dory, which costs 250 million. ERMAGAWD so cool leh! 

Plus he was telling us on Serengeti and the good places in Kenya! Omg totally on my bucket list now. I no want South Africa no more. 

Food prices here really don't vary much for expats. It ranges about 20-100$SGD per person. And they do really good local (SG) food! I even had damn nice hor fun at Fu Gui (富贵村) Village, which menu's include Singapore Chili Lobster

Day 2

Visited the yacht club in the morning.

(I'm combing the two days cause there's not much for both days~)

A lot of expats hanging around. So chill just looking out into the ocean and all these yachts damn pretty to look at too. 

Damn overexposed but no choice. Either BG dark or person dark 😂 so edit to the max. No choice.

Took a trip down to the POM Nature Park today where their country's bird - Bird of Paradise resides. I guess it's like a mini zoo??

There were lotsa birds caged up which were quite sad tho. Saw different kinda kangaroos too but the more memorable one is the Papua Hornbill which is the one in the middle and the Cassawary, to the right of the Hornbill. The Cassawary is the most dangerous bird in the world, with its talcon-like nails and ability to fly up to 2m in height.

Heading out to the husband's grant aunt's place for a small dinner gathering tonight and we are going snorkeling for Day 3!

Day 3

The bus came and pick us up bright and early to catch the ferry to Laloata Island for snorkeling~ 

Went around several more hotels and lodges to pick up other tourists. Think there were ~20 of us? Most of us have never visited the place before.

Reached this little corner area by the sea where the ferry came and pick us all up, alongside with other visitors from other buses.

Look at dat view. The sun was warm and the wind was blowing. The weather really couldn't be more perfect. 

I was actually quite worried the whole day that my period was gonna come?? Fml. I packed a dozen tampons into the husband's bag cause ain't nobody got time to be bleeding into the ocean and I was going snorkeling no matter what!

Crystal clear water.

Omg I died when we approached the island. It was so beautiful.

And we had to cross this wooden plank bridge which kinda freaked me out cause I felt like I was gonna drop into the waters anytime. I'm a scaredy cat.

We had our own mouth pieces and googles but had to get flippers and life vest. 

Our entire trip there was a paid set including the bus ride which was KN220 if I'm not wrong

Sorry sun too bright, eyes cannot open properly. I totally left my sunglasses back in the house. Damn smart.

Husband had to sacrifice his sunglasses for me cause the wind was almost blowing my contact lens out of my eyes. Thank u sweetie pie.

And my awesome in-laws, esp. my MIL who took extra care of me throughout the trip.


All vested up.

The life vest was so necessary cause I didn't even spend much energy trying to stay afloat. All I needed to do was literally float. I was just holding the husband's arm and floating alongside and occasionally pretended I was a mermaid WTF HAHAHA

I saw NEMO and DORY and so many starfishes! Picked up a dozen seashells as well. Omg I am really NOT an outdoorsy person and even the husband was super surprised I had such a kickass time.

Super happy! Haha From Laloata Island, we took a small speedboat to another area to snorkel and we headed back to the main island around noon for lunch. 

Lunch was buffet style and the food damn nice?? Husband had like, 3 servings. The fruits were also super sweet and omg I really had such a fun time.

Hahahahaha husband and his wet pants. 4 of us headed back for round 2 but the tide was lower and the currents were stronger alr. 

The corals and anemones I saw were just mind-blowing. Little fishes 🐠🐟 just weaving in and out of them DAMN CUTE omg. Really felt like I stuck my head in an aquarium

Every corner was picturesque really. I might or might not have 8273839 of the same picture in my camera roll ATM

Cause a quick selfie is deserved. This boy knew how much water freaks me out so he made sure to never let go of my hand the whole time.

Even my MIL was super surprised cause she could tell I was scared but I ventured out damn far. In her words, 'Wah this girl damn garang!'

Didn't even have time to bathe cause the ferry for the bus leaves at 3. All took a rinse and we had to bid the island bye alr~

We saw this car otw there and otw back, there was a sign at the front of the car saying this car is for sale for 40KN?!?! (~2.35KN = SGD1) 

Damn joke. The car totally CMI alr??

Went to Imperial Place for dinner. Food here really isn't an issue. I just had the best tasting char-siew in my entire freaking life there! It's so so so good. I can't describe it. Even the beef stew was kickass.

Went back to the apartment and caught the beautiful sunset as well. The day really couldn't ended any better. Had such a good time and really v v grateful!

1. PNG's currency is in Kina. 1SGD = ~2.35KN

2. There are hardly any traffic lights 🚦in POM city area. U can be driving for 20 minutes straight without encountering any

3. There are hardly any bicycles or motorcycles! Just a lot of walking or cars. 

4. Their country's bird is the Bird of Paradise. Which is a real bird and found on their flag and coins etc. 

5. So many of the ppl here still stay in atap houses. Like, those made of wooden planks, metal planks and stilts.

6. There's only 1 mall in POM and it's only 2 stories. Own by M'sian!

7. Almost every car here has super tinted/blacked-out screens. And the car plate number starts with 'B' so e.g BEX123

8. There are constantly people on the street selling raw peanuts, feather dusters, lobsters, crabs and souvenirs. Normally u don't make eye contact with them

9. 95% of land here are customary land owned by tribes or clans. Govt deal with these tribes to own state land which are normally 99 years' lease

10. Electricity here is paid by pre-paid card method! U go to a shop and pay, get a code and then key in ur code to a box when u get home. There are 3 signs indicating if u have enough, sufficient, and running low. Wtf.