Husband turning 26 in NYC.

Day 1

The husband turns 26. He's finally the same age as me and cannot claim he is dating 'an older woman' now. We are taking an impromptu trip since most of his people are out cause this week is 1st September and it's moving week for most students in Boston. 

Visiting NYC! Our bus leaves at 8am.

Oh before I forget. I took a pen and drew on him just now. He went out with it and some cashier at Tedeschi asked about it. Omg damn funny.

Bought bus tickets online the night before and off to Boston's South Station to take the bus to...........

NYC~ One of my absolutely favourite city in the world. We walked over to Times Square from the bus terminal cause it was pretty near!Can't wait to have my chicken-over-rice later! Bus services are awesome.

It decided to POUR like mad. Haha we were super near the H&M so we had to take shelter there. Thankfully, the downpour didn't last too long

If u r interested in shows and u don't have a fixed schedule and all, TKTS in Times Sq (or online) sells same-day tixs at a cheaper rate! 

We wanted to catch Book of Mormons but it was priced at $199/pax so we decided not to. Matilda's tickets were available on TKTS for 50% off! So we picked that. I am a huge fan of Roald Dahl's books and I LOVE MATILDA. 

We didn't know how the show will be and we were also expecting shitty seats but the counter told us our seats were AMAZING for that price. Smack right front and center.

And he never bluff us leh! We were almost glued to the stage and the actors were all prancing around us! 

The set-up, props and acting was really 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼! Both of us had a better time than we expected.

Matilda (performed by Ava Briglia) is just so....right. Her acting was so good as well?? Omg I'm really glad we went to catch this.

She's so pretty and super talented!

And totally random but I spotted mini (fake) bb at F21 haha I didn't buy then but they were $4.90!

I finally got my hands on u.

Food carts are a dime a dozen here. Every 2 street sure got 1! Halal Guys along 53rd is where we usually get ours so we went back there after the show. Still got so many people queuing at around 11pm! But the queue does go super fast. Tbh, I've bought Chicken-over-rice from many other carts before and they are really good too. No complains. My favourite meal in NYC is this

Day 2

Good morning! Or afternoon, rather. Just checked out and we are catching out bus back home later.

I brought a pouch of makeup but when I was out yesterday, all I saw were tons of girls with super cake makeup and I didn't feel like applying any at all.This is why I really don't like wearing foundation cause it's just NOT skin. Also why I'm on a personal mission to get good skin. 

Went out today with just sunblock, Hourglass AL Primer, Burberry Fresh Glow, alil concealer and tons of highlight. I feel so liberated.

A quick #ootd at Central Park! And omg my hair is getting long. I have so much of it, it's just all getting in the way. Really wanna cut it but really don't want to

 I love seeing the horses but I hate to think of them doing this day and night

New Yorkers cruised right through it all. Their love for the city as comfortable and familiar as a favourite pair of shoes. They didn’t feel the steam billowing from the potholes and vents in the sidewalks with romantic delight,and they didn’t blink an eye when the ground vibrated beneath their feet as the subway roared by below, while I grinned like an idiot and flexed by toes. New York was a brand new love affair for me. I was starry-eyed and it showed.
— Sylvia Day

The post is cut short cause we were in a rush and then we got stuck in traffic and omg it was just one thing after another. Ending off this post with my fave quote describing NYC!