Tokyo, Japan in 5 days.


Enroute back to SG, we are dropping off at Narita and meeting up with the husband's family and spending a few days in Tokyo first. 

We stayed up the night before, or at least we tried to so hopefully, we can get some shut eye on the plane. 

Airport #ootd~ Grand total of 16 hours!

Hello Canada! Transiting here before going to Narita. 

I'm quite liking Air Canada airline! The plane was domestic but it was spacious omg. Now waiting to see the international one. 

My company for the next leg. I love this series. 

I'm really the queen of all sleep. Entire 13-hr flight and I slept for ~11 (with bathroom and food breaks lah). Plus the 2-hr on the previous flight. 

The plane wasn't full so we had the whole row to ourselves! The husband set up a bed for me with his lap as a pillow and I knocked out so fast. Damn sweet, he just stayed still for so many hours to let me nap. Plus the book was so gooood. Really my fave guilty pleasure reading of all time. I finished it in 2 hours!

Also, Air Canada's plane is awesome leh! I think the plane is new cause of the technology but either that, I'm super suaku. It was spacious and even the window shutter thingy was controlled by buttons. Not even manual pls. Is that new? I really have no clue. 

Anyway, we had a really great flight and such a good start to Tokyo!

Killing time first while waiting for the in-laws' flight. Verdict? Airport food really not shook. The sushi inside the airport terminal is so much better!

We are awaiting FJ coming in from SG and my in-laws coming in from PNG!

By the time we checked in to the hotel - staying at Cerulean Tokyu, and all, it's already close to 10pm! Headed to Ichiran for our late dinner.

Not forgetting some Japan technologies.

Feel so weird - eating while facing a screen, We placed our order on the machine and were guided to booths with a bamboo screen infront of us. You place your receipt in front and the screen will raise up and the chef will take ur paper to prepare your food. 

Then food gets pushed out right infront of you and the screen is lowered back. Well, luckily the booth compartment is foldable so we weren't alone alone eating.

Everyone's exhausted faces mission FJ who had to sit separately from us. It's really tough to sit together as a group cause the crowd was non-stop!

We are staying in Hotel Tokyu right in Shinjuku and look at how bustling the city is. Excited for day 2!

Day 2, Harajuku

Beginning Day 2 with my #fotd


Primer: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Primer
Foundation: LRP BB Blur + Burberry Fresh Glow Fluid Base
Concealer: Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin (10)
Highlight: theBalm Maryloumanizer
Contour: NYX Sculpt&Highlight Face Duo
Blush: theBalm DownBoy

Brow: ABH Perfect Brow Pencil
Mascara: Maybelline falsies Push Up Drama
Liner: Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

Lip liner: Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner (Eastend Snob)

View from our hotel. We got the deal off Expedia and so far, I am mighty pleased! Today we are headed to Harajuku! I am super jet lag. Pretty sure I only slept 2 hours. 

All lookin' fly/ Yes, I'm the shortest. 

I mixed the drier foundation with the Burberry Fresh Glow today and OMG it is life-changing!!! I'm never using my foundation alone by itself again!! I didn't use a sponge; but a buffing brush for a lighter look. Super love.

Is it kinda weird this is the first thing we did?

Both voice and written instructions are in Jap so it got kinda confusing but it is quite idiot-proof. I chose the mermaid theme one and FJ chose monochrome!

Stopped at Yoshinoya for a quick brunch and yes, yes it is very different. In a much better way than I expected. 

Was expecting a crowd cause its Sunday but whoa, this is a lot of people still 

Made a quick pit stop at the Disney store to grab all my Little Ariel souvenirs!

#ootd along one of the lanes. It's awesome having a SIL cause you get to take outfit pictures and neoprints haha

Lunch is at this place called スープカレー SHANTi. Its kinda like a Jap-Indian fusion place. There's a level 40 curry here which, obviously we didn't try cause sure go hospital. Tried a level 1 & 3 one which really was quite mild. 


Then we just walked along the area and explored the shops nearby.

I am very amused by Jap technology. 

And of course, Supermarios just wheezing down the street.

Went to the tourist info center @ Harajuku and got reservations for the owl cafe! About 1500yen per pax so that's a cover fee of SGD$20. Comes with a drink and a little souvenir plus ~35mins with the owls!

Every owl has a name and a birthdate. Bob is one of the largest and is 11 months old. He is 2kg and will grow up to 4!

If u see a mad sparkle in my eye, well, its cause I am wildly obsessed with owls. WILDLY. I am the crazy owl lady. 

Such a beauty.

Grinning ear to ear tryna think of a secret plan to owlnap these owls without getting caught. 

They look rather alike. 

I really want an owl but then I would have to find a vegetarian owl.

The Barn Owl is the husband's favourite. I love the silly face. 

Yes, you're still seeing picture of owls. 

They are much heavier than they look. 

Eternally grateful for my in-laws and my new family. They dote on me so much, it's crazy

Headed to the Meiji shrine after that and walked the 15 mins in and out. It was really quite tiring.

Along the way, there are these little historical facts and some souvenir shops as well~

This is the Meiji Jingu and by doing those actions (scooping the water to rinse hands and mouth), it shows that you are independent of religious beliefs and just showing a sign of respect

This is a wishing area. Im sorry about my weird captions. Idk what else to put in here. 

Here comes super old bonsai plants. 

I believe this is 200yo. 

They are really magnificent irl. 

Headed back to the hotel after that to rest before dinner. 

It gets pretty chilly at night still! 

Gonna be having blowfish for dinner. This was recommended by JY and I think its more of an experience rather than smth I actually enjoyed.

This is a very very different dinner. Appetizer was fish skin! First impression? I'm chewing salty rubber.

Then came the blowfish sashimi! This was also super rubbery. The sauce, lime and additional veg made it slightly better but it's really rubbery.

We also had fried blowfish and hotpot, which was the star of the show! The fried one was really good but then again, anything fried is always good. 

The boiled one made the fish super tender! I think I like cooked blowfish better than raw ones.

I didn't go overboard and buy nonsense like huge plush toys even tho I V NEARLY DID. And I didn't buy nonsensical pouches or whatnots lah. The only two nonsense I got was pretty much the tsumtsum and even when I hesitated getting the stacked keychain, the husband was like, "Buy. I BUY. You have been wanting them for forever."

Which I did but I hesitated cause idk what to do with it what! But ok lah, no regrets cause omg they are so damn cute. 

Got a notebook, some wall decals but gonna use them on my phone instead, and a mirror!!! Love the mirror the most omg.

Today was incredible! We combed the ENTIRE Harajuku, ate weird stuff, pet some owls and took neoprints, in no particular order.

Tmr is an early day and by early, I mean 3am cause we are heading to Tsukiji Fish Market. The husband has hyped about this for the past half a year so I'm SO DAMN HYPED UP. 

Okay, good night guys. I am running on 2 hours of sleep and I gotta be up in 3 hours.

Day 3, Tsukiji & Ginza

Woke up at 2am and headed to Tsukiji market. We were gonna queue at Sushi Dai! Apparently, how it goes is the Sushi place opens at 5am. There are limited seatings (approx ~10, if i recall correctly) and people start queuing as early as midnight, especially on popular tourist seasons. We thought we were gonna be early but lo and be hold, when we reached, there were about 6 teenage boys from HK and 2 Americans who were alr there. 

There was this shop that produced fresh coffee, from the scent of it. It was rather chilly in the early morning.

Since we were a pax of 5, we waited for the start of batch 2. So by the time we actually entered the restaurant, it was about 545am? We were legit starving by the time it got to us and my MIL and SIL were peering in, watching Batch 1 eat. 

The cup of green tea was really a perfect start to the chilly morning. 

I'm pretty sure heaven is like this. Filled to the brim with fresh sushi that melts in ur mouth. 

Fatty tuna, sea bass, hotate, alfonsino, sea urchin, mackerel, noduguro, salmon & oyster.

Looking at the hotate and uni is making me salivate all over again.

I watched the Jiro documentary and apparently, before you can even make this egg, you need to have 10 years of experience first. Say what. 

Our meal was ridiculously satisfying and made the 3 hours of queue all worth it. We left at around 620am and this was the queue outside. The queue was already cut off at that point which means even if you wanna join that snake of a queue, you can't. 

We were really full and decided to walk it off by going around the market. 

I thought these were really huge damages but turned out they are fave beans. 

I took a lot of random pictures as u can see

There were quite a few stalls selling fresh produce too and we saw a SGD$35 watermelon

Ooh fresh wasabi

So perry. My biggest regret is not buying a few of these! Pls buy them when you go. They are so pretty. 

Bye fish market!! In true Singaporean style, you've been SUPER DOOPER SHIOK!


We headed back to the hotel to get a couple more hours of sleep and woke up for lunch. Really is eat non-stop huh.

Heading for Satou Beef (ファミリーマート 銀座松竹スクエア店)~

Look at that Matsuzaka's marbling 

Starter was a carrot mousse topped with jelly and sea urchin. So unique. I definitely never tasted smth like this before.

The chef. The place feels really atas and formal but, what was I expecting really? 

We had 2 ladies' sets, 1 fillet, 1 Matsuzaka sirloin and 1 Matsuzaka fillet! Omg so so so good

Entire meal inclusive of rice and miso soup!

Everything was done to perfection.

Mirror #ootd and pls, even the toilet is alas. When I entered, the toilet cover lifted automatically to welcome me wtf 

After lunch, we decided to head to Akihibara.

Porn. Like, for real.

Apparently this game is highly popular in Japan and people spend hours and money here. It smell of cigarettes so bad. 

This area is really unlike any other places I've seen in my life. The signs and boards are all so flashy. 


We headed to a Maid Cafe! Just for the experience. 

Well firstly, they make you put on animal bands. Then you get served by girls dressed in maid costumes and speak in teeny squeaky voice. 

Then you get to take a group shot if you pay for it. We wanted a keepsake which is why we decided to go ahead with it hahaha But no, I wouldn't go back and do it again. 

Went to 35 Steps Bistro, following husband's ex-boss recommendation. It's called that cause there are 35 steps leading to the restaurant and it was really good! V different from typical Japanese cuisine. It was a very casual setting and people were even smoking inside cause it was a bbq place

Food was fusion and this is our on-the-spot creme brûlée. I didn't take any pictures at this point because we are really jet-lagged at this point and I was dying to sleep. 

My loot for the day. 


Bath time~

Stopped by Lush to look for other stuff and ended up getting this. Jet lag is KILLING ME so I'm hoping this will relax me a little and send me off to lala land tonight. Just one good night's rest cause I think my body is gonna give up alr


Omg I totally needed that soak. Plus the lavender scent is srsly shutting my eyelids. Has got to be one of my fave product from Lush! Okays, tomorrow is Day 4 so I'm heading straight to bed. NIGHT!

Day 4, Minamisenju


I just googled 'Good morning' in Japanese.

That Lush bomb was so amazing. I slept for 9 hours and am officially un-jetlag liao!!! 

Nth new on my face except the Dolly Wink mascara but I'm on the fence about it still. It's lengthening and all but cause idk how to read jap, I've no clue if it's waterproof. And it de-curled my right eye's lashes just now. Oddly, my left was fine. 

Ok I forgive the mascara for not holding one eye's curls cause look at 'em lashes man!

The one I got.

Headed to a small eating place right by our hotel! Shared some soba & katsudon for breakfast~

Going on an adventure today. Heading out for one of the best unagi apparently! It's located at Minami Senju which is slightly out of the city

So quiet here! So tricky to find. Must get out of station, turn left, find this street that runs next to the train tracks and walk straight. Use Hotel Fukusen as a landmark! 

The place closes in between lunch and dinner. It opens at 4pm and yes, we had a really late lunch but the place fills up quickly and sells out super quickly too so it made more sense to eat a late lunch than early dinner. 

It's really a quiet alleyway and you have to be careful not to veer off the wrong one since they all looked pretty similar. 

Sight that greeted us when the shutters open

No photos but i sneaked in a shot. Shh. Don't tell.

This place is really by recommendation! It's filled entirely with locals, except us. Luckily the menu is in both English and Chinese.

The place opens at 4pm - 7pm and the most sort after item is the eel. So go earlier (10-15mins is good) to queue. Rather out of the way but taking the train was super easy and only ~$5 per person.

DONT WASTE BACKGROUND. All my outfits for the past 3 days have been white and lace.

Oh and also cash only, as with a lot of other places in Japan.

Carp sashimi for starters! Don't like this. Funny taste and feels like rubber

Umaki! This is super good. The egg is really really excellent

Yakitori! Highly recommend! The chicken is cooked PERFECTLY. So tender and the charcoal taste is so perfect. I got no other vocab except 'perfect' apparently.

Truly the star of the show. I have never had better eel in my life. 

It isn't obvious here but I had like, 11 bites from mosquitoes.

Everyone was obviously exhausted from the past 2 days so we headed back to the hotel for a rest after our super yummy unagi.

We are heading out for a late dinner soon cause lunch was at 4pm.

Dinner at Jumbo Yakiniku!

There was a chart with explanations and breakdowns. 

I really didn't know who we were still putting food into our bodies. So so so full. 

but so so so perfect. 

This is the damn ex one omg. ~$24 a slice pls omg. It's the Chateaubriand cut and supposedly one of the best. The place also serves only A5 grade beef, which is the highest grade supposedly!

The color of the yolk is stunning. i have never seen such a rich color of egg in my life before.

Explored Shibuya a'lil with the husband and SIL.

There was a crazy amount of food stuff. This building alone was for steamboat/hotpot I think?

Also came across the supposedly sleazier area, I think?? Lotsa girls standing around and a lot of porn places.

The three of us were just looking and trying to peek. What a sight okay. We even went to a topless bar to inquire about price but only members allowed. Then we went to 7-11 and try to find magazines with sexy ladies in them. Okay, only my SIL and I did that. The husband was just following us all around haha

Day 5, Shibuya

Last day~

Going out in all full bare-faced glory. 有没有 younger?? I know my makeup makes me look older but it's okay. my love for makeup is real. I'm so lazy to apply makeup and then take it off before I board. So no makeup it is today then. Just brows and mascara. Oh and the Dior Addict Lip Glow that I'm falling back in love with. 

I just washed my face and applied RHO, that's why I look so shiny. And yah, I'm always this red

Took a quick trip down to the Imperial Palace cause there's a free tour available

There was like, this moat that surrounded the area and it has swans and fishes. Such a stark difference from the city suddenly

Admission is free and the tour is available Wednesday and Sunday, from 11am.

Tbh, I learnt nth. She was busy explaining in monotonous English about buildings and shit but the only thing we saw were stones and plants. Plus it didn't help that the weather was insanely hot. So I concluded the tour was useless.

The highlight of the tour were the hydrangeas cause they were in season! 

Okay, and that was the end of tour

The best tonkutsu place here!!! Called Zuicho. Pls visit this small little hole in the wall. It's literally a hole. It seats 8 people. Even smaller than Sushi Dai. But SO. WORTH. IT.

I'm never looking at Japanese food the same way again pls. The sauce on this is OMG IDK HOW TO DESCRIBE BUT I WANT IT IN MY MOUTH AGAIN.

Last second drugstore shopping.......

And last second sushi-eating

Bye hotel! Hope to stay with u again. 

We booked our flights back from Boston to Japan with Expedia and because of that, we got deals for the hotel! Managed to score rooms for ~200+ per night, which is super cheap for 5-star hotel! 

Also, since it's or first time and there's communication issues, obviously, we decided hotel over Air BnB. The concierge comes in super helpful!

The few restaurants we visited had to have reservations beforehand and the concierge did it all for us! We just wrote in an email and it was all done. Service is absolutely top-notch. 

When we arrived, they had an envelope all packed nicely with a welcome letter of all our reservations. Then individually packed were the reservations paper with the time and date on it. They went as far as to provide maps and details on how to get there 😱

Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼


Very very prepared to board and see my parents 👩🏻👨🏻!! 好想他们 😭

Makeup less, comfy clothes and ready to crash for 7 hours.

Japan has been incredibly incredibly awesome. I ate so much good food! V glad most of the itinerary worked out fine and the food places recommended were all so super shiok! Really really enjoyed myself with the husband and his family. 

Everyone in Japan is so polite but I just don't understand the pushing culture. That's just one thing I don't get. But overall, it's so fun and had such an amazing time. 

My in-laws are really the best 😭😭😭 and this holiday is so super awesome. Hope all my updates & recommendations were useful to u all! See u guys back in 🇸🇬!


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