Mini-moon in Bali!

Day 1

Taking off bright and early. We packed about 10kg worth of nonsense between the both of us!

I don't remember Bali much so I'm pretty psyched for it!

But before that, a meal at the lounge. Well, a meal for the husband. I just had coffee really. 

Bit sleep-deprived looking haha but we were really excited! We had a bunch of research done on food and we couldn't wait to get massages. 

Arranged for a driver to pick us up and we got to our villa - De Uma Lockha safe and sound! Welcomed with a really pretty gradient drink which btw, was da bomb. 

We had the small villa for 2-pax and it comes with a private pool. This was the sight that greeted us when we opened the door of the villa! The room has floor to ceiling glass panels so its super pretty.

A personal touch. The service there was excellent too, i feel.

We took a quick dip in our little pool before going for a massage. Totes living the life.

Outfit change to head out to the city area! I got this top from Taiwan and it's super pretty! I just wish it fits better.

My spankin' new husband.

This place only has a total of 15 villas so you get quite a bit of privacy and quiet!

We took a free shuttle to Seminyak Sq. but it was so commercialized! Got Polo RL, Ripcurl etc. so we decided to explore on our own haha


Road-crossing feels like a skill here and I feel ashamed when I see young kids riding a bike and I can't even play Daytona 😂

I must say, this is one serious logo. I love looking at shop decos. This is ingeniously creative

I fell in love with this but zomg, so expensive!

Isn't the detail amazing tho?

We walked down the streets of shops and just shopped around. I love love love the idea of going back there to pick out furnitures and art pieces cause they are all so nice!

There was also plenty of offerings on the front of the shops and houses. Had to consciously lookout for them so i don't step on it and offend anyone

We walked aimlessly just enjoying each other's company and the sunset and decided we needed another massage.

I love massages. I do.

It has been about 3 weeks so I decided to remove my old ROM nails and went with a fun vacation pink.

Ending the night off with a huge meal - Babi Guling and Nasi Campur somewhere near Seminyak Square. 

But the food not as shiok and it's quite tourist-targeted. It's ok. Today is a chill day. The hubs has prepared what we are gonna feast on tmr and I think they are gonna be spectacular! Will let u guys know the place if it's 👍🏼!

Day 2

Let's do a mini haul! 

The skull keychain I bought. Even on the keychain, every design is different and I had such a hard time choosing! 

Also picked up a seashell chopstick thing (what is this even called?) to bun up my hair! So cute, I love it. 

Very easy to throw on when I forget my rubber bands! And it's secure and not too tight it gives me a headache! I always use either chopsticks or pens. But this seashell one is so pretty!

I saw a few shops with these dreamcatchers in big, medium & small and I wanted to cry. It's so intricate and pretty, & different from the usual dreamcatchers with its crochet centre!!! I got a few as souvenirs.

And I'm a potato-chips girl. 

I love trying out different flavors in different counties. Bought all three of this and tried the salmon one. Omg so good. Taste like shaker fries but got hint of teriyaki smell?

I am very prone to bruises but I woke up today and got a shock! 

Wtf happened to me yesterday?! I only remembered banging myself ONCE on the airplane exiting my seat and it was only on my ankle. Lemme show you.

My ankle is so so sore and now, there are two more bruises on top of it. 


My legs looked like I've been abused badly and the boy rolled his eyes to the back of his head when I jokingly said that. 

"More like you abuse me lor. Everytime bite me" 

I'm pretty sure they are not from the massages cause there was no pain involved in them and not like anyone of them started whacking my shin or bones or wtv. I don't comprehend the bruises. Damn annoying and ugly.

Breakfast is complimentary but we didn't manage to finish. So damn full. Gonna go save my stomach for local food!

Today's #ootd! Hmm, I can't recall where I got this from. Was it Taiwan too?

The first place we headed out to with our half-day driver is this place called Ibu Oka. It's like Indon version of chap chai rice in Singapore. 

We chanced upon this place while watching NOC and then after more research, we decided it was a worth a visit! 

This is in Ubud so it was about an hour drive out from Seminyak.

The food is really pretty good ah. The menu is super simple.
We ordered the complete set for each of us but I guess if you come in a group, you can order rice and then whatever sides you prefer more!

Then we walked from the food place to Ubud market - which is like a 2 minutes' walk. Got weird sights along the day. 😂 Hen with her chicks.

The Babi Guling place is really near Ubud market - think handicraft/artisan market. 

There were plenty of beaded purses, dream catchers, woven placemats, paintings etc. Will show you all what we bought tmr when light is better! 

Then me with my two left feet, tripped over a curb and sprained my ankle. Didn't know how bad it was and it felt ok after a while, just a little sore so we decided to continue with our plans.

The sun was crazy tho. It felt so dry and burning. 

Also saw NOC talked about Good Karma massage and the hubs went to google it. It's also located at Ubud and its called the Sang Spa 2. Kuta has one called Sang Spa 3. 

Anyway, what's special about the massage is 2 masseuses working on you at the same time. It feels so weird when they are in synchrony, but it feels shiok at the same time. Also, before they start, they washed our feet for us but we were totally naked and they were washing our feet, chatting amongst themselves and chatting with us. SO WEIRD. TOO WEIRD FOR ME. hahahah

Just in case anyone is interested - this place is pretty secluded cause even the driver had difficulty finding it.

Another beautiful sunset whilst on the way back! 

Anyway, my ankle is really sprained so we had to abort Night Safari plans to come back to the villa. The entire ankle is bruised now. I'm adding new bruises to my existing ones 😂

Hope my ankle heals by tmr pls.

The hubs went to get me ice and this is me now. Wtf this is turning into a very injurious mini-moon.

Day 3

My favorite souvenir so far. We have been collecting magnets from diff countries and this is a new one!

Complimentary breakfast that came with such sweet carvings! It took me the whole breakfast too realize that it said LoveBird hahaha

Haha my sleepyhead. He slept on the far end of the bed last night cause he was afraid of touching my sprained ankle accidentally 😂😂😂

And today's #ootd ! 

Waiting in the lobby for the driver to pick us up. The boy has a whole day's activity planned out. As you can see, I just follow hahaha wtf.

First stop! 

Body Works is recommended by the boy's ex-boss. She said she did the scrub and she came out 2 shades fairer!

So we did the exfoliation massage (massage + scrub + mask) and also hair wash & dry!

Super calming vibe inside the place with a bar and all! Free lemon water which the hubs made use of. It's too hot here haha

For lunch, we visited the Hog Wild restaurant recommended by the ex-boss. It smells damn good from the outside and is only a $3 taxi ride from Body Works.

They do a splendid job telling you which animal you're gonna be eating HAHA

See what I mean?

They are well-known for their ribs! And research also recommended we try the tuna steak!

From L - R: $12 Pork ribs / $8 Tuna steak / $15 Beef ribs

The boy and I agreed that these are the best ribs we had in our entire lives. And that's saying a lot. 

The corn is superbly done and each bite has butter squirting out. The meat of the pork and beef ribs fall off the bone and they are so tender!! The tuna steak just melts away. Omg we finished everything. Damn full.

And we are still eating. Trying the Pisang Goreng for desert! I can safely say this is a MUST-TRY in Bali! 

Dinner place tonight at Menega Cafe. But before that, gonna enjoy some beach view!

Never sick of this view.

The restaurant we are gonna be eating at! Or rather, cafe lah. That's what they call it - Menega cafe. Apparently expensive but good BBQ seafood

Since its 'rainy' season, there really isn't a lot of tourists so the beach is so quiet and nice! 

Tbh, there isn't rain. Just a lot of sun. We walked along the beach and it was super low tide! Saw a lot of super cool markings on the beach

Idk if it can be seen but I think the markings were made by stones and shells when the tides were high! They were absolutely gorgeous!

There are rows and rows of seafood restaurants and the one we visited took reservations so we made them first! That got us pretty good views of the sun setting. 

This was around 4 plus pm where they are alr setting up the tables and all.

Didn't do much cause Jimbaran Bay isn't a shopping area. More like a chill-suntan area. Definitely a lot more tourists! We sat by the beach and also went to see Intercontinental hotel which was nearby.

Cause we forgot our selfie stick but still wanna selfie.....

Our reservation was at 615pm so we could catch the sunset! Look at the amount of tables and people at this time.

We ordered the set meal for 2 which consists of 1 lobster, 1 white snapper, clams, sotong, vegetables, rice & drinks.

It was priced at $65 which is still pretty pricy imho cause the food is really just so-so but what you're paying for is ⬇️

The sun setting took almost an hour and people were just eating, drinking & enjoying the view. Absolutely breathtaking.

There was live music going on and the sounds of the waves crashing was pretty amazing too!

My pig trotter 🐖🐖🐖

I am one of the most accident-prone person ever. When I sprained my ankle yesterday, the hubs went, "I'm quite amazed you survived to 25 years old & still have both your legs intact." 

Just now, in our private 1.4m pool, whilst standing without playing or swimming or attempting any stunts, I nearly drowned 😂😂😂

Ok I exaggerate. 

I think I slipped (idk how tho. I was just standing) and then the next thing I knew, I was underwater and choking. The hubs got a shock of his life. He was just standing in the pool, talking to me and then suddenly I disappeared underwater 😂😂😂

"How? Wtf happened? You were standing and then you nearly drowned?! How?!"

I also dk how 😂😂😂

Day 4

Last day already! Gonna go one last round of exploring Bali before catching our flight tonight!

Today's #ootd ! 

Slightly cooler weather today cause got breeze! It was just scorching heat for the past few days so this is a nice change! My hair is an utter mess tho hahaha

First stop today! 

The hubs is bringing me drink some ☕️☕️☕️ at Revolver Espresso! The villa's coffee has been pretty shit and I'm dying on a daily basis without my caffeine! 

This cafe is pretty secluded so you actually have to spot Bali Clinic along the left of the street and it's to the right alley!

We shared abit of food cause we gonna go big for lunch! Today is just mainly food.

The coffee is pretty awesome! I really enjoyed it! Super 'gao' (thick) and also super fragrant!

Lunch place at Made's Warung.

Super quiet even tho it's lunch time but it's suppose to be real good!

Omgoodness. So. Much. Food.

The Nasi Campur Bebek To-too is a must try!! 

'Bebek' means duck and I've never had such delicious duck in my life!! The meat slides off the bone omfg

Total damage: ~$40

Headed to Kuta beach area after~ There's so much more tourists in this area and the whole beach is littered with sellers with drinks, hair braiding services and surfing stuff. 

The Beachwalk area is basically looks a mini Ion - there was even Victoria's Secret, Guess etc.

We walked back to Legian street where there is more local shopping! Finished buying all my souvenirs! Yay!

But the sun gave me a throbbing headache tho. I think I'm dehydrated haha I drink so much water and I don't even need to pee here??

There were lots more handicraft stuff going on there on Legion street so I recommend shopping there instead of the beachwalk area. 

We got this magnet done with the date inscribed on! So pretty right!

We wanted to go to Biku for our last round of snacking but it was closed for annual staff event! So sad! 

So we settled for.....

Food at Potato Head! 

It's definitely more atas and more expensive. Paying for ambience. After awhile, we headed back to the resort to collect our luggages and then to the airport!

Lounging before boarding.

5 things I've learnt in Bali:

  1. Always only take Bluebird taxi - super worth it (starting price is $0.70) and goes by meter!
  2. Things in local markets can be bargained to almost USD$10 +/- $2 or lesser.
  3. The massage in ur villa/hotel is probably a rip-off. A lot of massages outside are cheaper and way more shiok. 
  4. Aircon is practically non-existent - in shops or anywhere. 
  5. Swim wear stores are a dime a dozen. I shouldn't even bother packing any swimwear cause every other store is selling them.

Our mini luggage failed so bad. The boy has to put all our laundry in his bag cause overbought on souvenirs 😂

Boarding soon! See you guys back in Singapore! 😁