Visiting Florida~

We are taking a short trip to Florida to visit the husband's family! 

Day 1

Ready for some sun and heat. 

We had to run for our connecting flight cause the rain had the first flight delayed but we made it. Whew.

And we are here!!! Yay! 

Julie, the husband's cousin is picking us up back to her place to meet her two dogs. I'm so excited.

Meet Sasha~ The little bullet running into everything and everyone

Oh my heart melts.

Julie had a pit made at her backyard so we had a bonfire!

These are suppose to give different colors to the flames. What sorcery is that.

Say hi to Marley!

She gets really annoyed when we pay attention to Marley and she would come running over and just knock Marley out of the way.

Roasting some marshmallows on twigs. 

and catching the pretty sunset. I love how its so warm here. I am so done with the snow in Boston, you guys. 

Late-night trip to Walmart!

My world is now complete.

Day 2

On our road trip to Gainesville now!! Julie made us both each a HUGE tumblr of Starbucks coffee and we were ready to go! 😁 It will be a 4-hr car ride in total.

I mean, come on. How do you not want to see more of her? We left them at home and my heart is already dying. ONLY ONE DAY?? Wtf pea.

Bathroom stop and grabbing a quick bite! Another ~2 hours to go.

At the orchard!!! There's apples, persimmons and chestnuts amongst others!

It is so beautiful here - 28 acres of land!

And now, meet Lucy!

Uncle Chuck is a mason and I really believes this is his happy place. He builds every single thing! Right now, he is working on building chicken coops so they can get eggs to be used in the bakery! 

Aunt Jenny converted the barn to an entire bakery. She makes all her pastries there and even makes her own honey, pad Thai sauce, kimchi etc. it's crazy.

Ripening organic blueberries!

Uncle Chuck is really enjoying the husband's company. I am loving Lucy's one.

Now meet Batman! 

Also went for a Mason dinner. Uncle Chuck is a free mason and he is also a Shriner. I had to go google these terms to understand whatever was happening. Basically, the are builders who help out the community. Oh goodness, I hope I am not misinterpreting this HAHAHA Pls don't quote me on this. 

I was completely besotted with Lucy in 1 day. ONE. 

She was really terrified of the husband initially and she came to Julie and I more. But she was really Uncle Chuck's BFF tho. She warmed up to the husband in a bit once she realized he pets her non-stop

What a beautiful night on the farm. Couldn't take pictures of the amazing stars tho

She is so trusting, it makes my heart ache. She just completely rest her body on us and nua-ed on us like that and waited for us to pet her. 

Such a beauty.

Day 3

Pretty sure that was a shooting star even tho the husband insisted its not. Look at this blue blue sky. I love it. Gonna miss the warmth. 

Aunt Jenny made us this huge pot of curry to take home omfg. Entire pot made from scratch.

And here she is, wrapping up a chunk of frozen roast pork for us. It's a mother's thing, I tell you

And Lucy seemed to know we were leaving. She HUGGED the husband and refused to let go. I nearly cry when we had to go. Ok, I cried. 

Made it for breakfast!

A random insertion of my face.

Had to try some southern food so Chicken and Waffles it is!

Random insertion of lizard.

'Marley! C'mere.'

And you see Sasha pushing Marley out of the way to come to you.

Dinner for that night. Doesn't it look sumptuous.

This. This is how Sasha sleeps. OMG WHY IS THIS SO CUTE

Ended the day with another colorful bonfire

Day 4

Today's #ootd is peasant top

We are heading to COSTCO today. It has been one of the nonsense in my bucket list to visit Costco in my life, at least once in my life. Maybe I will vlog there, just because. 

We are gonna die of a heart attack and I don't even care.


Truly the land of massive bulk buy. It's INSANE. They have kayaks, tvs and then raw chicken. Basically, an entire house can be furnitured in there. It's insane.

Because Costco requires membership, we decided to beat the system by getting a gift card. Then we can go back to the Boston one and go there to get stuff!

Such a pretty day today. i love how its so warm and not the slightest bit humid.

Grilling dinner outdoors for the night.

This is a lighting split fork tree and it's supposed to be good luck in the south!

I can stare at this face all day long.


Cant believe 4 days in Florida flew by like this! It was a nice few days of quiet and living in the suburbs! Grateful to the hub's family for accommodating us. Gonna miss the doggies the most.

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