Vietnam Visuals + new eating spots in HCMC

I alr did a Ho Chi Minh recommendation for a short visit here before and instead of sharing the (almost) same itinerary again, I thought I’d share some Vietnam visuals this time round! Includes just a few new food places we visited as well~


A trip to Ho Chi Minh is not complete without a visit to Highlands Coffee, I feel. I love this tiled mosaic wall and the vibrant colors. I love the iced milk coffee more.


Christmas deco was also out in full force everywhere. It was pretty impressive.


Visited this restaurant called Secret Garden and we had to climb almost 6 stories to get to eat our lunch wtf. Burn calories before inputting some more.


Food was pretty awesome tho?? I suggest going early for lunch cause by the time we were done, there were a ton of people waiting and it was only early lunch time! 

I also learnt that garden eggs (that small white ball-thingys) are a form of eggplants. I really don’t like eggplants but these were kinda nice! The way they made it perhaps? They were crunchy and taste slightly pickly. The texture inside is...too odd for me to put into words but hey, I like it lol.


Flo sent me this screenshot of this pork chop rice place that apparently will make me cry AND OMG I CRIED.

I have a bad habit of not finishing my food usually but this time round, I wallop mine AND finished the husband’s one.


The place is called Com Tam Nguyen Van Cu and the exact add is 74 Nguyen Van Cu P. Nguyen Trinh Quan 1. TP HCM

They only open from 6am to 8pm and we scrapped our original plan to visit it for dinner and went for a brunch at 10am instead. There were alr a ton of people on there and we waited a good 15 mins for it? But SO. WORTH. IT. 

The pork melts in your mouth and the sweet sauce with the charred bits were utter bliss. I ordered the pork chop rice so it came without any frills. 

The hubs ordered some sides like a fried egg, pork pie, shredded pork and sausage. I didn’t find any of them super wow except the sausage. That was some amazing sausage. 


I was determined to find my red cloth beaded shoes for the wedding and I know the market has them cause I saw them the last time. I hemmed and hawed till we went back just cause I thought I would be able to get them in SG but NOPE. So happy to see them in the same way I pretty much envisioned them to be. My mother and cousin got me to buy for them too, after I showed them the pic of the one I bought.


I liked it so much, I got another pair in grey/silver. I want one color each, pls!


Ben Thah market has a huge increase in baskets this time round and I turned into a basket case. Geddit geddit? LOL


But I found this lil shop tucked away in an alley and the lady made these baskets even more special with customized, hand-sewn details. I really would love to bring these back to SG. They are honestly so different than the ones sold in the market!


How to not swoon? The trims were even customizable! The lady boss was just sitting there sewing the trimmings on whilst I went abit mental in there. My SIL screamed alil when she saw this. She alr chopped her piece if i go back and pick up more lol


Basket no. 10 with wooden handles and poms! They weren’t glued on so they are definitely better in quality. There’s also a zip included for each bag which makes it a lot safer for belongings.


I’m going gaga over all the small details. The handles were quite well made and very comfy. I can sling it through my arm without it being too confined so it’s just nice for me. 

Thinking of setting up a site to see how these will fare! I packed some back for close friends but I know a lot of people really want them


Carried my new cutie patootie basket. So love. Idk how I’m gonna go back and pack them leh fml not funny. I have a legit basket corner. Can start up shop in market liao. 

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