Turkey - Boston - New York - Turkey Travelogue!

Hiyaaaaaaaaa!!! Lol I typed this out and realized it sounded like a karate move HAHAHAH omg I’m so jet-lagged.

Currently 650am and I already carted out stuff from Zalora. What’s wrong with u, Pea. I haven’t even put away all the shopping from US. 

It’s SO GOOD TO BE HOME. Omg I was doing some sorta tap dance in my head the second we came home. Me so happy rn. I’m lying in bed, unwilling to get up even tho I’ve been up for the past 2 hours. It’s just so shiok. 

I have 20kg of laundry to do and I did 1/3 last night. I have 1/3 spinning in the machine now, and then there’s just the leftover thicker wear to wash and I am done! 

So I thought I would post up and finish the Turkey-Boston-NYC/Brooklyn Travelogue + HAUL since I’m obviously wide awake at this point. Got clothes, makeup and skincare + random home stuff

How’s everybaaaaady doing??? I hope the 11.11 sales made everyone happy.


Took off from SG and landed in Istanbul 10 hours later for a 9-hour layover. That was a mouthful haha

I did a little research beforehand and plan a short itinerary so I was really excited to visit the place. The husband and I are awesome long-flight-fliers. We slept the whole way as expected even tho the plane was really full.


It was WAAAAAY colder than I expected even tho it states 14°C wtf I was freezing my ass off the whole time even with a scarf/poncho and a leather jacket. 

But we actually managed to catch the sunrise and it was beautiful 😍


We took a cab ride after enquiring about the airport taxi service and checking Uber app. It’s WAY more worth it to just hop into a metered cab there. 

BUT, some actually will take u the longer way cause meter mah, so we used google maps to indicate the route we wanna take just so we don’t get ketok haha 

Took a 30-min ride into the city and we went for breakfast. This place is a freaking hidden gem lah imo. My google search for ‘breakfast spots in Istanbul’ didn’t bring this up but it actually popped up on some traveler’s blog. Turns out it’s a pretty popular spot amongst locals so it’s gotta be good right. 4.6 on Google reviews leh!


📍Çakmak Kahvalti Salonu

I read many many posts on breakfast and I feel like it’s a very serious thing taken there lol. We just went straight for the order of Full menu for 2 LOL cause why not? I also read that the MUST-TRY there is the Honey Cream and this whole time, I was wondering wtf is ‘honey cream’??? Like, I like honey. I like cream. It sounds damn awesome?


They served everything with a basket of bread and it’s amaaaaaazing oh my goodness. ITS SO GOOD. The husband wouldn’t stop raving about it. There’s plenty of cheese everything and we absolutely enjoyed it. 

Honey Cream turned out to be a block of cream-butter drizzled in honey and it’s DAMN OMG GOOD I LOVE IT. I had SO MUCH BREAD with it that I was dead-full after that. So. Worth. It. So good so so so so good. 

The menemen is amazeballs too. I’m sorry I’m so bad with describing food. ITS JUST GOOD 🤗


We then walked around the area cause it was so super early and pretty empty so v nice to walk. 

The roads were kinda bumpy and slope-y tho so glad that I wore regular shoes that were easy to walk. 

Oh and there isn’t any Asians there and everyone kept looking at us funny??? It’s so weird??? I felt like some zoo monkey running about in public or smth.


Almost every corner was picturesque and pretty to look at. Plus the cold weather means it wasn’t v tiring to just walk yknow.


We passed by a market out of nowhere and apparently this is how they sell fish hahaha wtf damn fresh yah.


We headed to the Grand Bazaar and this guy somehow led us to his carpet showroom. We are easily-swayed people HAHAHAHA

He started taking out a ton of carpets to show us even tho we made it clear we were not gonna buy any?? So A for effort and service.


Also tried to sell us this USD$10K entirely-made-out-of-silk carpet hanging on the wall. If I ever buy this, I also hang on the wall lah. No one is stepping on a $10K carpet yah wtf. Although I must adjust, it was extremely luxurious and soft to the touch. I await the day I can buy a 10k carpet for my feet hahahahaha


The Grand Bazaar apparently has many many exits and once u enter, every turn kinda looks the same after a while cause they all sell the same stuff. 

Bargaining is also a must in there and you are supposed to lah?? They will just ‘chop’ you once they see you’re a tourist. Still, I felt pretty ripped off HAHA I’m pretty sure all the prices we paid were premium. Most can speak basic English so it wasn’t much of an issue in there. 

Show y’all what I got later okie.


There’s many of these shops that sell local candies and snack...


And some local cake-like thingies. Idk what they are called but the chocolates are DAMN NICE. Most of the shops seemed pretty generous with sampling so do try!


It looks VERY odd but don’t judge a book by its cover. We got some to bring up as gifts for aunt Janice in Boston and she finished them in a week.

We got a box this time for our second layover coming back and FJ has declared them the best chocolates lol. It’s Damn Nice. Just get a mix of everything - no regrets.


Idk why I don’t have more pics (maybe cause I was busy shopping hahaha) but there were GORGEOUS lanterns/lamps and ceramics. 

I got a medium one (I think???) for a bedside lamp and several bowls hehe


Managed to try some freshly squeezed pomegranate juice and it’s super refreshing. I like! All the antioxidants don’t hurt either.


📍 Şehzade Erzurum Cağ Kebabi

Can’t leave Istanbul without trying kebabs right. 

Headed to this place just 15 mins away by foot from the Bazaar. They just do kababs and it’s sooo tender. A one-person portion has 2 sticks plus the wrap so it’s plentiful. We had 3 sticks between the both of us coupled with some sides and we were pretty satisfied.


We saw so many stray dogs there and zomg they were gigantic! What they eat sia??? Leftover kebabs??? So cute lah. I didn’t dare touch them just cause they are strays and idk if they bite but tbh, they all seemed pretty chill. Just lying around and getting some sun in the cold haha


Arrived in Logan airport after another 11-hour flight which we slept thru again (we can REALLY sleep). 

I was so super jet-lagged that I spend the wee hours of the morning replying emails.


See my dark circles. Slept only 4 hours, I think? 

I didn’t bring much makeup this trip so I am basically using the same shit everyday. I did bring 7 lipsticks tho hahaha so I’m gonna do just one #fotd and update on my lipsticks lol. 

Primer: P:rem Sun Fluid SPF50
Foundation: SWS Perfecting Cushion
Concealer: Bourjois Radiance Reveal (01)
Contour: NYX Blush (Taupe)
Highlight: VelyVely 3D Highlighter + Tarte Highlighter (Exposed)
Blush: Tarte (Bir

Brows: NYX Microbrow Pencil + Bourjois:

Lipstick: Laneige Matte Two Toned Lip Bar (02)


And #ootd! I brought rather pretty clothes imo for this trip so I promised myself to take pics. 

Top: Bugis St
Bottom: Bugis St
Jacket: Topshop
Shoes: Converse
Bag: Vintage Chanel

I must say I’m very happy with this outfit cause my top and bottom are treasure-finds from Bugis st and TEN DOLLARS EACH. I luvvvvv. 


Check it out from my view. The skirt is a tad too big but nothing a belt won’t fix. It’s one of those where everything fits but it’s too loose at the waist area.


We did a masssssasive shopping session in Target and Marshall’s. Spent like 4 hours in both places combined haha

Target’s home section will forever be my love 😍


Had to factor in luggage space so I couldn’t buy everything and anything but I HAD TO stock up on essentials. My favouritest cleanser in this world, RT sponges which I favor a lot more than the BB, my lavender hair oil as well and just other bits and pieces. I also cannot believe I found a giant bottle of lavender lotion. GIANT. Lol. I love the US and their mega sizing.


Look at our cart HAHAHAH it was overflowing man wtf. Damn ridiculous.


I saw this in Marshalls but poll on IG went with No Pea, are you cray so I didn’t give in to my weird fashion temptation. Lol. Still love it tho.


I took 2 hours to decide on this and I put it back eventually. Still can’t decide if I made a good choice. Only like, 30$ I think?? But I’m not really a bagpack person, even when I’m traveling


📍Tasty Burger

Our first stop for greasy fried American food! No way was I leaving without my favourite onion rings. I miss these sooo much.


Weather was also too nice when we arrived. Totally air con temperature so we took strolls in little parks and gardens to get to where we wanted instead of taking the T or ubering. Helps that we know the area like the back of our palms, I guess. 

It was pretty surreal seeing the surroundings and just being back. I know that Boston will always be special and be my second home, and being able to just be there one more time is extra extra nice.


Day 2! Fought my massive need to sleep the day before so I conked out like a pig that night. Slept for a full 8 hours and woke up so refreshed. 

I skipped the SWS foundation cause it made me SO OILY leh! And oily in Boston’s weather is just whoa. Plus with the P:rem sun fluid I am using, I don’t even get oily really so it’s the foundation. I don’t like it and it’s the only one I brought. Smart huh. 

Went back to using the Colourpop No Filter Concealer as a base instead and it was awesome.


I legit could feel my eyelashes in the wind LOL 

Brought along the 3CE x Lilymaymac collab lipstick in Holy Rose along and I love it. Still do. One of the loveliest warm rose shade ever.


These pics are alr up on IG hahaha and I think my captions quite witty lol. I entertain myself easily. 

There were so many leftover pumpkins and fall leaves so I gotta have a shot with them. I also didn’t want a stand-up pic cause I picked the wrong shoes for this dress and I looked mighty short. 

Love this embroidery dress from Zalora! Coincidentally, my leather jacket and booties are from Topshop. I remember these booties being SO popular at one point. 

But I need to pair them properly cause otherwise I really look damn chunky.


I totally miss the chance to wear all these nonsense in the US. No one judges you cause everyone wears like that?? But confirm kena judge in SG. 

The day was so beautiful we walked SO MUCH. Went from BU to Newbury, through the Commons to Downtown. I think we are crazy. I was exhausted by the end of it.


But I really miss this sight. All the doggies and ducks in the park plus people just chilling.


Went to Primark (duh) and went really crazy in the pjs section. REALLY CRAZY. I managed to get some really comfy pjs lol. Home slippers for $4.50 and with memory foam??? Omg yaz okay. I saw Cotton On Body selling them for a gazillion bucks leh pls wtf. And the Miniso ones aren’t comfy much. They were also selling a lot of winter stuff so it doesn’t make sense for me to buy them (thankfully). 

It’s really ridic. This trip, I bought makeup and pjs HAHA I guess they are my two fave activities lol


But omg look at these little coats for the babiiiieeesssss. I nearly bought a pair of sequined watermelon booties cause $5.90 but husband convinced me otherwise. LOL


Took off early next morning to Florida to visit the husband’s aunt and uncle! They can’t make it to the wedding so we decided to do a stopover haha


The aunt was doing an event in UF so we went to the Butterfly Rainforest! So random right lol


The orchard is as beautiful as I recall it and I’m so happy we are staying here a few more days compared to the last time. Never get to experience something like this ever. 

These are rows and rows of chestnut trees!


Had such a gooooood sleep. I went makeup-free the whole time in Florida cause erm, acres of farm land and chickens ain’t gonna appreciate my makeup LOL


Heard LA Girl made it into CVS and I was so pleased to see such a well-stacked shelf! Managed to establish some sort of self control so dsmage wasn’t all that bad.


Visited Lucy who is now staying somewhere else and she is soooo much fatter lol. Doesn’t remember us anymore so I’m sad.

And then we visited some pigs LOL damn random really but I’m loving this life leh. Got pigs, dogs, cats, horses, cows to play with, got fresh eggs to collect from hens (husband legit ate a warm egg immediately after the hen laid it), got millions of stars to gaze at night, got so many FAST FOOD (I’m such a freak)....I’m made for the farm life. Just play with make up and wear pjs on the farm all day. 

But I really miss Paris tho omg I wanna die liao


Visited Lucy who is now staying somewhere else and she is soooo much fatter lol. Doesn’t remember us anymore so I’m sad.


Woke up to a nice chilly foggy morning and look at all the dew collected on the spider web!!!! It’s like strings of pearls and it’s BEAUTIFUL. I was so amazed by it. Maybe I suaku or never wake up early enough to observer such stuff in SG but I found it super fascinating and pretty lol


Here’s my hobo-looking husband cause he forgot his shaver and couldn’t shave for 2 days HAHA and super cute uncle chuck. The amount of stories he kept telling us is really so fascinating to listen to and it’s so sad they can’t come up for the wedding lah. Would love for them to meet my parents. I told the husband he is legit my second fave old man, my grandad being the first lol


And then it’s back to Boston! We managed to get such a good seat and I was sad that it was only a 45mins-ride to our transit hahaha legit business-class space sia!


Boston’s weather just plummeted so quickly when we returned. Like all of a sudden it was below 5°C wtf


Went to Watertown’s Target cause it was bigger than any City Target and I got as many as I could. Lucky I never geykiang and try to get more cause our 3 luggages were packed to the brim. The husband and the uncle was kind enough to take time out to drive me around and get them 😭 If not, I could only get what’s available in drugstores.


I was NOT appropriately dressed for the weather hahaha you can’t tell but I was freezing my bloody ass off. It was about 3°C that day without adding wind chill


Went home to home cooked meal! Aunty Janice had her helper make quite awesome Chinese food which was really nice in the cold weather


The next day! Again, not dressed for it lol

We were going to catch a Celtics game so I wore my green earrings seeing as how I didn’t bring any other green items to wear.


#ootd ! I love these high-waisted pants-leggings I got from H&M! Last XS and they were alil long but can cuff at the ends lah so it was okay. 

Jacket: Flo’s HAHA
Top: Bugis Street
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Converse
Bag: Vintage Chanel

Omg I’m so sorry lol I was so jetlagged, I was knocked out cold by 830pm. The husband couldn’t even wake me up. Now let me continue 😅


Walked by Marshall’s and saw these Steven Weitzman booties for $25. They were majorly uncomfortable tho. I couldn’t walk 2 mins in them cause they pinch and arch so bad.


Feeling my look lol. I swear leh. The Colourpop Concealer is just the best thing ever.


📍Trattoria Il Panino

Back at our fave Italian restaurant for lunch cause we didn’t get to go before we left Boston the last time. If u visit this lil place, pls ask for their mushroom risotto. It’s not on the menu but the chef will do it for u. It’s freaking amazeballs.


📍Mike’s Pastry

Headed around to Mike’s pastry for some canoli and my lashes look pretty bomb lolz

I get minor anxiety when they drop off cause I can see them upclose and it looks v gap-y when a bunch drops away but actually, if u see from far, they are still doing v well!


Then went to TD Garden to catch the Celtics vs Lakers and we wooooon!!! I honestly prefer baseball to basketball even tho the latter is easier to understand. The Red Sox game/crowd is more heartwarming and unified?? Everyone’s there to cheer the team and have a good time, basically being a good sport. 

The basketball crowd was alil too....rude, imo. Just very mean and not as nice.


Lol at this pic hahaha

We caught the 6am megabus to NYC! Had to collect some stuff there so we took an overnight trip. When we arrived, the sun was just shining down on our faces and the traffic was so bad, I was nauseous at the end of it. We also had to miss breakfast cause our bus left really on time HAHA wtf right. Normally it doesn’t and we can get Macs from the bus station.



Popped into a random cafe in the West Village for some brunch cause we were just ravenous. I believe it’s a French-fusion place?? The menu was simple and basic but everything was goooood. Place was alil crampy and it was pretty packed for a weekday brunch!  

Look at dat delicious waffle. It was so crispy and buttery; and the fruits were just mighty fresh. Powder sugar always help with anything.


📍Five Guys

But that petite portion meant that my husband wasn’t full so we went around the corner to Five Guys hahaha fuck lah eat nonstop really.


And we went to find the Friends building!!! Omg I am so in awe. I’m a huge Friends buff - I think I’ve watched every episode at least 7x hahaha


The west village is preeeeettty. It’s quieter and more quaint than the city, for sure.


Oh NY, I miss u soooo much 😍


It’s all pink. I had to take a picture lol


I couldn’t stop smiling haha cause I freaking love New York. 

And not like you guys can see it clearly anyways but

Top: Zara
Jeans: Target
Shoes: Converse

Had to wear comfy shoes cause NY meant tons of walking. I hate being in a car there cause confirm stuck in traffic.



I can eat chipotle everyday. Every. Day. The ones in SG are damn not like the real thing, but make do lah. Why isn’t chipotle in SG. WHY.


And we passed by Ricky’s NYC (IG: rickys_nyc) I’ve always wanted to visit this shop but never found the time and we passed by it accidentally this trip! 

It has walls and walls of beauty and hair products. Goodness me. If I were still living in NYC, I would be so broke in this shop all the time.


Stayed in The Row where we got upgraded to a 21st deluxe room YIPEE and we had a gorgeous view of the city.


I was having a fantastic hair and makeup day. 

Wearing all the same thing except I have Laneige Matte Two Toned Lip Bar in No. 2 here. GORGEOUS SHADE.


Took the train down to Brooklyn and the first shop I chanced upon!! It wasn’t open but I was quite in awe I am standing in front of the shop. This place has the daintiest and prettiest jewelry!


I also did some Brooklyn research so we headed for brunch immediately! My handsome date hehe



No regrets. This place is SO GOOD. We had the Croque Madame, the salmon omelette and lentil soup. Serving was American-sized for sure and we were stuffed at the end of it. Finished everything tho hahaha it was that good.


I saw this girl that was practically the epitome of Brooklyn so I took a picture of her #stalkermuch

She was beautiful and her fashion sense was utterly thrift store but SO COOL haha love it. She is so freaking cool.


We went walking all around Brooklyn and stopped at random coffee place. 

This particular one had really high ratings and the owners were Turkish, I think?? She was pretty high HAHAHA and forgot to collect payment. When we paid, she was like, ‘ohhh thank you for paying.’ Hahahaha lol whut even. 

We also didn’t have enough small change (only $100 bill) and they take card for $10 and up. And she just told us to give her whatever we have?? 😭 #sonice


Brooklyn have plenty of stores of its own kind. It feels so unique and just....individual. I major love it.


Isn’t it all so pretty?? All also damn expensive too yah


I was just randomly putting clothes together at this time cause I ran out of warm clothes and I had to borrow this Jordon down from the husband’s nephew HAHAHAHAHAHA fml I was in 4 layers of clothes and still shivering.


We walked to the park to see the view of NYC and isn’t it just stunning 😍 I wanna go back there during the summer and have a picnic right at this spot. So postcard-perfect.


Omg don’t u die. I took so many pictures of the shops. There’s no major chain stores like Starbucks etc. and it was pretty refreshing.



We went to Brooklyn partly cause Ichiran opened an outlet there! I couldn’t really rmbr the time we tried it in Japan cause I was MEGA jetlagged after a straight 28hour flight. 

This time round, I finished the ENTIRE bowl. I can’t compare haha but it was pretty damn good.


Took the night bus and reached Boston at 2am. But it was our last day in the US and our anniversary so we headed out for a nice anni lunch. 

The hubs reserved seats at the restaurant on the top of the Prudential building lol but I kinda spoiled it by declaring I wanted Cheesecake Factory. So he had to last min call the florist to send the surprise bouquet to CF instead hahahahaha which wasn’t that funny until I opened the card that had his message - you make me feel on top of the world. 

Hahaha geddit? Top of Prudential Tower = top of the world lol and Cheesecake Factory is at B1 LOLOLOL


We were so full that we had to get the cheesecake in a takeaway box. Walked around the Pru for awhile and then we just sat at a corner eating haha wtf we are damn jokers. People were just staring at the two of us eat cheesecake

After that, it was a whirl of packing, cleaning up, doing a quick dinner and rushing to the airport. 10 hours ride again to the Turkey!


We decided to take a ferry back (instead of taking the cab) to the main city area since the food place was across the water. It was only about 20mins and cost 10 Lira per person so only ~$2??? Dafug. So cheap. 

And get to see the view leh! Very worth it and very beautiful esp at the top deck!


Once u get off the boat, you see these stalls selling fish sandwich lol. It’s exactly like dinner just in between bread. They also had this cup of pickles + pickled juice?? Honestly damn weird??? Idk how u finish a cup of pickles???



Then we walked around and explored the night life which wasn’t a lot tbh haha just some souvenir stores opened late. 

Then we walked by Hagia Sophia which was majestic and soooo gorgeous. Right opposite it is this castle lookalike which I’ve no idea what it’s called haha

There were all these seagulls just circling above it and it looked so magical. Never thought I’d be able to see such a sight ever! 

Okay, and then we rushed back to the airport hahahaha such an abrupt ending but omg I’m finally done!!! Wtf this is SUCH A LONG POST. My fingers are so tired. It’s too much to scroll so I’m just going to haul on the next post k. It’s not a lot anyways. Hehe thanks for reading, if u made it here! 😘❤️