Makeup to buy in US Drugstores.

Hello! I thought I'd be a kind person and consolidate both of my US Drugstore posts into 1 here.

I'll try to list down where they can be found cause like SG, not all Drugstores carry the same things or as many brands. 

The prices labeled are without tax btw! Different states, different taxes so take note of that. I took some pics on my own and some were oos so I will use google images to replace those. Wtv I took are of current date so the prices stated are accurate till date.


Milani Eye Tech Extreme Eyeliner

This is a dupe for Stila Longlasting Eyeliner and I luvvvvvvv it. It's such a good deal! Quality good. Price good. Can't complain. I especially love the tip of of this brush!

Very underrated products but if you're magpie like me and in general like shiny stuff, these are great stuff. And PF palettes are really nubbad and their formulas are quite awesome. They have many many different ones and a lot are dupes for the UD Naked range.

Milani Everyday Eyes

These are really easy travel-sized friendly palettes with colors matched and ready to go. There's both matte and shimmer highlight shades (pls even the Kylie Royal Peach Palette is missing that) in the palette complete with a dark shade. 

Don't the blue one looks so suitable for SQ girls!

I don't think these are all they have but here's a google pic anyway. 

I'm gonna group these as blushes so I won't be too long-winded k. Milani baked blushes are really of superb quality and I love Luminoso and Dolce. The Rose blushes are just simply MUST-BUY lah! I mean, it's just amazing to look at okay. But my fave shade for that is Tea Rose! 

My Walgreens shelf stock also look damn sad and empty but they just ran a promotion so a lot of stuff are OOS. The shelves don't normally look liddis, just saying hahaha

The matte and metallic liquid lipsticks! So many youtubers have reviewed this so I'm not gonna delve into it. But the metallics are worth trying and they are less than $10. If metallic is not for you, their mattes are pretty awesome too. I can't find mine to swatch but I'll update here when I do okay. I think these are 7.99!

I'm only referring to the Milani Setting Spray here and I haven't tried it myself personally but I've seen Kathleenlights raved about it so much and I trust her fully. I'll get around to trying it okay but just saying, it's really running low everywhere. I was in a rush and didn't wanna queue to pay so I didn't get that last bottle.

Milani Cosmetics can be found in CVS/Walgreens/Duane Reade (I don't think RiteAid carries. Not 100% sure. Sorry!)

Wet n Wild

Another good buy. This is cheap and good! This is so lovely to use to make my highlighter pop. I use it to wet my highlighter brush and it gives me the glow of life. It also holds my makeup super well, throughout the day. Which is the whole point of the spray. 

And it's under USD$5.

The brushes range from 99cents to $2.99. I own several of them and therefore, I can safely tell u it's super soft and works amazing and look at dat color. It's 99 cents, dude. And cause this is America, u still get a penny back wtf.

Sorry this is so badly taken but look at that display wall blocking. It's built in, I think? Who thought of this??

Anyway, I just wanted to say that the shadows are worth getting for $3.29. It's like, $1 a shade. If you're just getting into shadows, u wanna play around with smth affordable yet not too shabby quality, these are really great.

I highly recommend the Liquid Catsuits as well. These are super comfy, even cheaper than the Milani ones and have a pretty good range of shades too. Except these are still in the hype so a lot of them are still OOS in stores.

If u have to choose, Rebel Rose and Give Me Mocha are my must-have out of the entire range. I LOVE Give Me Mocha. It's super super pretty.

This WnW ColorIcon is called a bronzer but this shade - Reserve Your Cabana is NOT a bronzer. In what universe is pale-af a bronze color, I will never know. 

But this is an amazing amazing amazing setting powder and I can't stop using it. Like, I physically can't. It's crack. I'm addicted to this. 

It's a serious cheap dupe for the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder and u can see how it performs here. 

If u haven't got this highlighter palette in ur life, why haven't u???? It's less than $5, it's huge af, it's so soft and buttery, it has 4 diff shades, I can really go on.

One of my favourite pan to date. Every time I use it, I feel happy. I think the highlighting scene has changed a lot and despite the love for the crazy glow aka Nicole Guerriero's palette, I also still very much love the natural, lit-from-within glow on normal days. 

Imma show u a quick comparison:

I picked 3 different ends of palettes to show y'all. See how less metallic/wet the WnW one is? It applies way prettier on the cheeks and give this glow without all the fuss.

For the in-between girls who truly hate the in-your-face glow but still wanna glow, this is it.

Wet n Wild can be found in Walgreens, RiteAid and Target. CVS don't carry them~




SG carries 2 shades of the concealer line but I'm actually referring to the peach-corrector shade in Brightening! I use it under my foundation; especially on my dark circles and u can see the difference in this post > #Pea2016Day135 (I did a brief comparison) 

I also use it on any points I want to boost my highlight so laugh lines, nose bridge, center of forehead, chin and cheekbones. 

I have been religiously using this if I put on makeup.

One of my HG concealer!

Not only drugstore-whore but also concealer-whore. I own about 827373 concealers; from drugstore to highend and this is my ride-or-die. I love it. It's pigmented but not heavy, not drying and doesn't cake. When I pair this with the Etude House brush, my undereye circles all die and go to heaven.

I own shade 10 for undereyes and shade 20 for regular concealing for blemishes.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

This is also another pretty good concealer and has been compared to the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. I own the Nars one and tbh, the Nars one is pretty drying (compared to this) imo. 

This might not be as high-coverage but it feels super nice on the skin. I emptied out one of this (and I really don't empty out products v often) before moving to the concealer mentioned above. 

For both these concealers, I've also heard great things about the pairing foundations! I haven't personally tried it before but anyone who has tried 'em and like'em, can help comment below on ur experience!

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

This is such a cutie. The brush is super tiny and I love using this on my lower lashes! U know sometimes mascara brushes are just too big and u end up smudging mascara all over 🙄 NO TIME FOR THAT. 

This brush is small enough yet gives great lashes still!

I'm a huge fan of the Color Tattoo range. I don't think these are in SG yet so if you're in US drugstores, check these out. 

I like using the crayons as a base and these don't budge once they set. The liquid chrome ones are just as stubborn but oh, they are sooooo pretty. I would normally use the crayons as a base for my powder shadow to cling on to but the liquids are a good standalone. 

Maybelline can be found in almost all drugstores but the range each one carries tend to vary! So try bigger ones if u want better luck haha

NYX Cosmetics


I know these are available in SG with the two stores that opened up but hello, have u seen the prices on those??? 

I think the Lip Lingerie cost like $20SGD (correct me if I'm wrong pls). Even with the crazy exchange rate now, buying them here still won't cost you like, $20 pls. I think it's USD$6.49 in CVS if I recall correctly. Not very sure.

I own a few of these cause they are really VERY gorgeous nudes and muted, earthy tones. The formula is really comfy too and here's a swatch of 2.

Idk why I don't own this but I've swatched it before and I've heard so many good things about it - def worth trying. But this is really by luck. Majority of places don't carry. Try Target tho! 

There's a lot of things worth trying for NYX but even in Boston, only really selected and large CVS carry the extended lines. So I won't go too much into them cause later really v hard to find lah. Oh Target would be ur best bet.

e.l.f Cosmetics

Elf has these cute little quads for blushes, highlight and contour powder going for $6. I would say - go for the highlight and blush!

The blushes are highly pigmented so a little goes a long way. One is meant for darker skin tone and the other for lighter but if both should work on everyone if used sparingly and properly lah. 

The Illuminating palette is not really a highlight palette but more of a setting kinda finish? I swatched it here but let me show u a better picture.

I swatched and blended these so u get a better idea of how each shade looks. It's super soft and finely milled so there's plenty of fallouts but worth the price of $6 for the quality u get. It's really soft and silky! 

I explain it better and more coherently with accompanying pictures on beautypeadia.

Elf also has these palettes that I've been dying to try cause I've heard good stuff about it. Very easy basic beginner's palette. Will review these if I get my hands on it but just putting the word out there first. 

e.l.f can be found in CVS, Target, and some Rite Aid (the last one im not 100% sure)


When I saw Shaaanxo review this, it went out OOS straight after and took me so many weeks to track down the brunette one.

It really helps to create natural-looking brows and the gel helps to set the brows for the day. One of my ride-or-die brow product. I always use this to set my brows after I'm done drawing or whatever.

I haven't try these Total Cover foundations but for ma gurlz who like their coverage, I would suggest trying out the infallible lines! 

I personally have tried the pro-matte and pro-glow one and the coverage is really 🙌🏼 for a drugstore foundation. This one, I heard, has a more mousse-y texture compared to her older sisters. I have been waiting for the lighter shades to come back in store and see how it performs as a concealer. I can only imagine how bomb these would be if they have that line.

Sorry for this badly cropped image I got off Google. I am too lazy to get mine to take pictures off. 

Anywaaaaaay, these 2 are easy starter palettes from L'Oréal!

Compared them to their Urban Decay counterparts Pt. I

Pt. 2

One of my fave highlighter drugstore pens! This looks almost like the YSL Touché Eclat but I really like the range of shades better! The 01 for YSL is a peachy shade but not light enough if I wanna highlight, say my undereye area. I prefer to use this to add more pop and brighten!

These L'Oréal Infallible colored eyeliners are also really fun plus they are the kind with the felt-tip and I personally prefer that for lining my eyes. I believe these are new and so far......I think I've only seen them in Walgreens

I paired it with a peachy eye and this is using the Kylie Peach palette! 

Similar to Maybelline, L'Oréal can be found in almost all drugstores but the range each one carries tend to vary! So try bigger ones if u want better luck haha


Circa is such a hidden unknown brand in the corner of Walgreens but lemme tell u about this beautiful blush. It's their ultra suede cream blush and it's packaging is super ultra cute and super luxurious looking.

Lemme show u how crazy pigmented it can look and.....

how beautiful satin-y it looks once blended out 😍 They are so natural and pretty. I need to go get one other shade - maybe a more natural one. 

The shade I own is in Imperia! 

I haven't try anything else out of this line but I really ought to cause the quality seemed to be really on point so far. 

I think Circa can only be found in Walgreens?? I don't think I've seen it anywhere else so far.


Rimmel Match Perfection Blush

This comes in several shades but the 003 one is a dupe for Benefit Hervana! I really quite like shade but the fallout for this is crazy. The pan is huge tho and it is so worth it for the price.

This pressed powder is also another raved drugstore product. I own the one in translucent shade and it works well for what it claims! There's also several other shades available so can use as additional coverage if u want!

This is really mattifying. If you wanna a dewy look, then it's not for you. I have tried it in SG and it does hold up pretty well but I did set it with powder and spray. The shades are also quite friendly!

This Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in Eastend Snob is known to be a dupe for Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Liner in Pillowtalk. I didn't really care for that but it's an added bonus? Haha

Wtv it is, I love this range of liners. It's very easy to draw on and pigmentation is not too bad. I love this shade one me!

This is how it looks on lips

Physicians Formula

Physicians Formula Nude Wear Blush

If I recall correctly, this comes in 2 shades and I have the pink-er one. Sozz I can't rmbr the actual name. Don't use the brush with it cause PF brushes are useless ttm. Made out of hay or smth. 

This blush gives this beautiful pink with a v subtle glow. One of my all-time favourite blush!

I'm still new to the color correcting world but I'm loving this powder. Its v brightening and I love using this under my eyes. I have the translucent shade and I believe they have other shades as well but Idgi. Why would u have a color-correcting powder with a shade in it? Confused.

Anyways, I like to swirl a big fluffy brush on it and just brush it v lightly. Gives a v fresh look!

Very underrated products but if you're magpie like me and in general like shiny stuff, these are great stuff. And PF palettes are really nubbad and their formulas are quite awesome. They have many many different ones and a lot are dupes for the UD Naked range.


My fave trios! Not only are Kiss lashes trios super convenient, I do recommend their lash glue too. I think it's latex-free but I can't really recall. Sorry. 

Kiss can be found in CVS, Walgreens & Target.