Applying Falsies on Tightline!

Had a few requests on a tutorial on the way I apply my upside-down falsies (IDK what to call it ๐Ÿ˜‚) and it's actually super easy! 

There are different kinds of falsies out there:

1: Trio lashes
2: Half-lashes
3: Normal lashes

If you're trying this out for the first time, the trio lashes would be the easiest to work with imo! Abit more time consuming but it gets better and easier with time. 

I am getting better so I've started using half-lashes. For full set of lashes, I would suggest cutting it into 2 or 3 parts so u get better control. 

(I don't like using singles for this cause it's too flimsy for me to handle)

It's almost the same as applying regular falsies except now, u apply glue on the top band instead of underneath. 

1. I curl my natural lashes & line my tightline before applying lashes. 
2. Then I lift my lids up, and just pop the lashes up using a tweezer.

Because it's so close to my eyeballz, I like using a tweezer cause my fingers too fat to get near HAHA I then use the (clean) end of the tweezer to gently press the band in place.

I find that when I apply it this way, I pull out less lashes, my falsies stay on better than when it was on top (no oily lids or strong winds to pull those corners up) and it looks so natural! I can skip liner if I want to have a less-makeup day and it looks so bomb. It is however, gonna be admittedly harder if you have sensitive eyes!

And a quick comparison for falsies and mascara application! It really depends on what kinda look you are going for. If I want smth extra dramatic, I would combine the two! 

I prefer this method if I have the time to spare cause it means I don't have to tug at my lashes to clean them by the end of the day~