Breaking down Color-Correcting

I've always been fascinated with color-correcting cause to me, it's like detailed painting for the face. I love art and this is exactly like art! Red and Blue makes Purple! Hahaha Ok, let's get to it. 

If u have very dark eye circles, and you put on a skin-colored concealer, the first thing you would notice is that ur undereye areas look ashy. That's because your concealer is not fully opaque and your skin color WILL peek thru. This results in very ashy/greyish-looking undereye circles. 

The best way to correct is through color-correcting. And that's not limited to undereye circles.

Color-correcting (Gonna call it CC from here onwards) can be used to reduce redness from scarring, brighten and neutralize sallow skin tone, highlight and brighten etc. So imagine a 'clear' base to work ur foundation on, which means u get a more even-toned look without piling on the foundation.

Color-correcting have been in the market for a looooooonnnnngggg time but with all the bigger brands coming up with their own products, it's suddenly this BIG craze. So for those who think we are just following a trend, I just have to It's not a trend. It has been around for ages.

I think if you practice and find the shades that work for you, it's smth that's very enjoyable to work with!

If you look at yourself bare-faced in a mirror, you will notice that ur skin is not just one even tone. Using mine as a reference:

  • redness on ur cheeks and around nose
  • bluish/greenish undereye circles
  • dark laugh lines 
  • dark corners around lips 

These are all dependent on ur skin tone and skin type too.

There's a huge range of green color correctors out there and it might be alil intimidating on which to choose.

If you have slightly pinkish skin that u wish to just tone down a notch, opt for a green primer like the Smashbox one. Maybelline Master Prime has a green primer too (not sure if green is released in SG) and that will work too. 

The green in primers are not that pigmented and it will neutralize the pink. Then just go in your with normal foundation above and you shld see a brighter look.

However, if you have angry red scars that are just screaming for attention, then go for smth a'lil more pigmented. Urban Decay has a green liquid corrector, but if you ask me, NYX has one in their HD concealer line and that works just as great. 

These are more pigmented and I don't suggest using it over your entire face. Use a small concealer brush or clean fingers. Use a'lil at a time until the redness is gone, and then go on top with a skin-tone concealer and set it lightly with a powder so it doesn't get disturbed and move throughout the day.

This is a good reference picture for peach-colored correctors for different skin tones. 

For fairer girls, a peach-colored for bluish undereye circles are more than sufficient.

For girls who have a darker/tanner skin tone, then go for something more orange. Peach might end up too light and pasty on these skin tones.

Know the 'using red lipstick for undereye' thingy going around on YT awhile back? That won't work for everyone. You will more than likely look like you are sporting a pink eye or smth if you are on the fairer side. So opt for smth that is suited for your skin tone!

I always thought purple correctors look intimidating af. I mean, I thought of Barney (ya the purple dinosaur) when I see these buuuuut, don't be too intimidated. 

Purple/lavender/lilac (wtv you wanna call it) concealers are best suited for eliminating unwanted yellow undertones on your skin. If you feel like your complexion is dull or too yellow, then purple will add a beautiful glow!

A purple primer (Smashbox) is not pigmented in any way but if you just want a hint of brightness, this is good. If you have SIGNIFICANT unwanted yellow undertones like a yellowing/fading kinda bruise, then a purple concealer can help.

NYX HD line has a beautiful lilac shade as well. (I swear I'm not sponsored by them)

Asians tend to have yellow-er skin tone so try purple primers for brightening and whitening.

Yellow has the ability to neutralize blue/purple shades, which means it will hide/reduce appearance of dark circles! If u have really severe bruisings that you need to conceal, use a yellow first before u go in with a concealer! 

I like popping abit of yellow on my eyelids cause I like how it neutralizes the discoloration on my lids there and make my eyeshadows pop a lot more.

Benefit Lemon Aid is an example of a yellow corrector! But again, NYX HD line has a yellow too. I like the NYX HD one cause it's liquid and I can mix 1-3 drops of it into my pink-base foundations to neutralize it to fit my skin tone better!

If you're a beginner and wish to try this out first before investing in higher end products, NYX has a rather awesome color-correcting palette! It's cheap and affordable too. Not only that, they have a pretty wide single correctors as well. And that's my take on color-correcting! I do hope this is somewhat useful! Pea xo