TheBalm Matte Liquid Lipsticks - Swatches

I have been eyeing these liquid lipsticks ever since they came out but I found the price point to be quite ridiculous so I never got around to getting it. 

But I was so super happy when I saw that they came out with the minis and selling in a set at Sasa 🤗 I love minis cause I get to try all without breaking my wallet seeing as how I wanna try every shade lah. 

And the best part is there's 20% off these at Sasa! So yes, #goodthingsmustshare ! I think the entire set was going for ~$44!

These are 0.04 oz/1.2ml which is a good average for minis!


(CP minis: 0.035 oz/1.0 ml

ABH minis: 0.07 oz/2.0 ml

KVD minis: 0.10 oz/3.0 ml

Jouer minis: 0.135 oz/4.0 ml

Kylie minis:  0.02 oz/0.65 ml

GA minis: 0.05 oz/1.5ml

Sephora minis: 0.04 oz/1.3ml)

Arm swatches first! My favourite shades are the first three hahaha what's new right 🌚 I honestly thought Sincere was a close dupe for Kylie's Ginger but nope it's not. Kylie's Ginger is really a damn special shade. 

I really like Charming more than I expected! Its a brownish red - very grungy irl. Sincere and Committed are rather similar with Committed being a little more coral. Doting appears darker here than irl and it is a super pretty peachy nude. It does make me look swallow a little tho. 

Dedicated looks brighter in the tube but translates to a magenta-fushcia shade which really makes me look fair. Loyal is a standard bright red with blue undertones.

However, I have no liking for the brush at all. When I apply liquid lipstick, I tend to like the lines to be precise but this brush is rather fluffy and big so it makes defined lines difficult. I compared it to 3 other liquid lipsticks' brushes so you all can have a better look. Idk why its so fluffy!