Tarteist Amazonian Clay Pro Palette

Played around with the Tarteist Pro Palette and I come with swatches!

This 16 mattes and 4 metallic shades, retails at Sephora, Ulta and Tarte.com for USD$53!

Packaging-wise, it's a simple matte black cover that feels quite cheap. TBH, the gold for the rest of the palette is also those super tacky kind. I feel like overtime, the gold might flake off lah. 

This is my virgin Tarte palette (IKR???) and I can't compare but if I were to compare it to other brands, this definitely feels less high-end.

Nonetheless, still a pretty addition!

Screen Shot 2017-01-01 at 10.43.39 AM.png

When I first saw the pictures of this palette, I genuinely thought it was a big ass palette. But it's not really! It's probably around a 6x6 size. 

There's a full-sized mirror in there too which is pretty useful!

All the shades. 

I have no high expectations for this palette at all cause of all the mixed reviews I heard online. I also had nth to compare cause first Tarte eyeshadow palette! 

I just swatched them by rows so lezzzzgo! 💪🏼

The first row was pretty great (compared to the rest). The mattes came out fine and so did the shimmer one. The shimmer shade definitely felt better than the matte.

Classic is a yellow-toned, cream colored shade, good for brow bone highlight or setting primer on lids. 

Innocent is a rosy peach brown and blended out beautifully. Nice for crease!

Whimsy is a reddish warm brown & pigmentation was better. Smoked swatched really well. It came out really pigmented but once blended, it sheers out.

Smoke is really quite pigmented and it's a warm dark dark brown. It is quite powdery so I suppose it should blend out sheer! If u use a brush, then confirm must tap off excess or your undereye area sure brown HAHAHA 

Ethereal is a beautiful copper shade and the consistency is rather amazing. It didn't even had any fallouts when I swatched! But okay lah, have to try with brush first but it looks good as of now!

The second row! Definitely patchier than the first. 

Vintage is a cooler light shade in the palette and has a pinker undertone compared to Classic. These two will be good matte brow highlight shades or base shadow! 

Fierce is a dusty purple with some grey/taupe undertone. This has crazy fallout and it was super hard to build with my finger. Hopefully a brush will work out better. 

No Filter is a dark plum shade and u can see how patchy it swatched. Super hard!! But the shade is beautiful tho. I think this shade will go so well with the Modern Renaissance palette. 

Vamp appears black but it has really really slight purple undertone. Almost like a brinjal/eggplant kinda shade. It was also patchy and hard to blend using my finger. I need to try this and No Filter with a primer and hopeful it works better.

Glam is a duochrome with a mix of warm champagne-gold and pink undertones. Super super pretty! It wasn't as pow as Ethereal but it is still beautiful.

3rd row - getting harder to swatch. 

Chic is quite a pretty peach shade on the warmer side and it blended out prettily without losing too much pigmentation. 

Profesh is this warm taupe shade, definitely on the darker side. Pigmentation is fine but it isn't too in-your-face. Should work well in crease? 

Mod is a gorgeous warm blood red but it wasn't as pigmented as I hoped. Still beautiful and definitely buildable. Hopefully it will work better with a primer tho~

Drama is a vampish berry shade but swatching was quite tough. The shade is really nice tho. Idk if using a brush will make blending this look better. 

Minx is a duochrome - brown with rosy pink/red and again, it isn't as pigmented as Ethereal but still swatched better than the mattes.

Last row! Which turned out better than the 2nd and 3rd row. 

Indie is a beautiful warm taupe that looks like it can be an amazing contour shade so I think this is gonna be pretty in the crease. 

Bold is a warm golden brown that almost resembles Golden Ochre in the Modern Renaissance palette. I would love this in my crease for a warmer eye look as well! 

Edgy is a yummy chocolate brown that seemed to go on nice and blended good together. I think it'd be even better with a primer underneath. 

Punk is super weird to me. I know it's supposed to be black but it has this greenish undertone to it that makes it look like a dark forest green under some light. Can someone tell me if this is black or green. I'm going crazy. 

Trendy is definitely a duochrome with brown metallic and teal undertone. It's gorgeous. It also swatched well too!

Screen Shot 2017-01-01 at 10.48.06 AM.png
Screen Shot 2017-01-01 at 10.48.16 AM.png

If u put them all together, u can totally see the difference in quality for different shades.

Some turn out beautifully, some turn out so patchy with finger-swatch. Like there's a stark difference leh. See, this is where all the mixed reviews come from.

As expected, these isn't the best made palette out there. The colors are a lot of fun and the shimmer shades are pretty gorgeous but I was expecting so much more for $53! They work fine under a primer but I did hope for lesser fallouts and less chalkiness!