Rimmel Lasting Finish By Kate (Nude Collection)

Cheapo is also me cause I've been eyeing these for months and never got around to trying them cause
1. They were ALWAYS OOS for the first few months of launch
2. I know there would be good deals coming

AND I WAS RIGHT!! 40% off in Walgreens yesterday so I grabbed two and each was $3.28 only 🙌🏼

I actually really like 45 irl cause it's this pinkish nude but not the nude that washes me out. But zomg that streakiness is just no. 

But no issues with 47 and isn't the color so lovely. Like I just bit my lips and it's totally MLBB. Very pretty warm rosy shade. 

I was VERY surprised at how creamy they both felt. I was expecting all my dry spots to show up but okay leh, it kept my lips rather moisturized too.