To my favorite doggo in the whole world.


Dear baobao,

We all know that the day is gonna come but I guess none of us expected it to be so sudden. 

Even though you aren’t my doggo, I had the greatest fortune to look after you and be with you during these last few years. Thank you for bringing so much joy and teaching me that such happiness can exist. 

Thank you for your unconditional love and always being there. Always. You always know when I just needed you to sit beside me and be with me. You know when I needed a laugh and would do something silly to make me laugh. You do make me so mad when you go through trash and then act innocent so I can’t get mad at you.


I don’t think I’ve ever gotten mad at you cause u always look at me with those eyes and I automatically forgive you.


You were such a niap doggo. When I left the room, you had to leave the room, even if it’s for 30 seconds. If I were working in the office, you would lie there and wait for me till I was ready to go back to the bedroom. You were always there whenever I was alone.

You don’t make any fuss ever and you made all our lives so easy always. Even when you had such a bad toothache that made ur face swell, u didn’t kick up any fuss and simply wanted to eat more. 

You only get mad for 30 seconds when we come home from being overseas and then just want us to hold ur paws. That’s pretty much all you ask for from us, isn’t it? Just to be there with you. I’m so happy you and I manage to get some time alone together and you will forever rmbr me too, right?

Pls go for walks and runs with Prince and don’t be lazy okay. Don’t be super ultra fat when I see u again! I’ll miss our daily walks and me stopping you from gobbling down trash. All the aunties and uncles downstairs are gonna miss you. We made some really good doggo friends too, didn’t we? 

As I am still here on Earth, I can't say that I know what Heaven above is like, but I hope that you are truly having the time & food of your life. I hope that you have no more pain and you’re eating everything you can in sight (just pls don’t eat trash lah ok). I’m sorry you weren’t even able to eat, which is the only thing you love doing, during the last few days. Go chase all the birds and eat all the durian. Then go play some catch with Prince. I’m sure you two missed each other tons. 

I love you so much, my 臭臭. You’ll forever be in my heart and till we meet again. 

Love you.

mepearlyn neoparis