Wrapping up 2018


Wasn’t planning on posting but i just realized it’s 31st (yes, just. I thought it’s 30th) and omo LAST DAY OF 2018!!! 

I am bz af packing for a super dooper last minute trip to Taiwan (pls let it be chilly pls let it be chilly) and its so last minute that we have no idea where we are going and we have no hotels booked LOLZ.


Never thought I would need to know the existence of this place...pretty much, ever. But husband’s back and I went and helped out abit. Glad to see his hard work paid off, I guess lol


Speaking of husband, this is my Christmas present from him 😍😍😍

I’ve wanted one for years but I never gotten around to buying it. This one is just 100000% perfection - the oream, the floral embossing, the gold hardware....oh my 😍


One step closer to fulfilling a corner like this.


These mermaid earrings from Lovely Strokes (IG @/lovelystrokes) tho!!! She was damn nice wtf I just commented on her IG story featuring the making process of these and she sent me one??? Wtf so nice and they are really 😍😍😍 I’m keeping them for Taiwan! 

I rmbr camping for the lemon series one long long time ago and they got sold out SO QUICK.

2019, pls bring us our own home 🏡


Husband’s back = #ootd heh 

I got this tie-knot top from somewhere....idk where. I found it in my wardrobe LOL.


Yes I bought a wall hanging out as a handbag lulzzzz why not


Btw, I’ve officially found the best pohpiah ever. This is at Auntie’s Rojak at Siglap and you can see how thin the skin is and how FAT the pohpiah is zomg I can finish 2 to myself hahaha 

Also, the rojak is 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Wah my tummy is growling cause of the picture. I forgot to eat today wtf and it’s alr 530pm

Onto 2019…Everyone is wrapping up 2018 and I want to but idk how or where to start. It’s surreal that tmr is a brand new year. ‘Amazing’ doesn’t even sum up the year I’ve had. It’s just been downright magical.

I’m excited and every fiber of my being is tingling cause I KNOW 2019 is going to be even more amazing. Idk how I know but I. JUST. DO.


Saw this on Pinterest and burst out laughing. 

I grew a lot this year. Mentally, I wanna say. I had to learn to deal with stuff that would have gotten to me in the past. But being busy, grateful and just loved, helped me to see that none of the people who tried to get me down, mattered at all. In fact, thanks for trolling and trying to get me down because you’re pushing me further and making me wanna prove myself more. This year, I’ve learnt to only take to heart, who/what matters the most.

I’m grateful for all my loved ones being (relatively) healthy this year. Happiness is having my husband back and just getting to fall asleep beside him at night. It’s surreal to see where Bahskitkase is right now and grateful to each of you who have supported. I’m gonna work hard and bring her to a new level next year! My other job is extremely fulfilling and brings me such joy. And then there’s all these crazyass opportunities with brands that I would never imagined I get to work with. 

Y’know I keep brands’ emails, be it whether I end up working with them (and when I say ‘working’, it’s just them sending me stuff to try - I don’t take $ for my reviews k), and seeing all the big brands I’ve worked with blows my mind. Like, WOW. WHAT EVEN. I’ve been mind-blown so many times this year just by the stuff I’ve manifested coming true. When you focus on the good, the good simply gets better.

2019 is a fresh start. I’m going to love harder and laugh harder in this new year. Sleep in a little more, and bask in the morning light just cause. I am going to keep hustling forward and count my blessings daily cause something good is going to happen and I can feel the magic in my toes already. 2018 has been freaking awesome so thank you, universe ♥️