The Tinsel Rack Huatbox + Try-ons! | Pine on Paper Fleurish + Flow Red Packets!


This effortful huat box from TTR! Never received a huat box before so imagine my delight to ALL THESE GOODIES.

First up, angbaos v important cause this year, husband and I cannot siam alr HAHAHAHA we really wanted to plan to go Bali to escape. I might still be considering that offer v seriously, much to the dismay of my parents. 

I freaking love the Bao Huat cause ace design and so cute ah 😍 then this little tower of chocolates I don’t bear to open


This gambling queen crop tee is SO CUTE and available on line alr!


See how cute it is! Very soft eh and I love the font.


Also, I need to start dressing for my age lol. But what is that actually. I honestly felt abit 扮年轻 in this outfit lol. Whatever lah. I feel good can liao HAHA 😂


Headed to TTR at Tampines One to check out their new collection.


I tried on a dozen outfit and went home with two! 

This was the first one I knew i was gonna try! The cut is extremely pretty. The ruffles on the neckline and the cut off are just damn on point. I have not very long legs so anything that hits me mid thigh, if not done properly, makes me look super short and stumpy.

I decided on this print cause ITS SO NICE? I was really caught between this and the navy one but the white got me.


See! The cut off point makes me look damn tall and makes my legs look super ultra long. Sorry, me just 1.6m. I’m wearing S cause I put on so much weight from Taiwan HAHAHAHA


I tried it in the maxi one as well and so many of you thought I would pick this but I legit love TTR’s romper cutting. It’s very very flattering. I also like how unique the romper’s cutting of the neckline tbh!


Got me more NEW ANGPOWS from Pine on Paper (IG @/pineonpaper). Yilin really damn generous wtf


This year’s designs are called Fleurish and Flow and I love how elegant they look. I got wedding to go to so I’m gonna be using them even before CNY. The embossing and the gold foil for our names are just 😍