a bunch of #ootds + PRODUCT LINKS!


Been going on a major accessory-binge! Earrings from Louvisa!


And my IG DM box exploded with enquires on my rings! I’ve been following random jewelry accounts on IG and I got this Herkimer Neutron Ring (middle finger) from White Feather (IG @/whitefeatherstore). I only liked this ring. I didn’t find any of their other products interesting lol. I got it in gold! 

The daintier ring with the moonstone - I got from Azen Jewelry BUUUUUTTTT it’s not from their website. I was just shopping those little pop up cart stalls outside JEM/West Gate area and they were selling it there! I couldn’t find it on their site, unfortunately. There were many dainty rings but this just caught my eye. I think $25??


I also saw this gold Amethyst one and I knew I needed it. It’s SO NICE and my birthstone plus in gold leh! Gold hardware is my everything. I don’t wear silver nor rose gold lol.

This is also from Azen Jewelry (IG @/azenjewelry)! They do many other designs and I love stones so I don’t think this is going to be my only piece hahahahaha

I’ve a ton of outfits accumulated that I was gonna post and I realized it’s past 12 liao....I’m just gonna post on a new post lah. Lol. For skin/makeup reviews, pls head to the previous post 🔙 

I guess this is a full #ootd post! On a side note, I’m starving even tho I had a huge dinner just now. PMS 要来 liao


My fave top currently. It’s from Wardobe Mess and I’m just discovering that site and I LOVE IT. Clothes all made for me, reasonable pricing but I don’t get the sizing. Some free size, and S mostly too big. Good thing is all shrink after washing LOL. I bought another 2 pieces from them recently. Can’t wait to wear them out ~ 

Yes, I’m aware I need to iron my clothes.


Paired it w/my fave jeans! These are from Zara but I could only snag size 34 which was way too big, so I had the sides and waist altered and it’s a great fit now. 

These new sandals from Zalora are mega pretty but also mega uncomfortable ok. I had a blister at the side of my left foot but I pushed through and it’s better now. The sole is damn hard so it also gives me a terrible backache if I walk too long (and by that, I mean 2 hours and more) in it. This is a serious love-hate relationship.


Another love hate r/s is my bangs yah. If you have bangs before, you would unds. 

But a full-on love relationship I am having right now are my lashes 😍 I swear I can see them get fuller and longer cause no extensions = time to spam serum and let me lashes recuperate! The lift and tint from Lash Up is a true life savior. I think I’ll go back to extensions before all the year end festivities! My lashes get a 2-mths break in the meantime.


My SIL got me some clay earrings with cactus on them and I matched it with one of my ultimate fave comfy #TTR dress! 

Wow see how long these pictures have been sitting in my phone. This was way before my hair cut! Totally missing the convenience of no-fringe rn.


Damn pretty on the model too. Ive always had a soft spot for this jade green shade.


I don’t have a proper ootd for this but isn’t it so nice 😍


Linen baby doll from Wardobe Mess. Dude this dress is so big cause S smallest and it is only single layer lah so erm, I feel v exposed in it. It’s damn similar to the TTR one but that one cooling material plus double lined. 100% quality better. I bought both with my own money so I’m not bias ok.


Nude nails from Innisfree. Dang I can’t recall the name of the polish. I’ll add it in later!


TCL linen dress that’s also v c comfortable and I love the muted colors. Dumpling in Taupe goes amazing, doesn’t it!


Did a cafe run at Knots Living with my cousin! Carried pretty Burrito out cause I thought it was matchy with this Dana Ruffles Top from TTR too. I got it in S which I shouldn’t cause it was slightly too big BUT I figured it will shrink in the wash and dryer and I was right lol. It now fits me great!


Look at Dumpling V2 in ruby red 😍 I think the additional gold beads make it stand out just a little more.


Coffee was alright but I really enjoyed the food! The cafe was kinda dusty tho and it triggered my sinuses really bad. Like they do furnitures as well and it seemed like they weren’t clean for awhile lol abit gross lah.


A slightly too-big linen dress from Wardrobe Mess. Fingers crossed they bring in more sizing. 

Featuring BOL with a wooden beaded handle and double-colored weave. Isn’t it so gorgeous. It comes in two colors and I kept one each for myself.


This is one of the larger baskets I own. Good for tuition days when I have to bring out a bunch of crap like sanitizer and wet wipes cause kids are germ-carriers LOLOL


Headband from H&M (so much cheaper than Zara), earrings from Wild Collective (IG @/wildcollective.co)!


Eyelet romper from TTR with my current fave woven macrame tote 😍


I really love this whole set of pics lol so yes, I’m spamming.


The famous TTR Halia Maxi dress. It’s very special to me okay. I love this dress so much, I don’t bear to wear it LOL 

Look at the lace 😍


I was having an extremely good hair day. I’ve been itching to change smth about my hair again. LOL how many times can I change it this year.


The Mango dress that I think the whole world was asking about lol. I got a gazillion DMs when I posted the pic. Sizing (I’m in XS) was actually weird around my boobs but since it’s linen, it shrunk after washer/dryer and fit better! I think it’s just my boobs issue lol.


I think the rows of buttons at the front was super cute! Plus that little flare at the bottom 😍 My SIL was super affected by this picture. She kept wanting to iron my clothes for me HAHAHAHAH damn funny ok. And i’m loving the look of this basket with the dress.


Wore out the Soon Lee top and omg love love love it. It’s just one of those tops that can go causal or formal depending on the bottom. And DONT NEED IRON.


See! Legit my fave jeans and my fave beaded kitten heels! This khaki green is ♥️♥️♥️ and then BOL in this caramel brown from Bahskitkase!


This babydoll dress is from The Beverlyn Label, launching tmr! I don’t really wear own a lot of navy blue haha cause I always relate it to office wear but this is super cute! Comes in jade green and white too.


Just me casually posing with my new cup HAHAHAH 

I super like the geometric details at the top! Super boho in a subtle way.


A wrap dress from Wardrobe Mess (omg wtf how many pieces did I buy from them actually LOL) but it’s not a wrap dress? The straps are connected behind like a shoe-laced design. I just reread what I wrote and it sounds ridiculous.


But I do love the vintage colors and the florals on the dress. I wished it came in a smaller size but I can just tighten the strings so it ain’t that bad lah.


Took this for a TBL X Bahskitkase giveaway a few weeks back. A lucky girl walked away with Pasta!


Flo was so blown away LOL partly cause I never dress like this and she say she likes it HAHAHA I’m in a lot of dresses most of the time 

One of my fave tee from Mango. I got it at a sale for 9.90 only ok. Damn love a good buy


ok goodnight guys lol have fun shopping!