Review: Phillips SpeedPro Max Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

I love doing housework. I love it. The love I have for cleaning befuddles my husband to no end. My MIL wanted to get a PT maid but I absolutely refuse cause I believe I can do it better and IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY.

Monica in Friends. DATZ ME. 

I have 5 vacuum cleaners at home. A small cordless one, a small cord one, a LARGE cord one, a round floor one and finally, my NEW BABY. 

I went to Courts with the idea of purchasing the Dyson. I thot that was the Gold Standard for vacuum cleaner. The sales person managed to convince me otherwise and

1. It’s cheaper??? 
2. I went back a few times considering both and on different times, the different sales people told me that this is better than the Dyson so I really don’t think they trying to bluff me lol. 

I went home and did my research instead of impulse buying (as usual) and I finally decided on the model! This is my super-early anniversary present cause got GSS and HariRaya sales so must make use!!! And I believe the GSS deal is ending end of June so I thought I should do this review ASAP cause only one more week left. Never would I imagine a day when I would put up a review on a vacuum cleaner LOL #auntylyfe


Meet my new baby - Phillips Speedpro Max!! We paid a total of $648 after all the discounts and there’s two version - one that can run for 45 mins (18 volt) and the 60 mins (24 volt). I got the 60 mins one (DUH). 

It’s detachable at 2 points - the base so you can remove the floor one and have a pointy tube thingy so u can get corners and blinds etc. you can remove the long tube and you’ll have a handheld vacuum as well. It also comes with an attachment for bed and sofa (fabrics, I assume)


The difference between this and the Dyson is

1. The LED light infront of the floor attachment
2. The front part is flat so if u lie it down 180°, it can actually go further in
3. It has a 360° suction
4. The air that comes back out is 99% cleaner and the one out of the Dyson is 99.7% cleaner
5. If u put the Dyson and Phillips on max speed, the Dyson is stronger but for shorter period of time (like, 17 mins) 
6. It’s just one ‘on’ button. U don’t have to hold it down like the Dyson.


This is what I was most highly impressed with. The 360° suction!!! 

Dyson comes with a front suction which means if u pull the vacuum back, it doesn’t do anything. This one takes in dust ALL AROUND. U just need to slide it up to corners and you don’t have to twist it around to get different angles of wall corners. ITS SO AWESOME.


This girl has very very fine fur, mostly white-grey so it’s imperceptible to the human eye until the fine fur starts to ball up into fur balls. 

She also sheds like crazy. I wake up to furballs in random corners of the house. The furball picks up dust and hair and becomes giant bunny balls. I HATE THEM. 

I really thought the LED light was gonna be a useless function until I used it. I legit could see EVERY STRAND of her fur on the floor and to see them all disappear 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱. Especially on dark floorings and areas where there’s not much light. What have I been missing all my life. 

This is my war machine now LOL 

I normally do household chores daily (sweep and mop) and I vacuum with the huge Tefal corded one every other day. The cord really makes it damn inconvenient and I always trip on it plus it’s SO LOUD. 

A BIG housework day (for me) includes changing the sheets so I took the chance to use the bed attachment and vacuum the bed and bed frame.


Omg it’s so dusty, you can’t even see the CLUMP of dust in there. If you love cleaning, this is like opening presents on Christmas morning. HAHAHA I’m not even kidding. 

Then I proceeded to vacuum the entire house. Bear in mind that I do sweep and mop on a daily basis plz. The house only got two people plus one dog, how dirty can it get??


DUDE. LOLOL I filled up almost the entire canister ok??? I wish you can feel my happiness thru this screen. 

Wah this is super ultra worth it. I have never felt such deep satisfaction before. I love cleaning but being able to see the aftermath just makes it 10000x more shiok. 

Plus the canister can just soak in water so the dust won’t fly all out when you open the cap. I just fill it with water and then dump it away. I know this part also different and better from the Dyson in some way but I can’t recall what the salesman said HAHA 

I tried both the Dyson and the Phillips on the spot, in the store with faux dust (aka beads and small confetti stuff provided by the store) and this legit just won me over handsdown. 

It doesn’t matter that the suction is not AS strong cause I’m not sucking anything that’s glued down on my floor? Legit just hair and fur dust yknow. Plus the 60-mins runtime is perfect for the entire apartment. Omg so happy lah. 

This takes about 3-4 hours to charge it to 100% so I just use it till about 10% (the entire house + bed takes about 90% on full speed) then empty and dry the canister and leave it to charge for another use! 

I love that the top portion displays the battery life so I know if it’s low and it won’t just suddenly die on me yknow. MEGA LOVE. I can’t believe I’m raving so much about a vacuum cleaner but if u know me, vacuuming is life HAHAHAHAH