Brunch date!


Every time I walk Paris, I somehow always end up with twigs and weeds hahahaha I like looking for ‘treasures’ and my husband thinks I’m abit insane cause erm, picking up trash like a 3-yo kid yah. He always finds random branches and twigs in the house LOLOL but omg that’s such a nice branch????


I really like the mala right by Pasir Ris mrt station. I’m not a fancy mala person seeing as how I just fell in love with it only recently but the husband seemed to like it too! 

The one at the newly open hawker center right by the Whitesands sports place also quite nice. Our mala always enough to feed like, 4. Hahaha


Husband had to leave soon for another work trip so we took Sunday out for dateday before Father’s day dinner! 

Using the Innisfree Smart Drawing Blusher in 01 here and you can see It’s slightly lighter and more natural. All swatches of the range are up here ! Went with that cause my lips were hot pink lol


We went to d’Good Cafe at Holland V for brunch!


I had the Maple Sea Salt latte cause I was feeling fancy and it was not bad! 

Can’t say that for the food tho. We shared some salmon benedict and pancakes and they were just really average.


And here’s my comfy #ootd

Tunic top: Zara
Shoes: Mango
Bag: Bahskitkase

The owner came back while I was taking pics and she kindly let me finish my ootd before entering her home hahaha wtf right. Such a kind lady.