Rouge Trinkets - handmade accessories + addictive shows!


Rouge Trinkets IG @/rougetrinkets) has so kindly send me these FREAKING CUTE earrings omgomgomg I was so excited to get them cause they are so unique??? 

I mean, there’s really only so many stores selling cute accessories and it’s inevitable when people end up with similar stuff?? Rouge Trinkets provide customization and just think of picking colors 😱😍


I actually left it up to Melinda to pick what she felt will suit me and omg I can’t decide which is my fave.


Loving the pop of color 😍😍😍 My cousin immediately asked where my earrings were from when she saw it! You can find them on IG @/rougetrinkets or even on their Etsy! 

Guess who is leaving again soon 😭 I’m in a perma-LDR.


Have been stocking up on books to keep me company at night since the hubs is going off soon (actually tmr leh wtf). My first Monocle and I’m actually enjoying it a lot! I’ve been switching between them and so far, really good.


Has anyone bought these kinds books before???? I really was v intrigued but idk if it’s any good leh.


Caught this cause both of us are fans of The Rock. I’ve actually met him irl before! Like, 16 years ago okay

WWE was performing (is this even sthe right verb) in Singapore stadium and my brother was a HUGE FAN then so my parents drove us to camp outside the stadium and we stealthily stalked their tour bus to their hotel hahahahahahahahah my brother got a picture with John Cena that still hangs proudly on our wall at home.


We’ve also been binging on this till 2am every night fml mama needs her sleep goddamnit

Ok, I REALLY like this. I didn’t enjoy AHS Hotel as much (although I must say, they did the ending okay). I’ve been obsessively reading up on the Lost Colony now cause erm, why not right?


The husband and I keep sending links of related articles we find and he sent me this yesterday! I’m so intrigued right now. 

Also, I love AHS. Asylum and Murder House are my absolute favourites. My favorite kinda shows are very dark, according to my husband. If a show doesn’t involve murder, ghosts and just in general, death. I don’t have much interest in it.

Same goes for my choice of books. I did not major in psychology for no reason, let’s just put it as that hahaha

Btw, the new Jim Jefferies’s stand up is GOOD. He has got to be my absolute fave comedian. The husband likes Chapelle but I dont really get much of his humor