Clothes, accessories and fooooooood.


My blush brush is shedding like mad and I used a contour brush today for my blush and I picked up waaaaay too much. Using the little Bourjois pot in Rose Amber. These Bourjois pot are very very pigmented which is good and bad lah. One accidental move and you can end up clownish. I used any wet sponge to tone it down by a lot alr lol.


This pair of Target jeans will always be one of my favorite. It’s comfortable, perfect fit, looks SO GOOD and so cheap only lah omg. I have a lot of issues finding jeans that looks good. That’s why I don’t wear a lot of them.


This is my other fave pair of jeans from Mango. Mango carries size 32 for their shorts and jeans but I like Zara designs better. Unfortunately, they only carry up to size 34 :((( why??? I hardly get bottoms from Zara cause all so damn big???


I’ve been using The Oaui wave spray and omg loving it. I haven’t been straightening my hair ever since I got it.
It doesnt really add to my curls but it gives it a lot more body than just fizzing curls lol

I also love their foam dry shampoo. I don’t like ANY dry shampoos I’ve tried (damn hard to please) but this dry shampoo, I swear by.


Progress! I think....I prefer weaving to embroidery. Both are fun and it’s nice to switch it up but I think weaving is still my first love. If only yarns are smaller and require less space!


Dinner with the hubs last night. Head down cause no makeup HAHA

Got this cute mustard ribbed top from Temt and I also got some of their sales stuff for only $4.95! They have mostly weird stuff nowadays but if u look carefully, got good stuff one.


Saw this FLUFFY ONE during dinner. 10 month old Teddy!!! Such a good boy leh. Can’t get over the color of that cute tongue


Super loving my hair color!! Should I go lighter? I really wanna go lighter lol. This is so addictive. 

Btw u can’t tell from the pic but omg my PMS-cystic acne for this month is going bonkers cause I can’t stop eating durian. Gosh. 

And look at my perfect perfect lashes 😍


Feeling the summer vibes~ 

I got this dress from the Zara sales! Haha quite worth it IMO but it’s a little low cut for my liking. Their clothes tend to shrink just a tad bit once I wash and dry it so I’m hoping this will be the case too haha or else I’ll just safety pin my way through lah.


Got feels anot this #ootd

Came across this black wall and thought it’d make my dress pop. I really like my highlights. Black hair makes me damn fierce looking (as tho my face not enough by itself yknow). I think I’m gonna try going lighter!


Mama’s birthday and she has been talking about this ‘fish at Bugis’ for the longest time and we decided to go there for dinner! Haha it’s called Chong Qing Grilled Fish or smth??? The husband really liked it but I found everything just a TAD too spicy. I can’t take spicy well LOL so it’s really just me. Very worth it though, overall.


The heat came back with a vengeance after the past week or two of super cold weather. I miss Boston 😭😭😭


I saw this #TTR dress on their IG and immediately know I needed it. So I bought it. LOL fml lah. Eh see my clothes not all from Zara or Mango yah hahahaha


Told the husband I really wanted some tacos cause I was looking at pics from a year back and we were in LA and I had the best tacos 🌮 from the LA taco truck. BEST. 

He is a sweetie pie. Went and googled a bunch of places and decided we were gonna go for this for dinner a couple of nights back haha


We ordered the quesadilla, nachos and TACOS TACOS TACOS. Had the fish one and the chorizo one and the fish one was pretty authentic! The quesadilla isn’t worth it IMO but the nachos were really decent! Place was also nice and it was such a fun date night ❤️


Came home to a present from (IG @/ and omg so pretty!


Loving them. Good for girls who prefer smth alil less loud! I really like the semi-matte gold for this piece.


Helped my SIL out with a kosecosmeport event on the weekend!


Wore one of my fave #TCL dress! I own this in white and blush and my SIL has the marigold one for me to borrow so it’s like I have 3 HAHA

It’s definitely more flattering for tall people. My SIL is 1.75m and she wears XS and it’s damn nice and the fit damn good. 

I actually just really like how comfy it is but if u see me outside in this, it looks like I’m trying to hide a pregnancy LOL.


Super ridiculous ok. I was kneeling on a curb and I accidentally slid forward and tadah, new abrasion. I didn’t even fall down lah pls wtf. Which one worse??? I guess at least if I fall, it’s like, ok I got it cause I fell. This is like, erm, I slid. DAMN LAME LAH.