TEM try-ons!


How’s everybody! Has it really been a week already? I’ve been swamped and I’m not complaining, really. I am really having a lot of fun with work now and I can’t be any happier or more grateful. 

I’ve been sleeping at 2am the past few nights rushing out custom orders/packing stocks. My back is breaking and my fingers are sore but omg, every time I complete an order, my heart feels so full. Every time a customer sends me a pic of them carrying smth I made, I get so giddy with happiness! 

I’ve been doing some shopping cause husband not around to control me HAHAHAH so I’m gonna share my loots ok! I also have some masks’ reviews coming up.


New shoooooooes. I saw weaved ones on Zara but these were slightly cheaper! Hehe I can safely say 80% of my shoes are bought off Zalora. The sizing is just perfect for me and it’s too convenient. The espadrilles are mighty comfy as well and I’ve been looking for one like that for forever. These look so super chic. 

I then caved and bought another Mango weaved one cause I had 30% off and I couldn’t waste it #shoppinglogic


Made a huge mistake by checking out TEM’s new collection. Sigh. The Tampines outlet is gonna kill me slowly. 

I showed this to the husband and he went, ‘ Babe. All your clothes look like this.’ 

No they don’t okay??? I predict similar discussions in the future when we choose paint color. 

‘Cream, vanilla and beige. Choose one’ 

‘They all look white.’ 



I already know I was gonna bag this even before I tried it on. It’s those kinda effortless dress and perfect for teaching, esp. if I have to head out after class. Plus the prints were super cute. My SIL also say must buy. And they match my new espadrilles leh!! Yay cheap thrill. 

The dress is double lined and tmi but I was wearing a black bra and you totally cannot tell even under spot light👌🏼


I LOVE LINEN OMG. Thank u all the shops for jumping on board. Muji linen clothes damn erm no for me lah. Both price point and design. Actually they are correlated in a way. 

This one wasn’t even in my size. S was completely sold out in every store and this M was the last pc in the shop. LOLOL ok buy. Fml. This is how they get me. But I’m a willing victim. But hey imagine them with some earrings and loud accessories 😍 and I have no lack of those HAHA


This was the last pc I got to make it 3! I didn’t try this on cause it looked pretty basic but I like the babydoll-but-midi length and the rust shade is so pretty! 

TEM is slightly pricy imo but if u see Zara and Mango recent linen pieces and their prices, then ok lah. If u get more than 3, it’s really not so bad?? Hahahaha #shoppinglogic Just bring 2 friends, each of u can buy 1/2 pcs and it’s 6 pieces alr!! WORTH IT LAH hahahahahah


Moving on to the ones I didn’t. 

I was really on the fence (but leaning towards yes) for this piece but I put it back cause
1. I just bought a Cotton On piece that’s rather similar (material, buttons, color) 
2. And I’m not sure off-shoulder is really my thing. 
3. I’m also not tall enough to fully carry this length. It needs to be mini or a midi for me.


So frumpy! I like the crochet and that it’s a jumpsuit but no S so I tried M and it looked terrible on me. Maybe S would have looked better but I will never know lol

The waistband area was also kinda placed weird! It just didn’t emphasize my waist and it made my ass looked so big. I’m all about having curves but it really just looked like pjs on me.


And the last pc I tried on! I did not like this.The XS fitted me quite well actually but look at my tummy fats hahahaha just out in all its glory. 

I just didn’t feel for this. It really looks like an apron after awhile?? Maybe it’s the color? They had it in other shades but I just thot this was quite pretty. 

I was super aunty looking that day. Hope that explains why my head’s cut off in all the pictures hahahahaha


Omg stupid face. She was just chilling on her bed like that and I burst out laughing cause really damn stupid looking??? Niap girl.


Completed this piece and I’m pretty half-hearted on selling this piece cause I freaking love it. I love the shades, the little details and those fat white poms. If I have a daughter, this is definitely going in her room HAHAHAH


I’ve been making them for the whole weekend. I just spent 7 hours doing these and I’ll be putting them at TTR this week! Yes, u can purchase them on the spot! Im so tired, but at least I’m good-tired!


Nice weather when I’m home or teach near home and the day I gotta walk 15 mins to my student’s class, the weather be like, ‘HAH GOTCHA THIS TIME’ 

I thought I was gonna turn into a puddle of perspiration and just maybe evaporate away.