New shoes, new clothes, new weaves


I love my loud earrings especially this one from zara!


No ragrats on my Mango shoes but it’s so scratchy. It didn’t wear uncomfy but the material is not for the sensitive skin haha

Husband asked if I was gonna start weaving weaved basket clothes 😑


I. Need. A. Haircut. 

This dress is life. It’s so comfy, so lightweight and so easy. I do love a subtle slit.

And yes, husband is back for abit so ootds again! Haha


Now that I can make poms AND weaves, it’s incredible how fast I go thru my yarns! I’ve also started to learn to tell the difference between them and what will make better end-products, and perfecting them! Thanks for all the support 💕 I feel super happy when you girls show me the baskets you carry or how u match your own customized poms! 看了很开心 ok.


And cause I was feeling waves of nostalgia (I’ve never let a weave go before so yes, IM SAD), I weaved another piece! This is cute toooooo. Look at that tuft of roving yarn 😍 

I put it up on Bahskitkase’s IG for fun and it got snapped up so quickly! I’m happy they are so loved and going to new homes. And this gives me all the reason to START A NEW WEAVE. I’m going with more colors and less structure for this new piece!


Yknow what’s awesome about making these? I get to ‘try out’ diff color palettes and keep one of each for myself hahahahaha #excuses