New hair!


Sigh my hair is drying me nuts. 

It’s flat and lifeless and my curls are growing out so it’s ultra weird. ULTRA.


Wearing #TTR Calder linen dress! Another perfect teaching-day dress. I wore it twice this week alr.


The material so comfy and the design is so cute leh omg. I love the swishy ends. Plus hello?? It’s white. LOL. My favorite HAHAHAH


Completed a few more weaves and I’ve decided that I’ve had enough of colors. All my past weaves were super colorful so I’m gonna work on smth earthy and neutral. 

I’ve put up all my past weaves on IG @/weavelovepea so I don’t spam anyone here btw! More for the #dayrehomes hahaha and not for the #dayrebeauty commnunity lolz


One of my bigger pieces and I LOVE the colors! It’s 40cm in length leh. I didn’t quite expect it to be this long when I started it. The whole piece is shown on IG @/weavelovepea !


Got around to fixing my hair and LOVE IT. This picture cannot see properly at all leh. It’s more of an ashy brown irl with gorgeous caramel highlights. It was recommended by my SIL and I really liked her grey balayage! 

I had my hair done at Number 1 Salon right by Bishan J8 and the main director stylist there is Jason! He personally trimmed my hair and the highlight and washing were done by the other stylist working there. I asked for him so he was the one who decided on the color and all!


I think it’s slightly truer here under sheltered sunlight haha

Husband has requested for me to grow my hair out hahahaha he kinda freaked a’lil when I went even shorter the last time. It’s DAMN HOT LEH. And hair all over the house omfg. How did I have butt long hair for years last time??? 

Even this length is triggering a lot of angst but hey, at least I have pretty colors in my hair.