an update of sorts.

Last night, I had the most vivid dream that I was pregnant. Not heavily, but just enough to show that I am. 

I felt ready, as in mentally ready. Not physicalIy tho. I remembered I had NOTHING prepared cause we were hiding the fact I was pregnant. So in my dream, we couldn’t prepare anything. Why we were hiding, I have no clue HAHA just that I was wearing huge clothing articles to hide the bump. Yknow food belly is still kinda soft but in my dream, this belly was TAUT & it felt SO real. 

But I woke up in....shock and a teeny bit of, what I can only imagine is fear. I always thought I was, but I’m so not ready to be responsible for another human being. I can’t even count mine as one. The husband is mostly responsible for me hahahaha I am a useless being. Seriously, people need to stop asking when izzit our turn lah. I know it comes from a ‘place of love’ but it’s my uterus okay. My uterus, my say. 

And then, a couple of days back, I had a dream that we had this GIANT FAT cockroach in the house. I wasn’t kidding about the ‘giant’ part ok. It’s like, as big as a man’s palm and fat egg. My description is horrendous hahaha

What’s up with all these weird dreams! I don’t dream a lot one leh but these few days, I take forever to fall asleep and then I get these ridiculous dreams. I’m so sleepy 😑


HOW PRETTY IS SHE. Every time I look at her, I love her more. I always thought my heart is full alr and it’s impossible to love her any more. But I still do. Pls live forever lol.


Btw, this is SO GOOD. It’s called Money Heist but the entire show is in Spanish. Sad thing is it’s not available on SG Netflix yet but I managed to watch/download it in Vietnam and Japan (idk which other countries can watch tho) 

It’s SO GOOD OMG. Like, both the husband and I were thoroughly hooked. We were still discussing it 2 days after we finished the show. 

There’s only 2 seasons which I felt was just nice and not too draggy but omg SO GOOD. If u have the chance, go DL it on your iPad/iPhone when you’re overseas. No regrets, I promise. It has just the right mix of thrill, logic and emotions to keep you on your edge all the time.


Banh mi and Op la foreva 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

I swear, in my previous life, I must have been a Vietnamese HAHAHAH I really feel this incredible affinity with the place. Idk how to put it across. The husband has been telling people, ‘She’s Vietnamese born in a Singaporean’s body.’ 



Crazyass weather. I’m now three shades darker fml even with my supplements and sunscreen. Is it really must take Heliocare nooooow. It’s SO EX leh.


Popped into Zara cause some u all told me got new arrivals!!! I freaking love this even tho I looked like a tropical island 🏝 hahahaha LOVE IT. So I got it. But idk where on earth I’m gonna be wearing this to.


I came in for this. But I didn’t leave with it cause it just didn’t fit right! I put it on and the first thing that popped into my head was toilet paper. A’lil out there HAHAHA but I swear, it just popped into my head. If it fit better, I would have totally gotten it.


Terrible picture but saw Mong in this pants and I got them cause it’s SO PRETTY. Have been searching for a white high waisted one like this for forever. Btw, I haven’t bought from LB for over 4 years. My last buy was in 2014. Let’s hope this doesn’t disappoint. 

(Omg it arrived and it didn’t disappoint! It looked SO GOOD with little kitten heels aka the ones below lol. Can’t wait to wear them out. Make my legs look so super long)


The sales of the shoes went so well, I actually couldn’t fulfill all the preorders. Good problem? Idk. The logistics were almost IMPOSSIBLE so I’m not gonna be holding another one in the seemingly near future. It was just too insane. And my main worry was making sure the shoes fit. 

I managed to buy a few more pairs for myself in diff designs/colors and my ultimate favorite one is this forest/olive green. It’s so stunning.


Btw, packing stocks and lugging around huge luggages are not kind to nails. I refuse to take a picture of before cause they were horrid. I really just wanted smth simple and quick so I would STOP picking at them. 

My MIL and SIL always go to The Roots at Elias mall. Eugena (IG @/nailstudiosg) does nails there and I freaking love her pedicures. The short massage at the end damn shiok LOL. Plus it’s SO CONVENIENT. 5 mins walk lol. So I decided to go get my mani done and I love how basic it is. 

This book I’m on is Gallery of the Dead by Chris Carter. I love his books. It’s so disturbing and I always can’t wait to find out the ending. Major love. Always takes me longer to finish such books cause EVERY DETAIL matters but this was sooooo intriguing, I finished it in a day.


Been on an insane book-spree. I’m not a fan of non-fiction. I use books to escape from reality and chick flicks and mystery novels just help, yknow? Self-help and motivational books are very depressing imo. 

Anyw, this was a great laugh. Depressing at first, but still humorous. Sophie Kinsella is a cheer-me-up author. Never fails. I have ALL her books.


Sad sad. Like, the entire book is depressing head to toe. I went from laughing-crying reading Surprise Me to omg-I-wanna-die but aiya, what to expect from Lang Leav right. It’s a good book nonetheless. Very easy read. I finished it in 4 hours.


I’ve been loving small bags and they are totally making a comeback. Snackbox is really very apt and I need to carry it out more. I have Snackbox Version II coming!


Brought in these baskets in small and I got just one medium one to try-try and it fits the (fake) Ikea plant pot perfectly!!! Omg it’s so nice. The Ikea pot is so ugly lol. Should I continue bringing in this size for home owners?? #Dayrehome owners can let me know! The chevron print is so love 😍

The smaller ones are DAMN NICE too. Can be used as handbags ok. At this exponential rate I’m buying baskets, I’m gonna need a warehouse.


I can’t believe I’m saying this but you can now see Bahskitkase’s baskets in real life over at The Tinsel Rack’s store!!! I know most of u probably alr know it but just in case, it’s at Orchard Gateway #02-17A!!! 

I will have a few selections there and then be switching up designs now and then! Can go buy clothes AND baskets. It will be officially in the store 1 May (TMR!) & it’s Labor Day so GO SHOPPING! U deserve it hahaha

This is incredibly surreal ok. I remember meeting Joyce here for the first time to look at clothes and omg I found the pic we took tgtr and my hair was SO LONG hahaha


If you ever wanted to check out how my beloved dumpling looks like irl, can go see them now. I really fell in love with the actual pieces when I first saw them and now I own them in every single color. My husband is going to put me on a ban soon.

I set this piece aside for more than a month, as it is, cause I just didn’t know how I wanted to go on. 

Then I took it out tonight and stared at it for a while before deciding to end it as it is. And I actually quite like how it looks. The branch fits quite nicely, I must say.


Ikea-shopping a few days back! I got a basket for my baskets! Haha it’s actually a laundry basket but it fits perfectly into the little corner and holds all my bags! Matched my baskets to a T, doesn’t it!


My lighting is so off here. But yay to new shelf!! Omg I totally can do shelfie shots now for skincare. I have so much skincare stuff to share and I’m really so behind. Meeeeehhhhh.