A Juicy Peach


I used to be an obsessive people-pleaser. I needed to be liked and it’s really human nature, I think? I am not too sure. I know of people who are extremely confident and don't feel the need to please everyone. Maybe its just certain people. Maybe its my personality. I grew up with plenty of insecurities and sometimes, unknowingly, when you think you have a good handle on things, these little things creep up and go BOO. 

Recently, in light of certain events, I've come to realize that with age, comes indifference. Does it work like that for everyone? You just grow older and cannot care less? Well, aside from the fact that I have been incredibly busy (and gratefully so) and have so much more important things in life to be concerned with, I realize I’m so much happier when I simply don’t care about what other people think. I mean, I’m not gonna go off and start monkey-dancing in public right now hahah you all know what I mean. 

I think instead of investing time over people who have absolute no interest in me and just not bothered to know me, I am spending my time wiser. I have a lovely home, a fatty dog, a doting husband, both parents, even a set of grandparents and friends whom I know genuinely care about me. I don't have money concerns. I don't have to worry about much (or anything for the matter).  Like, what more can I ask for?

I genuinely wonder, when I see people who don't know each other, fighting online nonetheless, why on earth do you have so much free time?? Where are you getting all your time from????? Do you secretly have more than 24 hours a day. If so, OMG, SHARE YOUR SECRET PLS. I don't even have time to sit and read a book in peace. I do all my book-readings when I am traveling from place to place and you actually have time to troll people online? C'mon dude. Share your time-secret. Or a bunch of girls just hating on another cause apparently, cliques are still a thing. How old are you??? 14?

I recently read this little quote from an influencer but I can't recall who, so I am sorry.

You can be the juiciest, sweetest and plumpest peach in the entire world. And there will still be people who hate peaches.

And that came right after I saw the above quote and it just hit me. Like, you can be the nicest person, and someone out there will find a reason to not like something about you, isn't it? 

I’m a genuinely nice person. At least, I think I am. I am not perfect. I bitch, I swear and I have a ton of pet peeves. But I am not a mean or malicious person. I am not a bully. If you are not interested in getting to know me, I’m not gonna lose sleep over it. I can't, at least. Not when there is no valid reason or you just assume something about me. I have way more important things in life right now to worry about, like proper grown-up activities. Its tiring, but so fulfilling. I love every aspect of my life right now and I feel so contented every night before I sleep. 

Do you? If you don't, why not fix that instead?