SIL got me this 😍😍😍

Friends, Grey’s & Criminal Minds are my fave fave binge shows. I’ve probably watched each episode of Friends more than 10x LOL and I can actually quote them verbatim. LOLOL #issues

Btw, the latest ep of Greys is like WTF OKAY. No spoilers lah but just, how does Grey’s do this to me every. single. time. My heart 😭 I’ll die one day when the show ends. A part of me will. Truly.


Yknow what I really wonder? 

How many of my opposite neighbors think I’m crazy when I whip out my vacuum cleaner which is like, every other day? HAHAHAHAHA I swear, I swear they can see my clean. Do I care? NO. They’d wish I clean their house plz. LOLOL.


Mother’s day dinner at Bakalaki (I finally learnt how to spell their name ok) 

My family is not the quietest and we’d be highly uncomfortable in white-tablecloth places so I thot this would be nice and it really was! There were so many families there too haha

Some of you were asking for my Bugis haul but tbh, I didn’t buy a lot?? I got this white dress! Isn’t it preeeetttyyy? I’m in S and I think it was $20-25?? I cannot rmbr.


When you are too lazy to resize.....

And when you forget to take a pic when the food arrives and you do it after dinner instead hahahahaha


Inserting my other Bugis St buy - this lovely rust THICKASS batwing cardigan. It’s AMAZING. So super soft and flattering. 

Pls don’t ask me which shop these are from. I really dk how to tell you. They are from Level 2 and if you need a guide to Bugis St., I have one on Beautypeadia.com. Just follow that and walk around lah. Confirm can see stuff you like one.


SNACKBOX V2 😍😍😍 omg I love this cutie pie. It’s really very rustic, very bohemian and goes amazing with anything white, which apparently is now my entire wardrobe.


Have been churning these out like a mad machine hahahaha I love how fluffy they are. I have SO MANY of them cause I get so into it and can’t stop making them.


Omg me love this combo SO MUCH. I love things easily HAHAHAH


And because I wanna make all the different colored poms in this world, I’m back on my yarn spree, which also means....


Weaving! I’m so happy to whip out my loom again. It’s been awhile! 

I wanted smth fun and colorful and I just went with it (clearly). I am no expert lah obviously but practicing helps plenty!


I completed that and am on this more...soft and subtle one. This color palette is GORGEOUS amirite. I love textures so trying to include as much of it as I can hahahaha I love it. 

I think I’m gonna make a big one next. 

Any #dayrehome owners wanna buy weaves off me? I love doing them but my wall, much to my dismay, is not limitless. I think I’ll just start putting them up on Bahskitkase IG account soon lol.


When you’ve got nice props and u need to make full use. 

Decided to go with this calendar and stand from Pine on Paper this month cause the husband left for his work trip alr. He’s planning on coming back in between but nth is fixed and I’m saaaaaad. We are those damn sickening irritating sticky couple who says ‘I miss you’ the second we go different ways so yes, this is gonna be tough. I do not recall how we did the 6-year LDR okay.



Before he left, we had to do a super quick and impromptu shoot. Is it a shoot if it’s just his iPhone LOL

This is one from the outtake and I quite like all the pics! Now I can’t wait to see the lookbook next week. Gonna put the book at TTR so you guys can see how I match TTR clothes with all my baskets. Some of the clothes Joyce passed them to me and some I bought myself! I have somehow accumulated a ton of TTR clothes, I realized LOL


I totally forgot I backordered the TTR Judith Wrap Front dress and when it arrived yesterday evening, I was like zomg PERFECT for today’s EA event!!! ITS GORGEOUS. The color is so amazing 😍 Made me look so super fair omg. 

I love backordered stuff. It’s like I forget and it’s a surprise HAHAHA #cheapthrill


Red on red. I didn’t managed to get a ootd for this dress but omg nice nice nice. I love it. It’s not too warm and got the swishy vibe when I walk HAHAHAH feel sassy yknow.


Had a pretty good time learning the different products EA have and sampling everything at the back of our hands hahaha

Sometimes, the two of us forget that people dk we know each other for a long long time LOLOL we were just talking about nonsense today and Joanne from EA (I hope I spelled her name right!) went, ‘You 2 long time friends izzit?’