Date night a couple weeks ago with the hubs and being lazy people, we went for a massage, pizza and then headed home to watch shows in bed hahahaha #age

All the nonsense pics pls. So hard to get a decent one lol.


Popped into Zara cause GWC Zara is huge and I love it. 

Need to stop buying clothes unless I can get rid of some cause my wardrobe is bursting at its seams. But I can’t. Zara’s recent launches are robbing me dry hahaha


Messy hair, don’t care. Actually, I really care lol it’s damn getting in my way. A trim is highly needed! Nice hair for Japan cause I’ll be photo-spamming! 

I’ve been truly obsessed with the Innisfree Vivid Creamy Tint. I’m using 02 all over my lips and then 05 right in the center. I get to customized any gradient lips I desire. It’s so freaking fun. Plus the texture blends so well and looks so good. They last really long too. Love it. Very very worth it, I feel.


Caved into this Zara blazer cause hello, super pretty pink plus pearl accent 😍 And it was the last XS after going to 3 diff Zara okay. #fate LOLOL

I’ll bring it to Japan! Haha I can match the cherry blossoms.


Finally found an outfit to match my bunny glitter mules. I’ve had them for forever but they kinda look abit insane on most days hahaha who am I kidding? They are so damn extra but I love them.


Sunday brunch day. 

Went to Lola’s Cafe with the husband cause the reviews looked so good!


I had the cappuccino which was decent, but I’ve had better. Husband’s Chai Tea Latte with Soy Milk and erm it was shit. It tasted like watered down curry LOLOL. 

BUT, the desserts were AMAZING. We shared the Honey Apple Cake and Seasalt Chocolate Tart and they were sooooo good. Not overly sweet and really delish. I will definitely go back for the cakes again. It was so good. Even the husband was scrapping the plate for every last crumble ok.


Perfect Sunday really. 

Managed to research for Japan and any Kyoto recommendations will be very appreciated! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 

Hubs and I will have the first 3 days to ourselves there before we are joined by the family. I am gonna go look at kimonos rental! There’s definitely one on my bucket list.


Brought the hubs to the Greek restaurant cause it’s that good and I really know he would like it and he did. He loved it. We had such an awesome meal. 

For all of u who asked - this is a Greek restaurant at Tiong Bahru! Just google. There’s only one. I can’t, for the life of me, rmbr how to spell the name.


I started my 3-things-I’m-grateful-for journaling last year, did it for about 6 months and then it just died away. It felt really good doing it so I was quite sad I didn’t manage to do it for the entire year so I decided to pick it up again! 

Got this pretty pink journal from Kikki.K and so far, so good! I’ve been very diligent about it. I do it every night and it just feels very nice going to bed on a good note.


I’m soooo sick of my hair length. It’s at this...itchy length lol. Tickling my neck all the time.


Had time before class so....Zara it is. I walked around for 10 mins and had NINE hangers on my arms. Tried them on and managed to leave with 2! 

I thought I would really like this but it looks like pjs on me lol. Wayyyyy too big leh. Sad.



Ok, no one except AP people will get this lol. Had a very nice lunch and meeting session with them and I’m very nervous (but excited) for April.

Flo and I will be participating in several AP events this month for Innisfree, Mamonde and Laneige

Will you guys wanna come down and meet us and talk about skincare and makeup lol? Pls come! I promise we are really very nice people despite our RBFs 🤣 it’d be like a #dayrebeauty meetup!! 

Will go into more details soon once we finalize everything!


And I went for my hair cut!!!! 

I’ve not been one for short hair, if you know me. I once bawled my house down at 7 cause my mother made me cut my looooong hair short. And I would have never thought I can love short hair THIS MUCH. 

Ever since I got this hair done, I’ve got SO MANY people asking me who did it.



She’s a MAGICIAN. Idk how but she gives me korean-hair EVERY SINGLE TIME. I major love it. I wish I can bring her home and have her blow dry my hair on a daily basis. Also, their hair wash is mighty shiok and I don’t usually enjoy hair wash by other people one ok. 

Also, not sponsored. Disclaimer first ok.


A few days ago when we were back in +84! 

‘Twas a short short trip cause I didn’t wanna miss class and we managed to find a little slot in the week to fly up! 

Here’s the dress the entire IG has been asking me about. It’s from Zara and I am in XS. 

Btw, I think I replied to most DMs enquiries cause everyone’s mostly polite but really lah, some with the no pls no thank you - what do u take me for??? Rude leh.


It’s really damn cute but the washing is abit troublesome cause of the tassels.


Only place I took pic of cause that was such a nice corner! This is at Secret Gardens where I had to work for my meal by climbing like, 6 flights of stairs or smth.


But always worth it! Haha


Back in SG for 4 days before JAPAN! Omg can’t catch my breath.

Woke up early to go post all the baskets out!! Can’t believe I managed to pack everything in one night. My back legit broke at the end of it. 

Wearing Bourjois REV in No. 32 and 33! Omg these new shades are really right up my alley. The rosey/nude shades are all DAMN STUNNING.


Finally broke into this pair of suede grey mules. SO PRETTY. 

Speaking of clothes, I haven’t plan a single outfit for Japan leh. HOW AH hahahahaha i know the weather app gives an average of 18-21° on most days but idk how cold to expect it with wind? Is there wind tho? LOL. 

21°C in Boston is like 10°C irl so Idk what to expect for 21° in Tokyo. Someone help HAHA


New launch is a bigger tote for mummies and girls who just don’t like small bags haha. 

This can fit aloooot of stuff! The double-patterned weave makes it so pretty and the sling is long enough to throw over shoulder! 

My go-to when i have to go for classes cause I bring out my water bottle and umbrella!