ASKBOX | Weaving Obsession


Husband has been working on this for awhile and its so surreal to see it in the App Store. I’ve seen it gone thru all the stages including forming of the name and logo. So so surreal. 

When I started getting more serious about skincare on Dayre, I’ve been getting many many emails and DMs from many of you girls and sometimes, j just can’t reply to all of u ☹️

Sometimes, I missed out on emails that accidentally went to spam or comments that get buried. Sometimes, the written description is a’lil vague so i can’t really give a proper reply.


Now, you can go on and ask me questions and I’ll be able to provide a video reply! 

Not only am I on, Flo’s also on the app as answerers alr! Can ask me about skincare and ask her about makeup lol. 

There’s already some questions and answers from beta users so you can go view some of the stuff on there. I’m pretty excited to answer your questions so pls go download and ask me some skincare questions!! 

It’s a Q&A platform where you can get proper answers from experts not only in the beauty scene, but start-ups, authors and many others. It literally just launched so it’s gonna build up slowly but surely. 

You can apply to be Answerers but the team will check for criterias so not every cat or dog can answer question lah. If not then it’s just gonna turn into liao. This is slightly more curated and hopefully will be more useful for people looking for serious answers!


This is freaking weird to see HAHA but hey ma, I’m on the App Store! This was how long the hubs has been working on. That picture is O.L.D.


I love Daiso HAHAHAH I got this pompom-making thingy and an actual plastic loom from there wtf even??? And the best part is they work leh. I was just curious. I’ve used a fork to make mini poms before but this one makes a slightly bigger one.


The loom even comes with tools to help weave. Every night, chouchou just comes and lie beside me while I weave and watch Friends. My heart can’t take this shit.


This is my first weave using the Daiso loom and I was really pretty pleased with it! 

If u just wanna try this out and dw to invest so much into it, Daiso is your place. All the yarns for $2. It’s probably not suitable for weaving clothes and blankets but for wall weaves? They are perfect.


Why I pick branches up when walking her hahaha i don’t like using dowels. Branches give it a nicer feel, no? 

And check out my uhmayzing nails from Celine. I think I paid $93 for this set. It’s freaking amazing, there’s even little dried flowers in it ok. 

And pls ignore that amateur-looking weave. I am getting slightly better HAHA later I show y’all.


This is...half of what I own currrntly and all from Daiso! 

Most Daiso carry regular yarns but some carry small roving yarns and they add amazing texture to the weave. I wish they have them in more shades! 

Tbh, when I first wanted to try out weaving, I DIY-ed a loom from a cork board frame (I just cut out the board) and then hammered nails in (spaced 1/2” apart). It was slightly wonky but the great thing is I got to choose the size. This plastic loom is fixed in size and it’s on the smaller side so u can just choose what u want lah. I’ve seen looms in Spotlight going from $25 onwards so can get those if you’re serious. Amazon also got sell, I think??


I’ve been extra puffy recently meh but pretty good hair day recently! 

These earrings go with everything. I love it. Also...I was too lazy to resize this picture which is why it’s so in-your-face LOL


Wore my Zara dress out with these Temt slip ons. I got the last one in my size and they were on sales somemore wtf. SCORE hehehe only $14.95 ok


He is my ultimate cutie pie lol


Attended Natalie’s Studio weaving workshop after learning about it from Pearlynkmin and I was SO EXCITED. 

I really wanted a proper loom cause I enjoy weaving and the Daiso one is limited in size. Natalie provided 2 looms of different sizes, with all the necessary combs and needles etc. 

I really enjoyed the class leh! I learnt a lot of basics from YT and Pinterest but I really wanted to learn more detailed stuff like, tucking of yarns etc.


My completed piece from the workshop! I love it 😍


Hubs picked me up after the workshop and I got him to take a proper #ootd. Isn’t he getting so good at these?? Hahaha I feel like he is.


We went to Ann Siang for dinner and tried Blue Label - recommended by Ni. 

We got oysters and fries with egg (which was really bomb) and also...


Pepperoni pizza! But we both decided that nothing beats Regina Pizzeria from Boston. This is a good alternative if you’re looking for good pizza!


Then I went home and picked out new yarns for another weave. It’s an addiction, I swear. I decided to go with a more neutral one this time round.


Met the uni girls for brunch on Sunday and I dressed up cause date night with hubs!


Brought Dumpling out and dont be deceived by her size ok. All the girls were so amazed at how much I had in there. My wallet, compact powder, tissue packet, wire, earpiece, ext. battery, 2 lipsticks and my medicine pouch.


Went to Nesuto Patisserie for some cakes and coffee and a quick catch up!


Very pretty place and I immediately taobaoed the utensils and got Flo to help me buy 3 sets for future home HAHAHAHAH I really just wanted to see quality first. I’m not only gonna have 3 spoons in my home next time. 

The slice of Raspberry Yuzu was really very amazing. The tartness helped balanced out the sweet chocolate and I enjoyed how light it was. The other two cakes were chocolate-based but they were kinda sweet for me. And that’s saying alot.


Isn’t this #TTR dress just SO NICE OMG. I alr planning when to wear it next. It fits like a glove but it’s SO comfortable and so flattering. 


Then I completed the weave and got food poisoning 😒

I’m not gonna have a lot of wall space left at this rate but back to the point. 

The husband and I seemed to be down with something after dinner last night. He’s a lot better than me seeing as how I’ve been bedridden the whole day. I even had to miss my lash appointment cause every time I stood up, a wave of nauseousness hits and I had to lie back down. Then a fever came and I was just feeling like death.


So what’s a girl gotta do when she’s just bedridden from nauseousness? 


I need to find a way to clear them off lol. My wall space is limited. I completed this neutral one and immediately started on a rainbow one lol