The Closet Lover


Brianna asked if I liked to try on some new #TCL stuff coming your way this Sunday and I thought, why not. In fact, I just purchased the recently launched crochet cheongsam cause the nudes and rosy pinks were just too pretty. Yes, I have like, 3 cheongsams for this CNY alr LOL wtf is wrong with me

All new arrivals launching this Sunday!


Let’s see the cheongsams first! I wasn’t intending to try on any cause hello, I got 3??? But this shade of green is soooo gorgeous. I’ve always had a soft spot for forest green. The print and pleats also make it look v royal-ish huh.


The details also v intricate.


This is a no for me tho. I’m too short, I feel. I tried all XS for the pieces but this is cutting is still abit big for me. The material is very thick and heavy too so coupled with my new short hair, I feel like I look like a huge dumpling. It’s really of damn amazing material tho, I must say. I was really shocked when I held this. It’s very lux. 

If you’re tall, this would be for you. Your height will balance out the weight and structure of the dress, I feel.


If you’re not into wearing cheongsams and qipaos for CNY, and would rather get smth that u can also wear on regular days, this jumpsuit is just 😍 The rose shade and little blossoms still makes it v CNY-suitable, no??  

I mentioned some posts ago that TCL jumpsuits never fail me so I know I had to try this on. And I did. Then I got it. Hahahaha btw, my angle made it look like I photoshopped my thigh/hip area??? I sumpa I didn’t ok. I was standing weird.


The cutting and length are always just nice. Fits me so well. Btw, I’m ~1.61m and I’m in a XS for their clothes!


Wore it out today with some high-waisted culottes and it’s perfect for a teaching day. I don’t look sloppy at all and still v decent hahaha



I love this pair of culottes. I got them from Bugis st a while ago for like, $10 only. Shiok.


I tried this top and i didn’t get it but.....I think I’m gonna buy it from the launch this Sunday LOL I initially thought it’d be too basic for me but I am totally regretting it leh! I tried this in XS too but I think it would be better if it’s in S cause the cutting feels alil small at my bust area. I also think it’d look abit better loose?? Th Xs emphasizes my armpit fats HAHAHAH