Happy and prosperous doggie new year to all of you! Lol can I still act cute if I’m 28 hahahaha give me a chance k.

My gorgeous earrings are from IG @/calypsoul and isn’t it soooo pretty?? They matched my outfit to a T. Later I take ootd!


Bday/CNY outfit from #TTR

All the old people keep pulling up the other sleeve for me 🤣


My favourite old man in the whole world 👴🏼


Happy CNY from the Chias! Omg I can’t believe I’m a Chia now lol

Yes, I found this auspicious orange wall and made good use of it hahaha Accidental matching outfit with the husband!


My earrings and dress are just 绝配 ! Match made in heaven really.


The husband arranged a birthday dinner just the two of us at a steakhouse and zomg I wanna die I’m so full wtf. I finished a petit filet mignon by myself. Considering the fact that I ate at 4pm, it’s a feat.


Hiding my fat face from the world lol. I’m so going on a diet after CNY. It’s not funny. I went from XS to S leh.


I’m very excited for my weaving workshop this weekend! It’s my vday present from the hubs lol and I’ve alr slowly but surely amassed my personal collection. Will it be too crazy if I bring them all there lol.


I wasn’t strangling her k HAHA I was supporting her so she can stand. Here’s from chouchou to you! She’s the best smelly boss dog in the world. 

Does any #dayrepets owner know where can I get her paws 🐾 printed to be framed up? I’m not so sure I should be inking her paws on my own. She loves to lick them. Maybe non-toxic ink, I guess.


Found ourselves at GBTB on 初二. It was horribly packed but the Dahlia exhibition was very pretty. Idk what flowers are these tho.


Didn’t manage to take an outfit pic but here’s somewhat one HAHAHAH my really pretty and nice fitting maroon lace dress from Bugis St! I think i got it for like, $20 only pls.


My face round alr sia 🌚 but good makeup day! 

Managed to match my TCL jumpsuit with these Calypsoul earrings. So 美美 right!


Took me so long before she would stop turning around to lick my makeup off


Had yum cha at Chinatown and I can’t seem to leave there without buying nonsense leh. Got myself these porcelain saucer bowls cause they were so peranakan-looking! And those colors are super on point leh. My dining table gon be colorful next time hahaha I still have those random ceramic bowls I bought from turkey too.


I also got this jumpsuit in forest green lol. I love love love how well this cut fits me.


Haven’t taken a proper selfie this whole CNY! So handsome leh 😍


Got this cute retro romper from Cotton On and it’s still loose even tho it’s XXS??? I really wish they’d standardize their sizing cause most of the time now, XS is too small for me. Then suddenly this range the size so big wtheck. 

I’m really so excited to go back to Vietnam soon to get all the baskets!! Don’t be deceived by this size. I can keep a foldable umbrella inside pls.


Grateful to be back in SG to celebrate this CNY even tho it’s been a really tiring holiday. Really is in need of a holiday from a holiday. Super first world problem haha

I really just wanna stay home with Paris and paint and weave 🙊