My Safe Haven.

How did I just find out about the squarespace app?!! This would have made my life a thousand times easier omg.


Bought new white sheets recently and what is it about white sheets that makes the bed look SO DELICIOUS.

We recently got some new down-alternative pillows from Eurotex sales (buy 1 get 1 free so it was only $49 total??) and omg I feel like I’m sleeping on hotel pillows nightly. Damn shiok. I’m very fussy about my pillows cause otherwise I get headaches but those are just so awesome. I can’t even use memory foam without getting headaches wtf. Fussy neck.



Nails still looking good too. I was really quite apprehensive doing my nails so early before CNY cause I have ocd and very itchy fingers so that’s not a good combination. The second I spot a single chip, I will NEED to start peeling. If I start peeling one, it’s seconds before all ten comes off. Issues really.

Also I do a lot of housework and it doesn’t help?? I went for a ton of bling/appliqués this time round and it worries endlessly cause confirm won’t have time to re-do if I peel lol


Growing obsession really. I got this new rose-scented one from Sally’s Room and I think it’s local?? Redmart carries it! Decided to try out the mini one first and first impressions before lighting is 👌🏼 It has this fresh rose scent, not the fake-sweet-mix-with-other-nonsense kinda scent. It takes a while for the smell to permeate a room though, but I like how its not over-powering!

What local candle brands do u guys use! I see Yankee candles going for $7 in US Marshalls so getting one here for the original price is just really a no for me LOL. I don’t buy Yankee or BBW candles from SG.


Got new curtains from iKea cause it was really time to change out those 10-yo ones. Btw, my branches are all picked from my surroundings LOL. The huge one was my most recent find while walking Paris! 



My safe haven. I love doing up the room. Bought new candles, curtains are matchy with the wall, sheets are so clean and soft and fake plants all around. I love it. 

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