Surprise visit from the husband. Only two days but it’s better than nothing. I’d take 2 minutes. 

Felt so surreal to have him back in bed but omg I had the best sleep in 2 months. I sleep like a log beside him. I think it’s cause he’s a man-heater in the cold of the night haha 

Its soon-to-be our 3rd wedding anniversary and soon-to-be our 10th together. But...it’s not enough. 10 years is not enough. It’s not enough time. There’s never enough time with him. There will never be enough. 

I guess it hit me as we are approaching 30. Give or take another 60 years if we both have the fortune to live till 90yo. I don’t want just 60 years. I want forever. Am I being too selfish? 

The husband always reminds me that we are lucky, lucky to have found each other when you’re young. To start building memories and a life together. 

But that’s the truth, isn’t it? I want forever with him. I want our love to go beyond this lifetime. If there’s a next life, I’ll choose him all over again.


Ok, before I get too overboard and sappy. Let’s insert a happy picture from two months ago. 

I’ve been witnessing too many bad r/s & i think people somehow feel that a wedding or a marriage is magical and somehow, can solve issues. I mean, if your foundation is not strong...what do you think signing a piece of legal papers can do exactly? It’s not a fairy godmother yknow. 


Marry the person who lets you take up 7/8 of the bed cause he can’t bear to roll you over and wake you up. 

Marry the person who will cook you maggie mee at 3am when he hears your growling tummy. 

Marry the person who looks at you all unkempt in the morning and still tells he thinks you’re beautiful.

Marry the person who makes you a promise and you know 100% he will keep it and you never have to doubt him, not even for a second. 

Marry the person whose eyes you search for in a crowd and when you find it, your heart stops for a moment. 

Marry the person who will always remember to pack a straw when he buys you coffee because that’s the way you take it. 

Marry the person who chooses to FaceTime you even tho it’s 2am there and he’s needs to wake up in 4 hours but still wants to see your face and talk to you. 

Marry the person who will sneak out to buy breakfast so you can sleep in. 

Marry the person who will always eat Macdonalds with you, whenever you feel like it, which is pretty much all the time. 

Marry the person who will send you to class and wait an hour for you just to spend more time together. 

Marry the person who gives you nightly back massages cause he knows the TOTM gives you terrible back aches. 

Marry the person who, when he’s away, will text you every morning, the second he wakes up, just to tell you good morning and that he misses you. 

Marry the person who has this secret ability to make you laugh, every time you feel down. 

Marry the person whom you want to tell everything to. 

Marry the person who makes you feel like there’s never enough time with them and being apart is just painful. 

Marry the person whom you will miss, even if he is just in the next room. 

Marry the person, who is the most logical person you know, but will give in to your emotional arguments every single time. 

Marry the person who has kept all his promises to you and never broken any.

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