Azen Jewelry - Caught In The Rain


After I wrote about my Azen Jewelry (IG @/azenjewelry) rings, I was so surprised they wrote to me and wanted to gift me some of their pieces for a collab. 😭😭😭 #grateful lah. It’s all cause of u all and I really am v thankful for opportunities like these. 

I’ve been wearing the rings I bought myself for a while now and the quality is really great. It’s not like those common costume jewelry which will turn green after a while. Even the dainty one I have and wear the most often is still nice and shiny. And I’m the kind who washes my hands a lot. Just remove before showering and make sure it doesn’t get into contact with perfume and such lor. Basic care!


They showed me new pieces from their Rock Me collection and it’s this really whimsical collection called Caught In The Rain. The pieces are inspired by rain drops and it’s so romantic leh??? I can’t even. 

I picked this dainty ring with a single tear-drop shaped stone (Pink Tourmaline) since I alr got my own amethyst one. The ring itself looks like a twig and it’s like a tree branch with a drop of rain. Omg so much feels. I’m a sucker for stuff like that.


I have pretty small fingers so I’m damn happy this brand got sizing to fit me. I don’t really buy a lot of accessories cause fitting is always an issue. 

If they don’t have your size online, you can head down to the store (Shaw Centre Isetan Level 1) to customize it! Not only that, you can pick from 3 different hardware (gold, rose gold or silver) and even the stone. So if you want a silver one with an amethyst stone instead, it can totally be done.


If you’re not into big statement earrings, these Palm Leaf from them are so pretty too. 有没有 feels? Hahaha


I also picked this Palm Twist Ring from the same series and it comes with a Howlite stone or more commonly known as marble. It’s DAMN PRETTY. I have a dozen white outfits so this will make a super outstanding piece. They look so gorgeous together or even alone, fits both causal and dressy events. Me likes. 

They have also very kindly provided a one-time use 10% discount code <SWEETPEA10>!

That is available for use online and in stores (1 time use!) I’ve put up an IG Stories Highlights for Azen and you can go screenshot the story with the discount code and flash it instore if you’re not using it online! The promo is valid till 30th November!