Happy Birthday, Paris


Hi my 宝, 

You’re 14 years old today! 14 on the 14th. Haha faster go buy 4D. 

I can’t believe I’ve known you for almost a decade?! I wished I couldn’t have known you when you were a puppy. I love hearing stories about how you steal Prince’s food when no one was looking and because of that, keep growing fatter without anyone understanding why hahahaha 

I love that I’ve known to understand your barks, your whines, and all those silly weird quirks you have. I still can’t believe I found you curled up next to the toilet bowl the other night 🙃🙃🙃 

Thank you for knowing whenever I need company, and just coming to lie in the office when I work. Thank you for being the world most fuss-free doggo. You eat your medicine, you wear your diapers, you don’t fuss. Ever. Except when I don’t feed you on time. 

Thank you for teaching me what love is, to dedicate a part of my heart for you and knowing that nothing else will be able to replace you. Even when you do crazyass things like retrieve the mooncake packaging from the bin and bringing it to ur bed to lick the crumbs. 

Thank you for understanding when no one’s home and can’t sit beside you to hold your paw. Pls know I’m rushing home, each time I leave the house, to see you.

I love our afternoon walks together, I think I might love them more than you. I look forward to getting some sun and have u try to sniff out every bone in the grass and see if I can spot you sneaking them in your mouth before I stop you. This is how u got your last case of food poisoning btw. I love how u want to smell every cat and dog we spot on our walks and chase down all the pigeons still. Not that you can ‘chase’. ‘Hobbled quickly’ seems more apt. 

I will never be able to put into words, all the emotions that course through me whenever I see you. The pure joy and happiness that tugs at my heart. You’re so special to me so please live super long ok? I’ll be very grateful for that. 


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