Let's talk about my wardrobe

I’ve been buying tons of clothes cause every reason is ‘CNY is coming. Vday is coming. My birthday is coming.’ Hahahahaha a girl always have a reason.


Does my wardrobe look like a rainbow-fairy puked in it? Basic life is not for me hahahaha


This cute polka dot babydoll peplum top is from Temt. Major cute.


Even the straps are super cute leh. Got tassels hehe


This is new but it’s from my SIL! She gave me this Zara dress cause it was too small for her and it’s a really lovely dress! So lightweight and I love the florals.


The prints and colors are really very very 😍😍😍 Makes me so feel so girly.


I also got this halter floral jumpsuit with the CUTEST ruffles from Mango. It was on sales and the last XS???


So cute 😍😍😍 it looks kinda ordinary on the shelf but zomg I feel like it was meant for my new hair once I tried it on. 

It really doesn’t even look like how the model is wearing really. My hair makes it look super retro, even my SIL was like, ‘omg nice buy.’


The bigger the earrings, the better!


Wore my Mango jumpsuit out on Saturday before knowing it was gonna POUR and I was gonna get soaked through. I really love this #ootd even though it’s slightly loose and long. I really dread bringing clothes to the seamstress cause it means I gotta waaaaait before wearing them. Is it #firstworldproblems right here

Y’all also probably won’t believe I glued the pants to make them shorter right HAHAHA Beacon glue is my lyfe.


See the bottom of my jumpsuit. Soaked HAHAHA

Flo told me to strip and let her dry it cause #truefriendship but I just air-dried it HAHAHA


Been wearing these TEM jeans to death cause they are so comfy and I can wear my gazillion crop tops with them without looking indecent HAHAHAH I’m too old for that

I love this square neckline crop spag top from Temt - so comfy, thick material and fits me really nicely. You can’t see the straps here lol


How about here. HAHAHA I’m sorry. It was just too revealing without the cardi. 

This cardi is still one of my fave buy from Marshall’s. So glad I got it.


Used the Laneige Matte Two Toned Lip Bar in No. 1! The burgundy shade is freaking pretty and matched the cardi so well. Plus it stained my lips for almost the whole day. 

I’ve been rotating around the 4 shades that came out during the YCH collab and hello, they launched like, 6 more shades okay. I wanna die of a heart attack already.


2nd day of brows and it’s getting darker (as expected) before it starts scabbing and getting lighter and more natural. Very excited~ 

I posted this on IG and got many many DMs on this top. Some of y’all good eye hahah yeap this is the MDS top in S!



It’s super super cute with the fringe. Very 1920s flapper-girl feel. My SIL went and got it too the second she tried on the last pc in MDS at PS hahaha 

Husband’s KL cousins visited SG over the weekend so I brought the girls out for a major shopping sesh = I had a big shopping sesh. FML. I finished using up 50 new hangers in like, 1.5 months????? HOW??? So come, let’s do a What’s new in Pea’s Narnia-like wardrobe


Somehow ended up with 2 cheongsams alr wtf. Act like there’s no end to CNY lol. But we do have a lot of reunion dinners coming up so I’m pretty excited to wear them! The red one from The Beverlyn Label is GORGEOUS. It makes me look super ultra fair 😍 

I love CNY. I LOVE CNY. Like, it’s my fave day. I love pineapple tarts and bak kwa and cheongsams. Hahahahaha so excited to celebrate CNY and eat all the pineapple tarts.


OSN always tugs at my heart but it’s really so ex lah. I decided to splurge on one dress from their recent launch for V’day.


The most GORGEOUS print. 

I think I will do this for my birthday which means I still need a valentine day’s dress hahahaha


Brought them to Bugis St and I SCORED. Hahaha I love cheap thrills. Got two off-shoulder midis - rust one in pleats and maroon one in lace. I realized the last one got cropped out but it’s a mermaid midi in the most gorgeous mustard-gold shade. I’m so in love with that piece. I think each pc is ~$25. I cant really recall lol.


I’ve been thinking about this for awhile and I finally took the plunge. It’s a bit more ex at $32 but ok lah, not too bad. It’s pretty thick. But this one really need to alter cause it’s damn big even with S.