To family, homies, tuition teacher and my wedding surprise

Can y’all believe it’s 1 week from the wedding already? Last week, this time, I was fast asleep hahahaha

I promise this is the last of the #brides post from me already haha I’ve FINALLY graduated. I just received all of our pics and I really want to write down everything that happened that day before I forget! It was really very fun, much more than I expected so. 

Plus I figured the pics is the best way to pick a PG and this is my final contribution to the hashtag alr. Hopefully, some of you brides-to-be who are still on the hunt for a PG can benefit from this! Just FYI, if I’m gushing non-stop, it’s cause I love the images but I’m obviously bias hahaha


I rolled out of bed at 4am, took a hot shower and started my skincare routine, including using my beloved Kosecosmeport Babyish sheet mask which is really just the perfect day mask. It really helped my skin stay hydrated the entire morning. 

Zihan was super on time and was at my door at 5am. PG and VG rolled around at 6am. I just sat in the room, watch Suits and got myself done up while they took pics. I wasn’t sure what they taking of at first but it’s so nice to look back now.


My parents went ahead and got themselves a mighty fine looking clock for the wedding LOL and I think they are very glad the PG got it in the shots.


My sparkly comfy kickass Keds that @/joycesayshello helped me get! I was so afraid they’d run out of sizes by the time I get to it. 

I’m really happy I went along with them instead of torturing my feet for hours.


He took a lot of intimate pictures of the room I grew up in and it felt so surreal when I was scrolling thru the pics that I’m no longer living there. 

I can’t wait to get our own house and have a floor to ceiling book shelves and I can bring over all my beloved books.


My bridesmaids started coming at around 6-7am and lucidreams even brought me Macs breakfast to calm me down. My girls know me the best 💕 Our pics all turned out amazing but this lucidreams need to remain mysterious so I’ll only post those u can’t really see her face HAHAHAH


I didn’t even look into the mirror once after Zihan was done with my makeup and hair. My faith in her damn high hahahaha I only got curious after my BMs raved about my hair nonstop and I took a quick peek at the mirror. 

Thank you again, Zihan! You made me feel so beautiful.


The sunlight was starting to come in so I hurriedly took pics with the family before official stuff starts happening. 

I’m happy they are happy. I’m even happier that my mom and aunts SO ON and wear their kebayas with me! My ah ma must be watching over me. 

Ah ma, kebaya 穿给你的 👵🏼❤️


My mom got my sidianjin since like, a year ago and I think she felt super shiok seeing me in them. Idk when I’ll ever wear this set again cause I think people will either think I siao or try and rob me HAHAHAH I guess next time my daughter can have them.


Love u papa mama.


This actually took some finagling cause my 13m veil was just way too long and way too heavy. Idk how Zihan did it but we managed to have it end just around my knees as requested by the PG.  

If you followed me on IG, you would also know that lucidreams who IG-story for me that day, captioned this as ‘Veil so high up, she is now closer to Jesus’ WHY ARE YOU MY FRIEND


See all my pretty nyonyas.

My first aunt - she is the next closest thing to a grandma I have on my mom’s side. It still makes me smile how she looks so much like my ah ma. 

My second aunt who picked me up from kindergarten and looked after me when my parents were at work, and tied super neat pigtails for me. 

My Lunar biaojie whom I always follow around when I was young. I would sit with her as she gave tuition last time haha

Everyone’s so excited to marry me off HAHA


Then it was a few moments of quiet as the husband was nearing and everyone started to hustle and gather at the kitchen window to peek. 

I was instructed to stay there and don’t move. I couldn’t do that much either without help so I just stayed and breathe. I think it was still not settling in that The Day is really starting.


I cannot get over how fine-looking this car is.


Hahaha before this scene could happen, the husband actually had to get out of the car cause bouquet was with me and one of the BMs had to bring it down for him. I think it was FJ who did that and she was also adjusting his bow tie for him hahaha then I think he got back in so they could take the shots of the car boy aka my brother opening the door 😂


Ok I’m sorry for cutting Alex and Faroq out of the shot but I’m so lazy to resize the image. 

I love these set of pictures. Dk why they gotta be looking so gangster yah. 

We were only suppose to have 4 BMs and GMs, but we had friends who specially flew in from Boston, NY, LA and India for this so it didn’t feel fair to keep them out of the fun so everyone just join in lah!


Ok sorry Alex, you’re completely gone from this image LOL

The randomness is real here.


And my girls started to plan their torture series out there. I was very kind okay. When we were discussing this, I told them don’t need so mafun and don’t need to torture them so much. Maybe just get them to write a song and sing can alr?? 

They are more creative than me ok hahaha


The gate-crashing kinda became room crashing cause my hallway is too small and they had to torture the boys in the living room haha

At this point, after giving the BMs their red packet, my husband also took out a hashbrown to have them pass to me HAHAHA bribe the bride. Smart boy.


I still love this shot of the red packets with our names SO MUCH. It’s the little things, isn’t it


Before I go on, I must add again that I DID NOT KNOW what was happening outside cause they planned it spontaneously LOL so imagine how confused I was in the room with the sounds coming from outside ok. 

The torture started out easy with them having to get into easy yoga poses...this already warranted some weird groaning and laughing from outside.


Started them out with some morning vinyasa flow 😂


And then spot their evil laughter because this is when the true fun begins.


I can’t even. They found two really tough couple poses and got 4 of them to do it. I luv it. I really wanted to see it for myself. I can’t wait for the video now seriously.


I think their expressions of shock and disbelief says it all hahahaha

But I gotta give it to them for being so game lah.


When you think that’s all, they added that the kiss in the image has to be fulfilled hahahahaha


Well done, boys 👏🏼 I don’t think I can do that even LOL


And then the final task of coming up with a song on the spot with a ‘Love’ theme and they guys have to use all these words. They were pretty impressive and got the song out in record time.

Seeing as how 5 of them are from Berkeley, I knew this was an easy feat for them haha The husband did go, ‘Our combined tuition fees at Berklee is about a million so we’d better be able to do this fast.’


Still can pose until so nice.


My husband had to sing and play the guitar whilst the rest played backup vocals hahahahaha

Next hit in the making HAHAHAHA i now have a song k.


I could only rely on pics and snaps from the BMs. Why y’all don’t let the bride join the fun HAHA


Then he recited some vows right outside my door before coming in to collect me and I STARTED BAWLING. Lucky I have extensions and no mascara?? I would have ruined my makeup and I had no tissue!


Even my mother started crying after hearing his vows. This is one of my fave picture. My mama wait for this day damn long liao


Our first sight after being apart for....less than 12 hours 😂


Haha I was holding back tears and trying not to laugh as we struggled with my veil a little. 

Brides, a long veil is overrated.


The lighting was beautiful. The weather was so kind. My husband’s boutonnière hitting me in my face. 

I actually tiptoed in this shot so the flower wasn’t poking my eye 


Then we went out to group situation with lights leh pls hahahaha damn cute all of them.



I freaking love how my collar bone looks here. The weight loss damn worth it. Now no more liao hahahaha I’ve been eating like no tomorrow


Look at my dragon and phoenix yo

Can take advert pictures for SKII jewelry anot hahahaha actually idk where my mom got them


Pick up was a success and we had to hurry along to the husband’s house for first set of tea ceremony!


My altered gown was a perfect fit really. If not it would have been dropping down and crumpling throughout the day. I could barely breathe in it but worth it 😳


Only you can make me laugh like this. 

I looked damn unglam in so many of the shots cause the husband kept making me laugh. I honestly think I wouldn’t able to keep it together at these kinda event without being able to defer to him. He’s my rock.


My mama got us this tea set and it’s so cute leh! So small and miniature. I like haha

We only did the tea ceremony for my in-laws back at home so it was pretty small and intimate, just family. We did the extended family one at the hotel before the ceremony! Luckily don’t have solemnization to do cause confirm time damn tight.


And what’s family without Paris! I tried finding ways to bring her to the hotel for a walk-in but GWP don’t allow dogs 😭


Then we change and headed back to my for tea ceremony!


We actually went to Chinatown and got the husband the top hehe so matchy leh. Quite cute. $25 only!


Arrived back to my place PACKED filled with relatives all waiting to drink tea.


Had to eat the smallest tangyuan on earth. I ate more longans than actual tangyuans. I was looking forward to eating peanut-filled ones so guess my surprise when I saw these instead hahaha damn small??


I love this shot cause 1. Husband feeding me 2. Hair damn nice 2. Lashes on point HAHAHAH


First cup of tea to my grandparents. My grandad was apparently very excited. He kept telling my dad he wanna ‘drink tea’ since the day before haha damn cute. It aches my heart to see him so feeble when he used to be such a strong willful man. Love my grandpa.


Then to my parents, whom I think were the HAPPIEST for this wedding. They down their cups of tea okay. See how happy they are to see Keith. I swear they love him more than me LOL jk. Or am I?


Why y’all keep making me cry. I really wasn’t expecting anyone else to cry but I guess my aunt also v happy haha


I have tons of nieces and nephews so it made me super happy to see so many candid shots of them.


Super cute aiyo. Time really flies. They were just babies 5 mins ago!


We headed to Koon Seng Road/Tembeling Road where the rows of colorful peranakan houses were at and took a 5-min pit stop for more pics! I mean, since I was alr wearing my kebaya right.


The PG also recommended some spots to take pics before we headed to the hotel and the blend of old and new was turned out stunning in pics.


Hahahaha everyone was in really high spirits despite making them wake up so early/flying in from so many places/jetlagged/ill. Grateful and very loved ❤️


I CANT EVEN hahahaha this pic was flashed during our dinner montage okay. Imagine the gasp and laughter from all the old people. I couldn’t stop laughing 😆


You make me so so happy. Idk what I’d do without you.


The pics taken here were very nice. I was abit hesitant to go there at first cause it was 12nn and damn hot?? But he really caught all the right lines and angles and made this a breeze despite the heat. Both the PG and VG were drenched! We were hot but they were running up and down doing the work so kudos!


Mega pretty right! He is really really good.


I think our outfits also match the whole old/new background going on.


And hello Vietnam heels hahaha Wah I miss my kebaya. I’m gonna wear it during CNY.


We rushed to the hotel to get ready cause we really wanted some photos around the hotel and the no rest was worth it! It was abit of a rush tho. Flo had to do makeup and I had to shower, get ready and do my hair again. 

But it’s just so grand and my girls are looking soooo good 😍 The dresses abit terok irl but very pretty in pics!


My damn-worth-it-made-to-measure $80 cheongsam.


It was actually very funny and awkward at this moment cause the PG went, ‘ok dance’ and we were like ?!?! 

Dance to what?? HAHAHAH so Flo and JY were fumbling tryna find music while we were all ‘dancing’. I think the tourists around us were like, ‘Singaporeans are weird’ 🤣 I think keeping the girls and guys in black and white also made the whole thing look v classy and easy on the eyes! I love it.


And we had about 20 mins of picture taking before hurrying back into the suite for round 3 of tea ceremony to the husband’s side!


Then I dashed off to change and set up the reception table. I love being an involved bride leh! It made the whole thing SO FUN. So I basically decided that I can set up the reception table myself and I didn’t need/want anything too over. Just smth simple and us.

After discussing with Flo and doing a few set-ups at home, I printed out a bunch of pics we had taken at Malibu. ‘Frame some and scatter some’ was the plan.

I also took a lot of inspirations from Pinterest and had a few quick visits to Ikea and Daiso! Additionally, i purchased extra cotton and baby breaths from the florist to use during the set up. Not only that, I took flowers from our car deco HAHAHAH can’t believe I just typed that out. I mean, it’s gonna go to waste leh??? I might as well use those beautiful flowers that no ones gonna see alr??


The Pine and Paper calendar went so perfectly with the whole thing. I’m so glad I packed it along. 

I got a crate and some fake eucalyptus from Ikea, some flat wires from Daiso, and I basically recycled all the glass jars from food, mini Daiso diffusers or wtv lah. Flo helped me order some wood and decor from TB and we were done. Throw in a bunch of fairy lights and it just made the place looked so magical


NOT BAD RIGHT. Pat on our backs.


The beautiful drawing done by Pearlynkmin 😍 It’s filled with love messages and some really funky ones at the end of the night hahahahaha I love it! Can’t wait to hang it up next time.


Anyone recognize this Ikea basket! Hehe I did this up in a hurry but it turned out not bad leh. I used this for storage and decided to heck it, why not.


We were damn heng when we signed our package with GWP cause it was around the time of wedding shows and they threw in a desert table. So matchy with my theme somemore leh. The guests had stuff to munch on while mingling and pretty much everything was wiped out leh!


The ballroom is beautiful. I remember looking at it when they were setting up and thinking how grand it looked. The champagne, gold and white were soooo gorgeous together


Even the table set up was pretty! Tbh...idk who noticed it hahahaha I didn’t even until I saw the PG’s images


People always ask if I have friends when I stayed with the husband in Boston. His friends lor! Haha I’m a ‘homie’ according to Faroq. The amount of disgusting and nonsensical stuff I hear on a weekly basis will blow your mind 😂 They don’t even see me as a girl anymore. 

Still very happy they made it all the way from Boston and LA leh. Such a long flight. Wah I’m really wearing so much gold in this pic


Why we so cute hahahahaha

I’m glad the PG caught this leh. It’s just sums hahaha


Pretty mama! 

I actually engaged another makeup artist thru Zihan for both moms but due to time constraint, Zihan actually so kindly did my mom’s makeup and hair 😭😭😭 so nice of her?? She finished mine and immediately helped me mom??


So glad to get a picture with my dad too! Aiyo why is his tie so crooked hahaha but he also looked so dashing leh! My dad does a lot of rough work so I don’t see him in this...ever.


I had so much fun just mingling outside! Everyone was like, why this bride so busy lol but that’s where all the fun is what.


Before we know it, 8pm rolled by and we were on standby to do the first march-in! My hair really damn nice omg


We peeked from outside as the montage of our Boston pics started playing.


And then it was a blur of bright lights and clapping. I was wearing sneakers but I still kept repeating to myself ‘kick the dress and just don’t trip’ 😳


Getting distracted by everyone around us and also little cute nephews.


Then we were seated to listen to the first best man’s speech! (First because my very clever husband went and tell all his friends they were his best man cause he forgot the term ‘groomsmen’ existed)


For music that night, we had friends play for us for the first part and we hired a live band for the rest of the night. 

Here we have Alex on the keyboard playing his speciality - jazz. It was just perfect and light to start off the meal.


Then we have Alief on the guitar and Jenn on the keyboards and they were SO GOOD that people were asking if they do other weddings. I feel so honored having these professionals as friends. They did an amazing job and we kept hearing people praise them. Oh wells, they ARE Berklee graduates hahaha


We were ushered out after the 2nd course to go get ready for the next march-in! 

My husband looks so good in his suit 😍 I’m a swooning wife


Idk who the husband laughing at but I was having a very fun time apparently, hi-5ing people down the aisle haha


Had the champagne popping and toasting, mostly led by the husband whilst I dreaded the upcoming speech internally. I kept telling myself to just smile hahaha

My gown is really damn nice when the light reflects off it. Major love.


Our toast was led by Jenn hahahaha and he did it with such gusto. He even asked for a LOUD one for the last yamseng and it really did rally up everyone


The champagne glass reflected off my face here looks like a VERY EVIL WITCH with a long chin right!!!


I kept scrolling thru the pictures he took of the crowd. I didn’t get to talk to many people or interact much once 8pm rolled by so those pictures really made my day!


More pics around the room from the PG which made me smile so wide cause I didn’t get to see any that day!! 

Baby Averie is my grandniece leh wtf. That pic alone has my cousin, her kids and my niece’s baby wtf. Three generation hahaha


Then we got to this hahahahaha

I thought I’d keep my speech short so I could try and make it without crying. I started crying after ‘I’m gonna keep it short or I’ll start crying’

Lucidreams wouldn’t stop LAUGHING at me. Damn bad, this woman. But seriously, I hate speaking in front of people. I get scared and then somemore have to talk about my parents and grandma?!! I was a goner lah. 

I actually practiced it twice at home and I cried both times


And here’s my mother crying again 😂😂😂 I cry, she cry, we all cry. 

What’s worse was when I started crying, people started CLAPPING. I was hoping everyone would be too busy eating and not pay attention but I guess crying on stage, in front of a mic, would definitely draw all the attention.


Then as the husband made his speech, I ALSO CRY?? Omg what’s my problem hahahaha fml


Some of his lovers LOLOL


And this is a special tribute to Mr Ng from Mavis! I told the hubs MUST mention him in speech hahaha If not for his class, I would never have found my husband. 

Also, if not for his class, I would still be scoring F9s at A-math. 

P/S: Idk what magic he eating but how has he not aged since I was 15?????? I remember so many of my classmates had a crush on him, it was ridiculous 😳😂


The next thing I know, the husband ended his speech with a huge surprise?? He looked at me and told me he was gonna play for me. 

Omg I think I legit jaw dropped and kept going, ‘Is this for real? Are you playing?’ 

Omg why u so handsome 😍 How do you still get me breathless just by looking at you? Seeing him play always sends my heart flying. It’s been 9 years but I’ll always always feel flustered looking at you.


As he played ‘Collide’ which is our song, I couldn’t wipe that mega smile off my face and was laughing and crying at the same time.


Luckiest girl on earth ❤️

And...I’m done. FINALLY. 

Cause after this was a whole round of photo-taking table by table and sending the guests off. Idk how we summon the energy but we went for drinks at some bar in Marriott with the groomsmen and some family. I was up for 24 hours, guys. Actually, 23 cause I was falling asleep by the bar after one drink. 

I never wanted this wedding but I’m glad we did it. The happiness I felt from everyone, especially our parents were so worth it. I also felt like it went super smooth and everything went better than planned! EVERYONE we invited turned up and we had no absentees, I think! Some relatives even brought more people so we had to scramble to look for seats. Good kinda trouble, I feel? 

Thank you to everyone who dropped us a congratulatory note; be it on IG, email or here! I really feel so loved. I can hereby say it loud and proud - I GRADUATE LIAO. I think I’ve been on the dayrebrides hashtag for damn long. I can finally stop using it. Maybe proceed to Dayrehomes? Pls let our BTO be successful so I can use it lol. 

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