Eating non-stop

I have a good accumulation of food in my camera roll?? How am I suppose to be getting married in a few months at the rate I'm eating. Husband needs to stop feeding me leh omg #dayrefatties for real fml


📍Kay Lee Roast Meat (Upper Paya Lebar)

Idk why I only have the pic of the duck and not the char siew leh hahaha I really like the char siew. The duck was still pretty decent and I LOVE the noodles there. LOVE. I always just get the noodles! And I think only the Paya Lebar one still got standard leh. The Katong one is just different. 

Had the NDP coupon for 10% so we decided to use it and I was a happy girl haha



Yayyy they are done with the renovation and we went down the first day of their opening. Tried out the usual and my fave is still the uni. Sooooo good.

I had their hotate a few times and this time, I was utterly disappointed. The last time I had it, it was sweet and not juicy. This time, NOT SWEET and NOT JUICY. SAD ☹️ 

The chawanmusi was pretty decent so my really big disappointment are the scallops.


📍Cream & Custard

I really wanted to go to this cafe so I dragged Flo to go with me. For some reason, whenever we end up at Tiong Bahru area, one of us is bound to get lost? And to think I grew up there LOL I'm a direction-idiot but this time, Grab driver got lost hahaha so not our faults.

We are gonna visit ALL THE CAFES THERE! One by one, we'll conquer it all hahaha


Deco super on point. I want this at the corner of my house next time!!! With a coffee machine preferably 😍


They had a pretty wide selection of cakes but the pricing wasn't v friendly, imo, esp. for the size of the cakes. I was expecting....more. More of what, idk, cause me ain't no food critic yah. Just, I love cakes and tea time so my expectations were a'lil high lah.


Flo picked the Passion Fruit Meringue Tart and I went for both the Strawberry Watermelon Cake and Unicorn Poop (totally why I wanted to visit the cafe HAHAHA) 

I have a VERY sweet tooth so I found them okay but Flo was like, 'Omg I wanna die they are all so sweet 😂' 

The Strawberry Watermelon is so unique leh! There's legit pieces of watermelon sandwiched between the cake. Fruity and cakey all at once. 

My fave is the unicorn poop. It has POPPING CANDY on it!!! I was so enjoying the little bursting sensations in my mouth HAHAHAH I love sweets a lot. Don't judge. 

The coffee was....meh. I can drink like, 10 cups of it and probably won't get a high. It's just too mild.


📍Geylang Claypot Rice (639 Geylang Road) 

Then hubs and I brought adoptive child aka Flo (idk why she's my adoptive kid now yah) to my fave claypot rice at Geylang! 

We ordered sides of lala and pork ribs as well and omg lala was SO GOOD and so juicy. Must eat, must eat. 

Really thought we over-ordered at first when the rice came but....


We killed it. HAHA

Do call before heading down. Otherwise u gotta wait 30 mins for the rice to cook!



Tried the Hawaiian Double Down and it's very...interesting? I don't think it's smth I can eat every time I'm there (like the nasi lemak burger but it is quite interesting lah. I love pineapples so I'm very bias here haha


📍Geylang Beef Hor Fun (Lor 9) 

My husband's fave hor fun place! We went opposite to the frog porridge place to get the oyster omelette and omg SO OILY. Like a layer of thick thick oil just coating the egg. Felt so jelat after that

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